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[Eve Video] - Beauty of Eve

Villore Accords
#1 Posted: 2012.02.19 17:23
Put together a quick video across the weekend just admiring the beauty of the universe.

Made for your viewing pleasure :)

Any comments welcome ^.^

Pandemic Legion
#2 Posted: 2012.02.19 17:46
Very chill
Villore Accords
#3 Posted: 2012.02.19 18:39
Elise Randolph wrote:
Very chill

Thanks Elise, i was aiming for a nice, sit back, relax and watch video, glad to hear it worked! :)
The Camel Empire
#4 Posted: 2012.02.19 18:58
Wow, very beautiful indeed!
German blog about smallscale lowsec pvp:
#5 Posted: 2012.02.20 15:31
Frostys Virpio > CCP: Continously Crying Playerbase

I like to gank it, gank it!
#6 Posted: 2012.02.20 16:22  |  Edited by: Drake Iddon
Very nice, excellent choice of music

Fun fact: I was listening to Raise your weapon when i was loading the video, paused the song to start video and got confused as to why my song restarted. YOU SIR ARE PSYCHIC
#7 Posted: 2012.03.01 00:44
Bump to page 1.

Absolutely beautiful video, definitely enjoyed. Any possibility of uploading to to preserve for prosperity?

I remember your character from my old uni days, although I imagine by now it may have a new owner.

Eve could use more videos like this. +1.
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