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Weekend Two Contest #2: Predict the winner of Match 32

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:15  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
We continue the second weekend of the New Eden Open with a second competition and another set of prizes sponsored by Razer: a Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard and a Razer Naga Gaming Mouse.

The rules are simple and as following:

  1. Post your prediction of the winner of Match 32 (Africa's Finest vs XXXMity) in this thread prior to November 24 at 19:45 UTC.
  2. Do not edit your post after posting it. Any edits to your post will result in the post being deleted.
  3. One prediction per person! If you attempt to post with an alt account or character, all your predictions will be deleted. We will be checking this!
  4. Everyone who correctly predicts the winning team will be entered into a random drawing. We will select two individual winners, one winner will receive above mentioned keyboard, the other will win the mouse. The winners will be announced in this thread.

You can watch the New Eden Open matches here, live from 18:00 UTC.

Good luck!

Drawing two winners from the 63 correct predictions resulted in the following lucky persons:

whiteshadow122 wins a Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard
Koen L wins a Razer Naga Gaming Mouse
CCP Phantom - Senior Community Representative - Volunteer Manager
#2 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:21
#3 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:26
Africa's Finest Roll
Naquatech Syndicate
#4 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:27
Africa's Finest
#5 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:27
Africa's Finest
Pandemic Legion
#6 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:31
Africa's Finest
Umbrella Chemical Inc
#7 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:32
Africa's Finest
Trueheart Legion
#8 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:35
Africa's Finest
The shining diamonds of africa \0/
Suddenly Spaceships.
#9 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:39
Africa's Finest
EVE London Organiser     
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Gallente Federation
#10 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:39
Caldari State
#11 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:41
Africa's Finest
Agony Empire
#12 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:44
Gallente Federation
#13 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:44
Gallente Federation
#14 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:45
Africa's Finest
#15 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:46
Africa's Finest
#16 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:46
Africa's Finest
Minmatar Republic
#17 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:49
Africa's Finest
#18 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:49
Africa's Finest
#19 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:49
Aurora Foundation
#20 Posted: 2012.11.24 17:50
Africa's Finest
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