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#1 - 2017-07-13 19:52:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Balthad

After a short period of inactivity I am looking to get back into playing again so need to find a new corp to hang out with.

What am I looking for:

Arrow Regular PvP content
Arrow Wormhole corps only
Arrow Mature but relaxed atmosphere with no drama and real life first
Arrow Active members in EU TZ
Arrow A corp with some direction or clear goals. I am happy if that is a small corp with big ambitions

About me:

Arrow Short stint in a null corp most recently. Prior to that I was in a wormhole corp and before that I was in a null sec corp within Providence
Arrow Skills are fairly mixed as I used to be mainly focused on PvE when I first started however, I have moved most of my time into PvP
Arrow Usually log 3-5 nights a week
Arrow Happy to contribute to corp / alliance activities
Arrow Relaxed attitude with zero drama
Arrow Real life first. I am 34 y/o with a family so can't be bothered with any drama that comes along because I haven't logged on for a couple of days

Hope I have mentioned most things that are needed however, if you want to know more then let me know.

#2 - 2017-07-13 20:14:11 UTC
Email sent
Solyaris Chtonium
#3 - 2017-07-14 01:03:00 UTC
Wormhole only makes me sad :(

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality members!

Check out our guides at our website, and if you like what you see, drop by our Discord and socialize!

#4 - 2017-07-14 01:06:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Kiven Foster
BearThatCares wrote:
Wormhole only makes me sad :(

Ahaha I see you a lot in the recruitment! Your comment made me laugh Big smile

Also, everything I see Null sec only, I cry .
No Vacancies.
#5 - 2017-07-17 13:19:10 UTC
Hey mate check us out

No dramas, RL comes first and a good atmosphere with pvp as number 1 priority. Most of the corp is 30+ so you'd fit in i reckon.
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