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NE-RA Racing League: Season 2.0

#1 - 2011-10-19 03:25:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Gyra Rho
To race enthusiasts and speed demons,

On behalf of the New Eden Racing Association [NE-RA], as CEO and event organizer, it is with great pleasure to announce the start of our second season of the Racing League. The first scheduled event is slated to begin on November 5th of this year.

The NE-RA Racing League is a ten course competition whereby teams and racers vie for top position by accumulating the highest scores for three separate classes (frigates, heavy frigates, and interceptors) for themselves and their respective teams. The top three winners in each class will earn gold, silver, and bronze medals for their victories, and a 'Top Rookie' medal will go to a rookie in each class that performed the best. All scoring participants and teams will earn a portion of the season prize money supplied by our generous sponsors at the end of the season, in addition to the individual race rewards granted at each event.

The official rules can be found here.

In anticipation of our second season, the NE-RA is seeking sponsorship from individuals and corporations interested in promoting their product, corporation, or message through all official announcements, on our corporate network, mailing lists, and communications channels. Season 1.0 rolled in a whopping four billion ISK in sponsorships, so we set the goal higher this season in the amount of 5 billion ISK for League prizes.


The minimum sponsorship contribution is 50 million ISK, and can be in the form of ISK, services, or goods. In addition to the name of your product, corporation/individual, or message, sponsors may include a banner image for our corporate network, a hyper-link for redirection to your network, and a short message or slogan for your product. All sponsorships will be public, and ordered beginning with the highest contributor to the League.

Are you a fledgling mercenary group seeking to spread your name, or perhaps a salvaging corporation looking to offer your services to a wider audience? Advertising your services as a sponsor of the NE-RA can be an effective marketing tool to achieving those goals. What better way for an industrial outfit to advertise their corporation than by sponsoring the League with their own cutting-edge product!

If you are interested in sponsoring the League, please contact Gyra Rho via FTL mail, or private message on our corporate network with your proposal. You may also contact me with questions or comments through similar channels, and any inquiries made here will be addressed as they come.

♦ Team Dirtside - Rawr!
Yulai Federation - "NRDS - The Way Forward"
♦ Season 1.0 Sponsors
♦ demon flir
♦ Meili Leng Shuijing - We Are The Future
♦ Alikan Telikosi - "Once Experienced, Forever Regretted"
New Life Project - "Be Reborn"
♦ Bastian Valoron
♦ Searaph

Event Schedule
All events are regularly scheduled on Saturdays at 14:00 New Eden Standard Time, and are subject to change during the course of the season.

[11/05] The Bleak Lands
[11/12] Verge Vendor
[11/26] The Forge
[12/03] Kador
[12/10] Tash-Murkon
[12/17] Solitude
[01/07] Everyshore
[01/14] Molden Heath
[01/21] Black Rise
[01/28] Aridia

Any changes will be announced on this thread, on our corporate network, and on our mailing list (name: NE-RA). Full details will be provided the week of the event.

In preparation for its first season event on November 5th, the New Eden Racing Association is officially accepting team registrations for the Racing League: Season 2.0. In addition to competing for individual points, racers may choose to form (or join) a racing team to earn additional prizes and a competitive edge over their peers. They are also a great opportunity for rookies to learn the nuances of league racing, form alliances, and develop (friendly) rivalries against opposing teams.

Team Registration
If you're interested in starting a team of your own, you will need to contact Gyra Rho either via FTL mail or private message on the NE-RA Corporate Network with the following information:

[1] The name of your team
[2] Your team ticker, consisting of any combination of three letters or numbers
[3] The name of your team's leader
[4] A five million ISK team registration fee, good for the entire season

You may also provide the following optional segments of information about your team:

[5] A list of team members currently signed up with your team
[6] A logo of your team
[7] An external link to your team's site
[8] A small paragraph describing your team, it's history, goals, and any other interesting information you might wish to share

Once the necessary information is gathered, your team will be added to our Corporate network and announced publicly in this thread. Any constructive questions about the process are welcome.

