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Small Wormhole Corp looking for more members

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Warped Intentions
#1 - 2015-09-25 00:30:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Saar Ynier
Project Valkyrie is a small WH corporation founded by WH veterans who've lived there since Apocrypha.

We are a small corporation and plan to stay that way; a close knit group where everyone can feel valued. We are currently looking for a limited number of players to bolster our force for PvE and home defence.

What we can offer you:
- C4 with static C2/C5
- US timezone
- Strong security for the storage of your personal ships
- WH PvE and Industry
- Ventrilo and Siggy

What we need from our members:
- A good attitude
- Cov Ops and scanning experience
- At least one ship you can use effectively for home defence (Recon/HAC/HIC/T3/Battlecruiser)

Ships we suggest you have:
- Shield T3 or BS for PvE sites
- Prospect or Exhumer for Industry

A Full API Key is required, and should be kept active during the time in which you are active in our corporation.

If interested our in Game channel is "Project Dub-Space", drop by and we can get to know you a bit before joining up.
Second Empire.
#2 - 2015-09-25 02:42:14 UTC

Lykouleon > CYNO ME CLOSER so I can hit them with my sword

Pandemic Legion
#3 - 2015-09-25 13:14:53 UTC
Can I park my super in your wormhole?
Second Empire.
#4 - 2015-09-25 21:07:12 UTC
I can offer parking spaces for supers in SSC's lovely hole for a fraction of what our competitors are charging. And I'll even throw in a free super-wash and a snuggie.*

* Supplies limited: first come, first served. All super-washes are PG-13. Void where prohibited, offer not valid in CA.

Lykouleon > CYNO ME CLOSER so I can hit them with my sword

Warped Intentions
#5 - 2015-09-28 01:57:12 UTC
Daily Bump
Second Empire.
#6 - 2015-09-28 02:40:43 UTC
Daily bump in the wrong forum.

Lykouleon > CYNO ME CLOSER so I can hit them with my sword

#7 - 2015-09-28 16:46:58 UTC
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Warped Intentions
#8 - 2015-09-29 23:34:23 UTC
Warped Intentions
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Warped Intentions
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