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Stella Nova
#1 - 2014-08-12 17:14:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Ruune en Gravonere


We are cute join us

And our tough recruitment poster

Looking for rewards for your PvP awesomeness > this is where you'll find them

And if you’re looking for a PvP Corp then you’ve come to the right place.

We live in null sec in Sov space and are an active and influential member of our alliance Stella Nova.
Our Alliance is a member of the Vanguard coalition living in Insomother & Etherium Reach and fighting in surrounding regions

But enough of the politics what can we offer you?

So you’re an experienced pilot, got decent skill points but want an active Corp where you can make best use of your time in game and maybe re-ignite your passion for Eve…

*** loyalty bonus available to higher SP/experienced Pilots - ask our recruiter for details

And this is what we offer:
ArrowWe fly a range of doctrines and have access to daily PvP from solo through small and medium gangs to full on Alliance and Coalition fleets.
Big smileWe really like our Macharial, Ishtar & Cerb fleets at the moment!!
IdeaOur doctrines have and will continue to evolve to make best use of the ships available and also emerging gameplay tactics and strategy.
ArrowYou will be expected to cross train into current fits and ships but you’ll have full choice over what you want to fly when not on Corp/Alliance/Coalition fleets.
PirateIf you’re an FC or heading in that direction you’ll have a willing and hungry group of pilots you can take out hunting for kills and excitement - we are also developing an FC reward programme
AttentionYou’ll get a chance to indulge in Black Ops and Cap fights if that’s what rocks your boat.
ShockedAnd we have great space where you can earn ISK to fund your PvP habit.
ArrowThe Corp has a constantly improving SRP programme we think you'll like it

We are a new to Eve/PvP pilot friendly Corp so we do expect our members to be helpful and supportive to our new bros.

Talking of new to Eve/PvP pilots…

You’re new to Eve and a bit lost or you’ve decided the carebear in you needs more blood!!

Look no further:
• We will give you fitted ships
• Skill books
• Skill plans
• Live fire training
• Focused PvP training courses on our website
• Get you to null sec and teach you how to not only survive but thrive
• Plenty of opportunities to make ISK to support your PvP habit

What we want from you?
• You need to want to be the best PvP pilot you can be
• You need to take advantage of our training and experience
• You need to be on TS at all times
• You need to play regularly > if your too casual you won’t pick up the game or get a feel for the social aspect that will keep you going when you need support

Join our public channel for a chat: RWDogs Public
Check out and apply online:

ArrowWe are also looking for more PvP Corps to join our alliance CoolStella Nova
Stella Nova
#2 - 2014-08-13 17:52:15 UTC
Did I mention we have an awesome leadership team... did I... Smile
Stella Nova
#3 - 2014-08-14 23:52:08 UTC
And we don't just recruit new to Eve guys or recovering carebear types Blink

Nope... we're looking for experienced pilots with shiney ships and a sunny disposition to come join us, particularly if they want to share their know how with the next generation of Eve pilots....

Did i mention we are planning to stock 'Drake' shaped chocolates in the Corp shop? Smile
Stella Nova
#4 - 2014-08-19 11:49:19 UTC
Wow... we've been getting a steady flow of applications... that is very cool... so if you want a corp that will put the time and effort in to enhance your playing experience/make sure you have the fun you want to have... then join us...

also... fights and isk... whats not to like Pirate
Stella Nova
#5 - 2014-08-20 17:51:08 UTC
soooo... yeah what else might tempt you... yeah... we have such an active and committed leadership that i'm actually updating this forum thread while i'm on holiday.. which has involved finding an internet cafe coz... reasons... so come talk to us... as you can see we're always around Pirate
Stella Nova
#6 - 2014-08-25 12:13:49 UTC
and a bit of a late daily bump... to busy having fun in game to think of any more incentives for you to come talk to us Blink
Stella Nova
#7 - 2014-09-07 00:44:48 UTC
Yey... back on the top of the list... for a few moments... take the time to check us out... we're growing... your missing out... just sayin... Blink
Stella Nova
#8 - 2014-09-11 17:09:05 UTC
Bit of a gap... must set alarm clock to do this every 24 hours... aaaanyway... very busy shooting stuff and having fun... come join us... Blink
Stella Nova
#9 - 2014-09-14 01:21:55 UTC
Aaaaand bump... but just to say... we are adding more advanced classes to our training programme... so your missing even more if you're not flying with us... did i mention cake? Roll
Stella Nova
#10 - 2014-09-17 12:22:36 UTC
So... we have home baked cake... freshly ground coffee... and all the fine wine (or 'insert beverage of your choice here') you can drink at our home station... so come join us...
Stella Nova
#11 - 2014-10-03 10:20:27 UTC
And we're back.... been re-decorating... think you'll like what we've done with the place... come see Pirate
Ken Cook
#12 - 2014-10-06 11:13:03 UTC
and there's a bump for ya....
Stella Nova
#13 - 2014-10-07 16:29:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Ruune en Gravonere
and we have an even better website, srp programme... and even more free biscuits.... Cool

in case your version of this thread has not updated here's our awesome website address... and the website is quite cool as well...
Stella Nova
#14 - 2014-10-10 11:42:10 UTC
If your looking for an awesome PvP Corp that has a great mix of totally new to Eve pilots and experienced but non bitter vets then look no further... Smile
Stella Nova
#15 - 2014-10-14 15:17:57 UTC
Stella Nova
#16 - 2014-10-18 03:07:25 UTC
bumpety bump... thats all i'm saying... Cool
Stella Nova
#17 - 2014-10-19 21:06:13 UTC
and another bump for luck... lots to shoot... lots to do.... from new to eve day old pups to old bloodhounds we've got a home for you in GRRka
Stella Nova
#18 - 2014-10-23 10:42:49 UTC
We are also recruiting pilots with all levels of skill points so come talk to us :)
Stella Nova
#19 - 2014-10-25 20:51:00 UTC
Prime time bumptey bump...
Stella Nova
#20 - 2014-10-29 18:55:56 UTC
Over a hundred members now and just added new systems to our Alliance... looks like its gonna be the year of the dog... Join the Pack
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