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POSes: I am a small portion of the community

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No Holes Barred
#1 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:39  |  Edited by: Two step
I wrote a blog post about the summit, here: http://twostep4csm.blogspot.com/2013/01/i-am-small-portion-of-community.html

If you want CCP to work on the POS system, either by improving the current one or by starting work on the long awaited Modular POS system, post here.

EDIT: PLEASE please please try to stay respectful in this thread. Remember, the decision has not been made, and this thread is to demonstrate to CCP that there is a lot of player desire to improve or replace (or both) the POS system.

EDIT2: Again, it is absolutely critical that this thread not devolve into people yelling and screaming at CCP. The process of deciding what will be part of the May expansion is going on *right now* and you are only hurting the cause by raging.

In the interest of keeping certain posts highly visible for the purpose of discussion, I will link CCP Gargant's response to the thread thus far here. Please remember to keep the thread civil and on topic as so we can all work together to improve EVE. Thank you. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

EDIT 3: In addition to the above, I would like to add some links to Hans' great blog post about this - http://hansshotfirst.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-elephant-in-conference-room.html

And also a link to a response by CCP Seagull: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2476841#post2476841

EDIT4: New blog post from me http://twostep4csm.blogspot.com/2013/01/message-received.html

EDIT5: New, more detailed response from CCP Seagull: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2494811#post2494811

EDIT6: CCP Soundwave was on voices from the void, and said this at 12:40 into the podcast:
POSes are something that that is pretty much always up here and we will doing something with them for summer, whether it is small changes, first steps to something bigger, something is going to happen for the usability of them

And one more edit, to the dev blog posted today: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/odyssey-summer-expansion-starbase-iterations/
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#2 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:45
A Band Apart.
#3 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:48
Perhaps it could be that current active POS managers are only a small portion of the community because POSes are so bad right now. I once lived in a wormhole and it was a great way to make ISK. The reason I left? Managing the POS that was our supposed home, but felt more like a lean to or something Bear Grylls would make whilst swilling his own ****.

In short, if the POS management community is small, it's only through the continuing failure by CCP to grow it through (at the least) an accessible management system.
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Gallente Federation
#4 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:51
I'm not involved with sov, but use poses all the time.

I do not exist.
Advent of Fate
#5 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:52
Sort the POS's out pl0x :D
#6 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:52
You have my sword.
Minmatar Republic
#7 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:52
I would be happy with more security features, however it's one of the only things remaining in it's almost original incarnation and should be given a look at.....

that or give wormholers stations, idc which just make storing my stuff not a risk to me unless someone burns down my wormhole.
#8 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:53  |  Edited by: Ayeson
And my Bow.

*bow will not be at fanfest
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#9 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:53
And my strategic cru... I mean nerf gun.
#10 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:54
And my Axe.
#11 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:56
the notion that poses only affect a small portion of the eve population is ludicrous at best.

If it's even remotely true, then it's only happened because the existing POS system is the most broken piece of EVE.

If CCP wants people to become smaller groups living in null, then a revamped POS system that doesn't require us to trust every single POS resident is a REQUIREMENT, not a nice to have.

CCP. The broken pos system affects *every* *single* *one* of the members of Hard Knocks Inc.

Fix it.
#12 Posted: 2013.01.17 03:58
Verge of Collapse
#13 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:00
they'll make it shite like everything else but posting anyway
Gallente Federation
#14 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:00
The Landsraad League
#15 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:05
As a person who has used pos' for both production, research and to live out of. I think that the interface, access level and even pos modules could use a rethink to revitalize the game much like the rest of eve has gotten in the past few years.
#16 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:06
Didn't take long for this to devolve into youtube links and LotR references....

Still, CCP needs to give us something FFS.

Also, http://media.fukung.net/images/30056/cd51ced55868c3248d47a7d3fe06bfe2.jpg
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#17 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:08
Would love the modular POS's that were originally promised. Wormholes have been mroe or less ignored for quite a while, and POS's effect WAY more than a "small percentage". IMO you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who isnt a PvE mission runner who ISNT effected by POS's in some significant way.
#18 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:10  |  Edited by: Chaos Incarnate
I strongly disagree with the abandonment of the modular POS system, and support this thread in its entirety.

It's been said by CCP that the development of the modular POS system would only help a few people; POSs impact daily life for thousands of players (to use CCP Seagull's terminology, the 'instigators' and 'enablers', especially the latter, have to deal with them all the time), and it's one of the most ancient and diseased features of EVE. I also think properly reimplemented, they can be an amazing source for the player interaction that CCP says it's striving for.

It's also been said that it would be too much effort, and I respectfully disagree here as well. I think that you can spread the work out over a long period of time and develop it alongside other features. To quote my suggestion in the minutes blog thread:

Here's what I'll suggest: let's break things down into meaningful chunks, and make it an 18/24 month project. Build the new POS system slowly as a 'farms and fields' conflict driver in all levels of space; eg, you anchor the new towers at certain beacons/exploration sites to seize control of them and provide resources/abilities, and keep the old system roughly the same until the new system is full featured enough to feasibly replace it.

Start out doing something simple for summer 2013 (small POSs anchored directly attached to comets, mining for moongoo - no guns or anything too complex, think something like a POCO), but expand iteratively from there over time to new areas while working on reimplementing POS functionality alongside this. Maybe you add med towers, reactors, guns, corp storage, and mooring in winter 2013; maybe large towers, industry, labs, reprocessing, market, contracts, and moon anchoring in summer 2014; and maybe the full system can be replaced by winter 2014 with full docking/captains quarters, forcefields, etc.

I think this is in line with what CCP Unifex posted in his blog. I think the biggest argument that I have to make here is that this isn't going away. If you don't do this NOW and just kick the can down the road, in two years or five years or ten years the utter misery of the POS system is going to be dragging EVE down. Hell, it already is.

#19 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:12
Towers need major love soon.
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#20 Posted: 2013.01.17 04:12  |  Edited by: MyrddinBishop
Please CCP. POSes need some sort of revamp. Either addressing the current system or a good hard look at the new modular POSes.
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