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WTS caldari titan+carrier+drednought+jump freighter

Caladrius Alliance
#1 Posted: 2012.12.19 15:07
Caladrius Alliance
#2 Posted: 2012.12.19 22:10
up to the top
Caladrius Alliance
#3 Posted: 2012.12.20 21:12


2 days to caldari titan V
#4 Posted: 2012.12.20 21:20
Interest Bump Buissnes Contact me
Caladrius Alliance
#5 Posted: 2012.12.21 06:51
bump good character dont pass by
Fatal Ascension
#6 Posted: 2012.12.22 20:50
Agreed buyout in game, isk and details sent.
Fatal Ascension
#7 Posted: 2012.12.22 20:59
Another player is transferring the character Kuchisa to your account named xxxxxxxx.We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.If you are not the intended recipient of
Caladrius Alliance
#8 Posted: 2012.12.22 20:59
isk is get
& started character transfer
Caladrius Alliance
#9 Posted: 2012.12.22 21:02
everything is ok as i'm understand ?
just doing it first time
Fatal Ascension
#10 Posted: 2012.12.22 21:04
Is okay.
What I write is email I just get. Is done.
Caladrius Alliance
#11 Posted: 2012.12.22 21:05
thx. a good deal )
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