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#2 - 2011-10-19 03:29:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Gyra Rho
The following is a listing of the official teams in Season 2.0:

Name: Venture Racing Team
Ticker: [VRT]
External Link: Venture Racing Team
About: The Venture Vision - Venture Racing was founded on principles of friendly competition and non-violent pursuit of the prize. We are committed to victory through superior organization and teamwork, believing that we are so much more together than we could possibly be apart. Venture Racing welcomes new members to the family, and strives to ensure that being a Venture pilot is the most rewarding experience in the league.
Team Leader: Takashi Kurosawa
Members: Norrin Ellis, Saikoyu, Graelyn, Esna Pitoojee, Koronakesh

Name: Scuderia Dragonstar
Ticker: [SDS]
External Link: Scuderia Dragonstar
About: Scuderia Dragonstar was born from the secret cooperation agreement and later official merger between teams Scuderia Caille] and Dragonstar Racing in 110 YC. Inheriting both the extensive pro experience of Dragonstar racers and the flair and creativity of UC students, SDS can be counted to be a top contender on each class, to keep a strong tradition in T1 racing and to field a few surprises each season. "We are happy bunch of racers willing to teach, willing to learn and eager to push the envelope. Our objective is to have fun and give the other guys a run for their money."
Captain: Kayleigh Jamieson
Team members: Quintrala (Manager), Demon Flir, Nicoletta Mithra, Searaph

Name: Dirtside
Ticker: [DRT]
About: Bringing the fun to the game, DRT is a competitive team, challenging themselves and every other racer to bring out the best, continuing a fine tradition of boasting, chestbeating and speedy racing to the league!
Captain: Darina Rea
Team members: Misan Pal'taek, Spyra Gryra, Alikan Telikosi, PMSing

Name: Eustron Power Play
Ticker: [EPP]
About: Eustron Power Play team emerged as a joint effort to explore the art of traversing distances at high-speed. Good racing attitude is on a par with efficient strategies and plans. On its first season of operations, the EPP team seeks to perfect its concepts and systems to work without a hitch, with an eye on challenging the racing establishment.
Captain: Bastian Valoron
Team members: Adiego Khan, Mark Hunter, Kenny S, Elsebeth Rhiannon

Name: Team Extropy
Ticker: [EXT]
Captain: Lyn Farel
Team members: n/a

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Gallente Federation
#3 - 2011-10-19 17:55:43 UTC
Hey, everybody!

The PR office at NE-RA is being flooded with mail from race fans around the cluster. They want to know who will be on the rosters this season and if they can expect to see new teams. As always, people are constantly writing to the league to ask if we can get racers' autographs for them. We'd love to help pilots and teams accommodate their fans!

NE-RA Pre-Season Kickoff Party
We're throwing the league's official pre-season party one week before the first event. Every capsuleer is invited to come share in the racing buzz. Perhaps a few of you will catch race fever and decide to get involved! The league is also chartering shuttles to the station, so fans from around the cluster can meet their favorite racers before and after the party! If you're a racer, here's your chance at free publicity.

When: Saturday, 29 Oct 113, 20:00 EVE Time
Where: Daredevil's Lounge*
Dress: Casual

New Team Incentive
An anonymous benefactor has agreed to reimburse new teams for their team registration fees this season! Any team registering with the league for the first time that fields at least two racers for at least three of the season's events will have the 5 million ISK fee refunded upon meeting the minimum criteria.

This offer is limited to the first five teams that meet the criteria, so register early and participate often!

*((Visit Daredevil's Lounge by joining the channel of the same name.))
#4 - 2011-10-19 23:02:19 UTC
The New Eden Racing Association is proud to announce its latest official sponsor of Season 2.0, Team Dirtside! Darina Rea, the team's captain and speedy space nun, graciously donated the teams previous winnings in addition to some of her own personal accounts to sponsor the League in the amount of Five Hundred Million ISK. With Dirtside's contribution, this brings the total just over one billion ISK.

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#5 - 2011-10-20 17:00:59 UTC
The NERA is pleased to announce the registration of its first team of the season: Venture Racing Team! Venture has an extended history within the sport of capsuleer racing, earning over a billion ISK in prizes from Season 1.0. We look forward to seeing their performance this season!

"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

#6 - 2011-10-22 19:37:56 UTC
I recently sat down with Venture Racing Team's manager and financier, Norrin Ellis, for a brief interview:

What is your profession (how you make money) outside of your participation in the Racing League?

I was trained as a pilot at the Federal Navy Academy, so I've been doing contract work for the Federation Navy since I earned my license. Early on, I had an urge to travel a bit, so I also took assignments from navies abroad, which has helped me maintain a positive reputation throughout high security space. I occasionally do some light trading, and I've recently started spreading capital around in a few investments. I'm hoping to start working in the near future on frigate construction as a corporate enterprise, and I've also been known to do a bit of dancing for select audiences, which generates a surprising amount of revenue from people who would like me to stop.

How did you first hear about the Racing League?

When I was still at the Navy Academy, I had an opportunity to serve aboard the Venture Racing flagship, Victory, for my final midshipman cruise. It was an unusual assignment. The ship is a sort of monument to racing, and to be honest, I found it rather boring at the time because we didn't put out to space much. I didn't feel like I was learning anything important. After Season 7, the first incarnation of the Venture Racing corporation hired me as a consultant specifically because of my brief experience aboard the ship. Needless to say, I have a much keener interest in the sport now.

