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Amarrr alpha clone

Caldari State
#1 - 2017-07-17 16:23:37 UTC
I like the look of Amarr ships but I read that they are the worst race for alpha clones.
Please advise.
#2 - 2017-07-18 08:43:07 UTC
"Worst" in what way?

The two most significant limitations that I can personally think of for Amarr Alphas are:

1. Lasers only do two types of damage, EM and Thermal.
For PVE, Thermal is the most common damage weakness for NPC rats. On the other hand EM is the least common NPC damage weakness. If you want to do a lot of PVE as an Amarr Alpha, picking which NPC's you fight is something to pay attention to. On the other hand, lasers do not need to be constantly supplied with ammo like most of the other weapon systems do.

For PVP, it's much harder to give a definitive statement about damage weaknesses and what types of damage to use since players have the ability to fine tune the damage resistances of their ships with modules and rigs.

2: Amarr ships are normally armour tanked, which means using up low slots for more tank modules. Most of the modules that increase weapon damage are also low slot items, so as you put more armour modules on a ship, you have fewer slots for damage modules that give you extra dps. Gallente ships are similar, mostly armour tanked.

Drones. An Amarr Alpha can train drone skills to exactly the same level as a Gallente Alpha can. Caldari and Minmatar Alphas have significantly more restrictions on their drone skills. Both Amarr and Gallente have ships specialised for operating combat drones, although I'd personally put Gallente a bit ahead of Amarr in this detail. Amarr doesn't have a specialised drone frigate like Gallente, but from the destroyer level and going up, both Amarr and Gallente have specialised drone ships.

In terms of maximum dps, the advantage goes to the Gallente drone ships. They can fit more weapon turrets and have more drone bandwidth to control drones compared to the Amarr drone ships. On the other hand, the Amarr drone ships have ewar bonuses that the Gallente ships don't get, making the Amarr drone ships potentially very useful for PVP. NPC rats are immune to some types of ewar so in PVE the Amarr drone ships are a bit more limited.

Also, an Amarr Alpha is not restricted to using only Amarr drones, they can use any type of light or medium combat drone, giving them more options for the damage type they want to use (the same it true for Gallente Alphas). Amarr drone ships available to Alphas have larger drone bays than equivalent Gallente drone ships, meaning the Amarr drone ships can carry a larger variety of drones.

I think out of the four main empires, Gallente Alphas are in a strong position, but I'm not convinced that Amarr Alphas are in the worst position.
Caldari State
#3 - 2017-07-18 09:40:30 UTC
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