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#421 Posted: 2011.10.25 21:04
Some days you're up, and some days you're down, but you can always count on EOH bankers being efficient, polite, and sometimes downright hilarious. They take requests, they work well together, and they get games going quickly.

I play poker for fun, not to make big stacks of cash. 28m ISK and 54m ISK DT tournaments make that possible.

Keep going strong, EOH.
#422 Posted: 2011.10.26 06:02
Already bored with ship spinning? Looking for somthing new? Come try EOH Poker today!
Minmatar Republic
#423 Posted: 2011.10.26 16:11
I've been a customer at EOH for about a year. I've had my rises, and my falls, but the good definitely outweighs the bad!

I love it there, the games are awesome and varied, the players and bankers are fun, and there's a community feeling. It beats spinning your ship! There's freerolls, several types of buy-ins, ship games, tournaments, and specials. Fits any budget.

If you haven't checked it out, then what are you waiting for?

Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
#424 Posted: 2011.10.26 21:50
One of the best player-side ideas connected with EvE ever!

Awesome page, great staff and whole lot of ISKies :D
#425 Posted: 2011.10.27 07:06
Ratting in nullsec is real boring... but when I can flip back and forth between it and EOH Poker, it makes the time fly by! I'd recommend this to everyone!
#426 Posted: 2011.10.27 17:08
EOH Poker is a great way to have fun playing poker and making isk ! P
A miner best freind.
#427 Posted: 2011.10.27 23:33
Come play some poker today
Minmatar Republic
#428 Posted: 2011.10.28 02:32
EoH Poker. How I pay for my PLEX for the last three months.
The Scourge.
#429 Posted: 2011.10.28 04:43
Is Legit and fun! I may have lost isk but it was fair and square on the table:) I recondmend it
#430 Posted: 2011.10.29 03:31
Good service I like it
#431 Posted: 2011.10.29 09:48
great Poker, freat People! I really love the daily freerolls!
#432 Posted: 2011.10.29 09:50
I like the tourneys in EOH Games channel, games from 28m up to 1B, playing with great people.
#433 Posted: 2011.10.29 09:51
Playing EOH Poker is a great way to spend long routes. I can make isk and stay entertained while my freighter slowly warps away. And those freerolls are great, too!
Federal United Battalion of Armed Renegades
#434 Posted: 2011.10.29 10:05
I play most of every day. It rocks, fast deposits, fast payouts, fast play. Try it and you won't be disapointed.
Northern Associates.
#435 Posted: 2011.10.29 12:17
Awesome service :)

I love EVE, and I love poker. Naturally AWESOME combination :)

Keep it up guys ;D
Dirt Nap Squad.
#436 Posted: 2011.10.29 21:10
As a former Eve-O Hold'em banker, I enjoyed working with the owner and most every one else in the team. This is indeed 1 of the best place for eve entertainment, just make sure you don't go broke 8) Due to my busy schedule i couldn't bank and play as much as I wanted to. Anyway I would recommend to new players try Eve-O, you'll love it.
Amarr Empire
#437 Posted: 2011.10.30 00:48
Good group of guys. Poker is fun, uses the Mavens system and with the tournament style 6 people play, 3 will double ther isk.

It is THE poker spot for EVE players!!!

Fatal Ascension
#438 Posted: 2011.10.30 01:33
the best join in town eoh phoenix is the best Big smile
Minmatar Republic
#439 Posted: 2011.10.30 07:34
I've been playing at EOH for a few years now and have found it to be a very well run business. The players are interesting to talk to and the games are typically exciting. I have had no problems with the cash out system and all the bankers are courteous and helpful. I have had no complaints during the tens of thousands of hands I've played there, technical or personal.

I hope to see you at the tables soon!
Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
#440 Posted: 2011.10.31 02:52
EOH is a great service
I trust them with all my isk! Very responsible and trust worthy
everyone should try it, its awesome

thanks EOH
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