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#61 - 2014-08-27 15:50:09 UTC
Jag tror detta är CCP första försvar mot svenskarna, de är rädda att vi återupprättar unionen och invarderar Island. De vet att vi är vilda i hjärtat, dags är ta fram ved yxorna och vässa dom.

Fixen funkade men jag tycker inte vi ska behöva fixa CCP's misstag hela tiden, synd att de inte anställer oss som bug testare för det är det vi gör om och om igen.... Kan ju allafall betala i form av öl vid fanfest. ;)
Caldari State
#62 - 2014-08-27 15:58:46 UTC
PS there is a Swedish Chat in EvE.

open channel window -> Languages->Swedish (Svenska)

you can allways check there if there are any Swedish Corps...
Amarr Empire
#63 - 2014-08-27 16:00:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Xilaoq
Edit: Ok, used the link in previous page and used google and that solved it
Nefatari Union
#64 - 2014-08-27 16:14:02 UTC
Jakobc wrote:
PS there is a Swedish Chat in EvE.

open channel window -> Languages->Swedish (Svenska)

you can allways check there if there are any Swedish Corps...

really? damn need to check that channel out when i finaly get back in!
#65 - 2014-08-27 16:51:55 UTC
Can we get any update on what is going on? Ben a few hours now..
Nefatari Union
#66 - 2014-08-27 17:06:29 UTC
(takes out my wireless broadband connected to 3 and puts it into my computer) MUAHAHA! ITS ALIVE!
#67 - 2014-08-27 17:45:43 UTC
Sweden as well...
DNS= fixed it
#68 - 2014-08-27 17:51:06 UTC
Sweden here, same issue as OP
The Bastard Cartel
#69 - 2014-08-27 17:59:21 UTC
8 hours and counting..... I expect compensation.
Amarr Empire
#70 - 2014-08-27 18:06:24 UTC
Tsutola Toralen wrote:
8 hours and counting..... I expect compensation.

Im with you on that realy hope it gets fixed soon aswell i whant to play
Goonswarm Federation
#71 - 2014-08-27 18:08:17 UTC
Sweden here using Telia .. the DNS change worked!
The Bastard Cartel
#72 - 2014-08-27 18:55:31 UTC
It's working for me now. And it only took 9 hours.
C C P Alliance
#73 - 2014-08-27 19:01:27 UTC
Have players here been able to connect (both from Sweden and Slovenia) without changing the DNS?

Please file tickets in Billing / Login Issues if you were affected by this and we'll compensate those that were.
Shadow Cartel
#74 - 2014-08-27 19:22:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Hitman 001
seems its not working...
#75 - 2014-08-27 19:32:49 UTC
Telekom/Siol in Slovenia still can't resolve the domain.
Fidelas Constans
#76 - 2014-08-27 19:53:26 UTC
Same problem here from slovenia.

Will send traceroute to support.

#77 - 2014-08-27 23:42:25 UTC
workes fine from sweden now

//uhnboy 84K probe scans in 2014

#78 - 2014-08-28 06:46:17 UTC
Badboris wrote:

Thanks, that worked but without it I was still unable to access EVE this morning from Slovenia.
Gallente Federation
#79 - 2014-08-28 13:50:08 UTC
still cant launch EVE without changing DNS from Slovenia...
#80 - 2014-08-28 14:19:00 UTC
Same here, had to use the DNS settings change, downloading patch now, will try once more after that
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