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FC/Scout Toolbox

Goonswarm Federation
#1 Posted: 2012.07.24 02:03  |  Edited by: DingoGS
Dingo ToolBox

this started as a small project as a small result scanner for D-Scans but its been growing and now that has two tools (and more to come) i can call it a proper toolbox

Link: http://raynor.cl/eve/

Tool: Directional Scan Analyzer
How many times have you asked a scout for intel about the enemy composition and the scout have gave you inaccurate or totally off numbers of logistic and composition, this tools fixes that problem doing it in a really objetive way, just ask your scout to use the D-Scan tool of the toolbox and then he can paste you the link of it
This is how it looks
Example: http://raynor.cl/eve/formRecive.php?id=6pLBuOu

Tool: Fitting Lookup
There is hostiles around! lets kill them!. But as a good FC you will first ask some questions.
Are this guys flying long range or short range setups?
Do they use nanos or they rely on tank?
What's their weaker resistance?
This tool solves that issue providing a easy way to find out the fit of hostiles and giving a brief explanation about the fit, just type the alliance name, type the ship's name and magic! you will have everything you need to take your decisions based on the most common fit that alliance flies.

heh, if you happen to love me, or at least love the tools think on throwing me some isk. It encourages me to keep coding this kind of stuff my ingame name is DingoGS
#2 Posted: 2012.07.24 02:34
Are you planning to release the sourcecode?

If so, I would like to add a modified (simplified) version of it in my forum mod as a seperate add-on module.
Goonswarm Federation
#3 Posted: 2012.07.24 02:42
Cyerus wrote:
Are you planning to release the sourcecode?

If so, I would like to add a modified (simplified) version of it in my forum mod as a seperate add-on module.

Not yet, i am still developing as i know i can improve it a bit here and there, probably when im done i could.
Pandemic Legion
#4 Posted: 2012.07.28 00:03
Awesome App.

I've copied the idea and added a few extras. System identification when possible, POS information for structures on overview - that kind of thing

Sent the original author a little isk in appreciation of a very good idea.
Goonswarm Federation
#5 Posted: 2012.08.01 15:24
Bump for new Skin :)
#6 Posted: 2012.08.01 16:58
Looks like a pretty sweet program. I do prefer open-source programs, but I might end up using that at times if I'm scouting; I can remember one time in particular where it would have been extremely handy.
Imperial Outlaws.
#7 Posted: 2012.08.09 00:23
Great program! It would be great if you could customize results (what exactly does the tackle category consist of?) Would be very interested in expanding it once it's released under open source license
Goonswarm Federation
#8 Posted: 2012.08.15 00:23
Added the option to update the scans only for the one that created it, everyone that's not the owner gets the page refreshed every 60 secs.

Next Step: Estimate DPS, EHP and ISK of the scanned result, as well as provicing what's the weaker resistance, i plan to do this using EveKill's API to obtain the most common fit for X ship in Y alliance and then add a combo box to select the alliance you are facing.
Goonswarm Federation
#9 Posted: 2012.08.21 00:49
Added a new tool: Fitting Lookup, read OP for description about it

I also reworked the whole OP to make it look more pretty :)
Vorpal's Edge
#10 Posted: 2012.10.17 19:46
Looks like a sweet tool, any thoughts to releasing this for others to use? Any thoughts to combining some of the other tools out there already? Like fleet management tools: http://www.eds-online.net/eve-fleet-tool/
#11 Posted: 2012.10.18 11:13
fantastic app, we constantly use this app
The Unthinkables
#12 Posted: 2013.01.07 21:46
Bump for an awesome app and cool dude.
Holy Frog
#13 Posted: 2013.01.08 12:02  |  Edited by: NickyYo
Awesome tool! Fantastic idea!

That a side i'll like to note some issues.

You say CCP banned your IP address right?
That means that this tool alone is changing pvp fights forever! making the most important roles on scouts obselete.. Alliances that don't use this tool will be at a disadvantage, in null anyways.

Its a great tool m8 but i think CCP is probably going to step in by removing the copy feature on the d-scan to prevent its use as this tool makes pvp more carebear than mining.
#14 Posted: 2013.02.28 20:59
Bump for cool app. I sure hope you release the source code as I certainly DON'T want to keep feeding you Intel on the entire eve universe. By now you must have some rather interesting stats on who/what/where Big smile
Sleeper Social Club
#15 Posted: 2013.04.14 19:54
one of the best tools for FCs everywhere!
CSM8 Member
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Grand Sky Wizards
#16 Posted: 2013.04.17 23:28
I'm getting: "su acceso ha sido denegado por seguridad" when trying to hit anything on the domain.

¿Qué pasa con eso?
#17 Posted: 2013.04.18 09:21
Getting "su acceso ha sido denegado por seguridad" when trying to access the site at all, is it down?
#18 Posted: 2013.04.19 20:35
also getting "su acceso ha sido denegado por seguridad"
Brave Collective
#19 Posted: 2013.04.20 02:30
"It's dead Jim"
Imperial Outlaws.
#20 Posted: 2013.04.23 00:49
"access is denied for security"
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