You've taken on the official role of manager for Venture Racing Team alongside the team leader Takashi Kurosawa. What is it like to run a racing team with a business model?

I wake up every day and wonder how I got lucky enough to have the best job in the cluster. Takashi and Kendar built a team that basically runs itself, so I don't have to fret much about managing day-to-day operations. After reviewing spreadsheets and signing paychecks, I get to spend most of my time building the Venture family, whether that means recruiting new racers, soliciting new sponsors, or meeting fans around the cluster. I make a living creating positive relationships, and I can't imagine a more fulfilling career.

Venture often fielded half the racers in any single event during Season 1.0, and yet your old rivals from Scuderia, Dragonstar, and Dirtside continue to challenge your dominance in the League. Which team (and class) did you see as being your greatest adversary for the previous season and who do you anticipate being trouble for you the next? (and why)?

We expected Cristina to challenge Takashi in the interceptor class, and it was indeed a hard-fought battle to the very end. Demon flir has always been the ace in the frigate class, and our roster problems essentially took us out of the running for the top spot. We didn't expect to have such a strong grip on the assault ship class, however, because we've rarely had a pilot to consistently enter the class all season. Thank heavens for Saikoyu! Knowing that Quintrala was backstage with the Scuderia-Dragonstar bloc kept me up a few nights because she's probably the most creative pilot in league history, and I expected myriad new tricks to come out of her workshop of insanity.

As for Season 2.0, I'm not sure. I presume Scuderia-Dragonstar will officially fly as a single team again, and I'm not sure what Dirtside is cooking up. Altantsetseg seems committed to flying alone, so she might resort to more unconventional means of winning. I also noticed there's an incentive program for new teams to register, so who knows how many more will turn up? Of course, I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't make the usual pre-season declaration that Venture is going to win it all.

What inspired you to race in addition to your managerial roles in Season 1.0?

I had always entertained the notion of hitting the track under the right circumstances. I expected those circumstances to be a comfortable lead in a class, so I could show up and fly near the end of the season without much worry. What happened, however, was a matter of necessity. I received word from Saikoyu that she would be unable to attend Race 10. She would sacrifice 25 points of her individual lead to Nicoletta, the favorite to win with Saikoyu off the track, which heated up the fight for the title for the last two races. I didn't want to sacrifice our comfortable lead in the team standings, though, so assuming the usual level of participation, I decided that I simply needed to finish the race in order to marginalize our opponent's gains. As luck would have it, only Nicoletta and I raced, so my dead last finish in second place only cost my team 5 points. I chose to enter the following two races as Saikoyu's wingman to provide support if things got out of hand. I certainly didn't expect to win the final race of the season. Racing was definitely a fun experience, and I'm much more likely to get back on the track in Season 2.0 than I would be if I hadn't participated last season.


"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

#7 - 2011-10-22 19:39:10 UTC
What is your most memorable moment in the Racing League thus far?

Season 1.0 has been my first legitimate season with the team. Starting off the season with a sweep of first place in every class really got me fired up for the rest of the season. Finally hearing Takashi on comms during a race and finding out what all the buzz is about was also quite memorable. After going over the pre-flight checklist for one race, I asked if Takashi had anything to add, to which he very succinctly responded, "No." I said, "Good pep talk, Tak," and the exchange has become a sort of classic moment in Venture team chatter.

The most memorable moment, however, was the finish in Race 12. I won a race. Takashi and Saikoyu won the individual titles in their classes. Nothing really beats the thrill of victory.

Do you have any advice for new racers?

Show up. People ask me rather frequently about the most important thing in racing. I tell them that I've never met a racer who has won a race he didn't run. Being on the track for every race is an immense advantage over the competition, no matter how skilled the opponents may be. In fact, the fiercer the competition, the more important participation becomes. For those racers who join a team, showing up early really helps the management get things squared away with the league officials, too.

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#8 - 2011-10-22 20:29:59 UTC
Lalena Kapiolani wrote:

New Team Incentive
An anonymous benefactor has agreed to reimburse new teams for their team registration fees this season! Any team registering with the league for the first time that fields at least two racers for at least three of the season's events will have the 5 million ISK fee refunded upon meeting the minimum criteria.

This offer is limited to the first five teams that meet the criteria, so register early and participate often!

In the same patrician spirit with which the Dirtside corporation once started a team, we would like to add to this New Team Incentive.

