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Commonly Proposed Ideas

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This thread will detail the most common ideas found in Features and Ideas. If you know it's a common idea, but don't see it here then make a well thought out thread on it and link it here.

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Cosmos Linky
PvP missions
Ninja Sal... Capping Effective Agent Quality
Reasons to update the rats, mission enemies and other NPCs

Technical stuff:

Dual Monitor Support and Ideas
Colorblind Mod (Yes - Color Lol)
Data Tracking an Export
Low graphics client
Changes to file structure
Ingame Physics(Keep Momentum)


T2 BPO Holders Make 1/3 of T2 Items (and all the profit?)
Industry and PI ideas
Manufacturing papercuts

The thorny problem of local chat

Scanning revision to alter local functionality and cloaking
An idea of replacement for local
local chat
Yet Another Local Topic
With the local chat seemingly heading towards a phase-out.....
Removing Local, a possible solution not just for PVP'ers
Local Chat
Izo's suggestion to CCP on how to fairly remove local chat
[Proposal] Filtered Local
Local and cheap cloaks:
Proposal: Specific Local Chat Changes
[ISSUE] Modify LOCAL chat
Covert Ops cloak and Local chat idea
Local, bacon, eggs & toast and sneaky tactics - A quick entry
100,000th; Idea to get rid of the tactical use of, Local chat channel.
Thoughts on Removing Local Chat for Intel.


Asset improvements
AFK Indicator
More Shortcut Keys
Improved Market Interface
People and Places Modifications
Comprehensive UI suggestion thread
Overview presets
Starmap Exploration System
agent display order - put the highest quality agent on top.
Place damage reports directly above the guns.
More GUI overhauls
Some more UI ideas
More Corp Logo Design Options
Station Sounds
Cargo Cans improvements
EVE Mail changes
Drone Damage Display
Add Block Corp or Block Alliance function to Local Chat
Stop the SCAM SPAM already!
EVE Online Chat Tooltips
95 percent GUI scaling

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