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Rens Fight Club: Shatner. I'd fight William Shatner. (highsec frigate duels)

Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2013-04-01 16:42:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Midnight Freeman
The things you own end up owning you

Rens Fight Club

"My ship costs less than your ammunition. My modules were all picked off of rats. I don't even think my weapons are loaded. And I'm about to ruin your life."

Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

A new and bold venture by an old hand at EVE solo PvP.
Using the tools CCP hath given us, we intend to turn the undock of the Brutor Tribe Treasury of Rens (Rens VI - Moon 8) into a small ship graveyard. we shall blot out the sun with our corpses.
New players and new characters only, alts welcome but must be born in 2013.
Frigates and destroyers, using the duel system, take on everything and die in a fire, eventually you will win some. We are here to free ourselves from the shackles of fear

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

The Rules of Rens Fight Club

Convo or message Midnight Freeman ingame or join Kane Rizzel's public channel 'NovaKane'

A Pirate's Perspective and Kane Rizzel endorse this product.

Click the links, some pretty pictures by Joe Struck .
#2 - 2013-04-01 21:19:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Sard Caid
This corporation and PvP project endorsed by Serd Cain, EON Famoose~
#3 - 2013-04-01 21:19:45 UTC
I support this product and/or service.
You've got RED on you
#4 - 2013-04-02 20:38:37 UTC
This promises to be a lot of fun, low level of entry, low clone costs and good advice from some damn good PvPers

[URL=]A Pirate's Perspective[/URL] [URL=]Official EVE Online Fan Site[/URL]

Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2013-04-03 19:14:13 UTC
Still open for recruitment.
You've got RED on you
#6 - 2013-04-04 21:45:45 UTC
The corp is almost at 50 duels won, winning more than they lose at the moment but having an incredible amount of fun.
If you're looking for something a little different it's worth a look

[URL=]A Pirate's Perspective[/URL] [URL=]Official EVE Online Fan Site[/URL]

Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2013-04-05 13:02:03 UTC
Only three of us thus far but I can't talk about it.
#8 - 2013-04-05 16:23:35 UTC
Midnight Freeman wrote:
Only three of us thus far but I can't talk about it.

We need more space monkeys. xD
Minmatar Republic
#9 - 2013-04-05 16:54:42 UTC
Ready to be shot into space
#10 - 2013-04-05 20:12:45 UTC
Funny thing I've remembered....

My first loss. I was eleven days old, ratting in low sec. I've got so nervous after the fight that I warped through the wrong gate and got podded 2 minutes later with 40 mills worth of implants. xD

My first kill. Courtesy of the Rens Fight Club. ;)
Minmatar Republic
#11 - 2013-04-07 16:40:21 UTC
No strings PvP...
Minmatar Republic
#12 - 2013-04-08 20:30:38 UTC
Highsec leet dueling peeveepee, where even noobs can wreck your day

And a 61million ISK bounty on that pod Pirate
Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2013-04-09 17:19:08 UTC
A big thanks to Sard Caid for a plug on his Twitch Stream last night. 24:45

To answer some of possible questions that might arise.
I am EU based, London UK, but the corp is open to all time zones.
Frigates and destroyer duels for the most part, but as we are a corp of 2013 players/characters, if you feel comfortable dueling cruisers and battlecruisers, not a single one of us will dissuade you, hell, if you want to duel battleships all power to you, but a duel is a duel and all rules apply.

So join us today and make a name for yourself as an honourable warrior.
Minmatar Republic
#14 - 2013-04-10 20:52:19 UTC
We're a big deal in Rens you know


Re: Re: Re: Re: Mercenary Contract
From: M'jolnir
Sent: 2013.04.09 14:26
To: Midnight Freeman,

Thanks dude, it ******* sucks

Re: Re: Re: Mercenary Contract
From: Midnight Freeman
Sent: 2013.04.09 14:25
To: M'jolnir,

Hope you get better soon

Re: Re: Mercenary Contract
From: M'jolnir
Sent: 2013.04.09 14:25
To: Midnight Freeman,

Not recently, i threw my back out, i will be back on it soon however.

Re: Mercenary Contract
From: Midnight Freeman
Sent: 2013.04.09 14:24
To: M'jolnir,

Do you even lift?

Mercenary Contract
From: M'jolnir
Sent: 2013.04.09 14:23
To: Midnight Freeman,

Hello there.

I am contacting you in regards to a contract issued to myself in regards to your corporation.

The contract specifies that myself and my fellow corp mates are to engage in hostilities against you and your corporation within the next 3 to 5 days, for which we will be paid on a per kill basis.

However, as per my CEO's policy, i am instructed to both inform you, as above, as well as offer you a way out.

Simply transfer 100 million to my account with reason code Contract 268 which will be split 50/50 with my CEO.

If you wish to contact him regarding this, or to verify the validity of my offer please feel free to mail BoodaBooda who will be happy to confirm the above.

Thankyou for your time.


Join today so we can't talk about what we do
Minmatar Republic
#15 - 2013-04-14 16:36:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Midnight Freeman
Still recruiting, still fighting

Another Billion ISK Pod
Neo-Bushido Movement
#16 - 2013-04-17 19:38:20 UTC
I endorse this product &/or corporation on behalf of Miura Bull and the Screaming Hayabusa

Get your first taste of combat today!

Moar PvP'ers = Moar targets Pirate

I have deliberately developed an air of cynicism that I originally intended to make me appear somewhat louche and caddish but actually comes across as irritable hostility combined with the unspoken threat of sudden violence.....

Minmatar Republic
#17 - 2013-04-22 14:51:48 UTC
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.... SO why not have some fun, join us today.
Minmatar Republic
#18 - 2013-04-24 19:14:43 UTC
Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.

Join us for the taste sensation
#19 - 2013-04-25 16:47:28 UTC
How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
Neo-Bushido Movement
#20 - 2013-04-27 13:13:03 UTC
Came here today to not talk about Rens Fight Club.
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