What started as a disparate and varied group of pilots pooling together to take part in what previously only corporate teams could fully enjoy, has in time turned into a team with character, guts and a certain rogue charm all its own. The current Team Dirtside is no longer beholden or connected to the corporation from which they inherited the name; they have taken flight with their own wings, carved their place in the league, and for that they remain the corporation's single proudest achievement.

So in the spirit of launching more dreams and perhaps the next quirky, risk-taking team, the Dirtside corporation is willing to contribute a further 5 million ISK to any of the teams which meet the same criteria quoted above.

-- Trisha Veyron
(Dirtside CEO)
#9 - 2011-10-25 04:33:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Gyra Rho
The NE-RA is proud to announce the return of two teams (Scuderia Caille and Dragonstar) merged as one: the newly reformed Scuderia Dragonstar! Best of luck to them during this season's events!

"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

#10 - 2011-10-29 03:00:36 UTC
The NE-RA is pleased to announce its latest sponsor for Season 2.0, pilot Meili Leng Shuijing. Ms. Shuijing sponsored the League in the amount of two hundred million ISK, setting our season total to just under 1.29 billion ISK! Many thanks on behalf of our racers and a special welcome to her to our family of sponsors.

Gyra Rho

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#11 - 2011-11-02 05:45:18 UTC
The NE-RA has scheduled the first race of the second season:

Date: Saturday, November 5th
Time: 14:00 EVE Standard Time
Starting Region: The Bleak Lands

Racers should arrive in the channel NE*RA one hour in advance for the location of the starting position. During this time, fees will be collected and information will be gathered from the participants. If you would like to receive reminder mails of upcoming events, simply join our mailing list: NE-RA.

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Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#12 - 2011-11-02 10:02:54 UTC
Is there a channel for the audience, and also are there locations where audience can park their ships to watch this exciting event? : )

Looking forward to this!
Gallente Federation
#13 - 2011-11-02 10:37:44 UTC
Codo Yagari wrote:
Is there a channel for the audience, and also are there locations where audience can park their ships to watch this exciting event? : )

Looking forward to this!

The event channel is NE*RA. Racers, sponsors, and fans are all welcome!

Track layout, however, is not available prior to the race due to the probability of interference from third parties. The best way to see the action is participation, so I encourage you to fit a fast frigate and join the fun!

We also recommend visiting the Daredevil's Lounge for the post-race festivities.
#14 - 2011-11-02 21:28:51 UTC
A question please: About how long does it typically take to run a course? I'd be interested in joining the Bleaks Lands race, but I have a commitment elsewhere at 15:30 Standard Time. Is 1.5 hours typically enough time to finish a race?
Shadow Cartel
#15 - 2011-11-02 22:10:09 UTC
Lalena Kapiolani wrote:

The event channel is NE*RA. Racers, sponsors, and fans are all welcome!

Last time I was there, I was decidedly unwelcome. Show some integrity.

Gallente Federation
#16 - 2011-11-03 01:21:18 UTC
Niraia wrote:

Last time I was there, I was decidedly unwelcome. Show some integrity.

I'm sorry, Niraia. I was unaware of any such issues, as I only started actively working for the league during the off-season. You're certainly welcome now, to the best of my knowledge, as I only know of one person that is permanently barred from the channel, and that person is not you.
#17 - 2011-11-03 01:53:00 UTC
Telegram Sam wrote:
A question please: About how long does it typically take to run a course? I'd be interested in joining the Bleaks Lands race, but I have a commitment elsewhere at 15:30 Standard Time. Is 1.5 hours typically enough time to finish a race?

Generally speaking, races generally range from forty-five minutes to an hour to race. Newer pilots, or complications involving lost ships may extend that time considerably.

"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

#18 - 2011-11-03 16:52:43 UTC
The New Eden Racing Association is pleased to announce the Season 2.0's latest sponsor, Yulai Federation. They contributed three hundred and seventy-five million ISK toward the Racing League fund, elevating the total to nearly 1.67 billion ISK for the season. We offer them a warm welcome our family of sponsors and many thanks on behalf of our racers!

"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

#19 - 2011-11-04 05:26:27 UTC
The New Eden Racing Association is delighted to announce the inclusion of our latest sponsor,Hareka Salvage and Breaking! The charming, amber-eyed Miko Hareka was generous enough to sponsor Season 2.0 in the amount of 500 million ISK, increasing the total to over 2.16 BILLION ISK! Many thanks and much welcome to our family of sponsors!

Gyra Rho

"There's no such thing as fast enough..."

Hedonistic Imperative
#20 - 2011-11-04 15:29:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Metrius
Is this the place to look for a team?

I am looking to come back to racing. Only have one poor race under my belt. I was discouraged after that.

Any team hiring?
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