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[Videos] Solo and small gang PvP

#1 Posted: 2011.12.22 17:15  |  Edited by: FreshClip
Was cruising about lowsec and i happened upon a couple of battlecruisers in tama, the fight was a little one sided but nonetheless fun so i thought i'd make a short video about it. I also threw in a little RP because i'm cool like that!

Maelstrom engages 4 pirate battlecruisers.

Watch out for the Godscoldblood tactics at 1:20 in local =D

2 Rokh's Engage a pirate camp

Rokh and Sleipnir engage battlecruiser pirates in Tama

Eve Online - 2 Megathron's engage multiple gangs

Eve Online - Megathron and small fleet engage pirate gang

Eve online - Rokh and small gang engage pirate gankers

scimi at the end was overkill, i know but the fight was pretty much over and he just wanted to come have a look see.

Eve online - Sleipnir gang engages remote rep battleship gang

Eve online - Eve online - Sacrilege gang engages mixed pirate fleet ------> NEWEST
#2 Posted: 2011.12.22 21:02
You should def make more and just pile them into one bigger vid instead of clips.

Good editing etc aswell liked it
#3 Posted: 2011.12.22 21:26
FreshClip wrote:

Watch out for the Godscoldblood tactics at 1:20 in local =D

Does that ever work? Bear
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#4 Posted: 2011.12.22 22:12
yeah it works sometimes for me
#5 Posted: 2011.12.22 23:44
It actually doesn't, they're just ******** from the beginning
#6 Posted: 2011.12.24 01:36
If you notice the myrmi warped off and after i typed that he warped back and re-engaged. So i guess it worked? or maybe just a coincidence.

I dunno if i wanna stockpile clips or just upload them as i get Gf's? I may upload the average fights like this one and keep the cream of the crop for a longer production.

what do you guys think?
#7 Posted: 2011.12.24 05:46
I really liked it, great fight!

Definitely agree with prozac, would love to see you publish a full length feature vid.
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#8 Posted: 2011.12.24 21:45  |  Edited by: FreshClip
As a note would you guys be interested in seeing fights that don't necessarily go my way or just victorious slaughters?
#9 Posted: 2011.12.24 22:07
It seems to me like any footage of a situation that has tension is worthwhile, regardless of outcome.

So, putting in footage where you dominate some people or where they dominate you is always less interesting than a fight where the outcome is unclear.

I love watching intense fights that result in loss as long as they are interesting =)
#10 Posted: 2011.12.25 13:17
FreshClip wrote:
As a note would you guys be interested in seeing fights that don't necessarily go my way or just victorious slaughters?

I pretty much agree with everything Kil2 said.

I think it's a large myth in EVE that good videos only include flawless victorys.

For me the number 1 factor in enjoyability of a video is tension and drama in a fight. Watching someone slaughter endless idiots while never making a mistake or pushing their ship and their own skill to the limit gets old fast. If you die it's nbd, as long as it is an interesting and exciting fight and you at least take some ships down with you.
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#11 Posted: 2011.12.26 00:21  |  Edited by: FreshClip
Ok I have a fight that I feel was pretty tense i'll upload that one as well to see what you think and to see if i have the right end of the stick

edit - on secon thoughts due to how late i started fraps in that fight i don't think i can produce anything substantial.

I have yet to have any incredible fights yet though to stick in a longer vid so i'll keep on cranking out these shorts.

I'll post all new Vids in this thread saves' cluttering up the forum.
#12 Posted: 2011.12.27 07:28
Added a new vid, nothing special but it was pretty fun and lulzy because i pretended to be a buffer tank =)
#13 Posted: 2012.01.09 20:31
Bump for a new fight, megathrons this time! =D

Also a new editing stly, lemme know what you think.
#14 Posted: 2012.01.10 12:56
Sorry if I come across as a bit of an overly negative ****, but, while some of those fights are really nice, others simply have no place in a video, least of all with epic music like that.

I mean, ganking two poor Hurricanes with T3 boosted Rokh + Sleipnir + some other locals? Might have been a good fight for the Sleipnir alone...

I did like the original clip though and the Mega one, too. Depending on how firmly your tongue is in your cheek (I have a hard time deciding on that) your rp'y editing is either hilarious or hilariously terrible.

In any case, I, too, would prefer you to take your time collecting footage (and some of your clips could be the best part of a very respectable movie) and then produce said feature movie.
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#15 Posted: 2012.01.11 06:50
Don't worry about it, while compliments are nice i appreciate when i get constructive criticism as it will allow me to improve. =)

Yes the roleplaying is done tongue in cheek for lulzy benefit, as entertaining as swatty's stuff is it's not for me. =P

The gank of the 2 'canes was just there to tell the full story of what happened in that engagement and while it was a little :yawn: i felt i could get away with it as it was over quickly. I'd never upload something that crap as a standalone piece.

I have decided to upload my day to day fights i get in t1 stuff to test editing styles/ overlays etc whilst hoarding what i get in more expensive toys for a longer production for when i am happy with the style i settle on since it's always that little bit more interesting when the ass that's on the line is worth a bil or 2 imo. In addition i like to provide a steady stream of content for people as i know personally i hate waiting months and months for it. =P
#16 Posted: 2012.01.18 22:36
Bump for a new addition to the small gang playlist. Testing out some new things in terms of editing, lemme know what you think.
#17 Posted: 2012.01.18 23:04
Nice editing and cool videos.
#18 Posted: 2012.01.19 01:56
Enjoyed v much, good stuff.

Also I don't mind waiting for feature stuff, I prefer one really well produced video with excellent content every few months than shorts, but that's personal preference.

Either way, really like your footage.
#19 Posted: 2012.01.19 11:37
I think if you're going to show gang fights like the most recent megathron one in particular, you should edit in a running tally of allies and enemies ship types and which are dead and which are still alive. Also ideally have a watchlist of all your gang mates visible on the screen so that we can see how they're doing as well.

My issue with gang fights that do not include such editing is that we, the viewer, find it very difficult to follow everything that is going on at the same time, and in the case of your megathron vid can't even tell what ships your gang mates are in.

This leads to the feeling while watching that you are kinda ganking the enemies, which it probably wasn't. I believe it probably took a lot of skill to kill all those guys without losing any ships, but the fact that I can't tell what is going on with your gang's side of the engagement means it feels like a gank. Not sure if I am explaining myself coherently here, I'm kind of half asleep lol.

You obviously have the editing skill to edit your video in such a way as I've proposed, and imho it will make your gang v gang footage 10 times more interesting.

Looking forward to your next clip.
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#20 Posted: 2012.01.19 22:46
No, that makes perfect sense, mate and i fully agree. I usually always have watchlist up when i record for the exact reasons that you mentioned but we got the gang together very quickly and i missed adding it in my haste to get the fight started. In hindsight yes it was a bit of a mistake on my part to not add such information in and i will be sure to do so next time!

I think i've got all my designs and layouts in a way that i like now so i may take hiatus from clips for a little while and attempt to get some bling footage for a full production since that seems to be the general consensus.

but then again i am a youtube ***** so i'll probably upload something soon. =P
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