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>> North Star Networks is recruiting <<

#1 - 2016-11-17 18:02:24 UTC  |  Edited by: J Voorhees
One of EVE Online's oldest corporations (founded in 2003) opened its doors again.

We have removed the languish restrictions and are open now for everybody who speaks English and/or Swedish.
The core of the corporation is EU TZ based but we are looking for US TZ players as well.
NSN consists of a mix of veterans and new players, there are no major demands for skill points, or having a large wallet and we are accepting Alpha clones.

However, we do require that you as a player support the corporation and its members, that you act mature and respect other people's thoughts and opinions.

You should be sociable and like to be on TeamSpeak (voice-com is a must during corp.ops and our members prefer using TeamSpeak in general rather than typing in corpchat).
In return we offer an open-minded and friendly corporation where you could always find someone trying to help and answer any questions you may have.
What NSN offers you:

*Part of a great and friendly wormhole alliance.

*PVP: NSN does live and operates in a wormhole so there is always a good opportunity for some hunting incl small gang roaming in low and nullsec.

*Industrial: NSN has a strong production line. This grants the corporation a stable income in the most widely used to help our members.
And of course there is mission running, exploring and much more...

If you are interested in joining NSN, please contact us via our in-game channel "NSN Recruitment" or send a in-game mail to one of the below contacts.
EU TZ: Deaddemon, jatkot or J Voorhees
US TZ: Star'''Knight
North Star Networks management.

CEO of North Star Networks

#2 - 2016-11-19 23:38:32 UTC
Hello, we are still looking for more members. Alpha or Omega, its your personality that counts Smile
#3 - 2016-11-25 15:05:16 UTC
Still looking and eating kladdkaka! Big smile
#4 - 2016-11-29 00:54:44 UTC
Great Group of guys
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2016-11-29 16:31:49 UTC
If youre looking for an alliance we are looking for a good production corp to support our pvp habits. Let me know if youre interested.

You can find me in "Reverb Bar & Grill" in game or email me.
#6 - 2016-12-02 08:46:24 UTC
We are still looking for more nice people. Join our ingame channel.

CEO of North Star Networks

#7 - 2016-12-03 16:14:07 UTC
Hello, we are still looking for more members, join our ingame channel.
#8 - 2016-12-04 23:59:14 UTC
Come join us let make a impact on eve
#9 - 2016-12-05 16:19:36 UTC
#10 - 2016-12-07 16:49:56 UTC
Come meet us in our recruitment channel Big smile

CEO of North Star Networks

#11 - 2016-12-10 16:24:26 UTC
Up up and away! Shocked
#12 - 2016-12-11 16:18:11 UTC
#13 - 2016-12-13 18:59:44 UTC
#14 - 2016-12-16 05:16:18 UTC
#15 - 2016-12-17 23:54:49 UTC
Now the time to join isk to be made
#16 - 2016-12-19 16:32:03 UTC
Still looking for members, join NSN today Attention
#17 - 2016-12-20 14:33:33 UTC
Peeka-A-Boo, I see you.
#18 - 2016-12-22 18:41:47 UTC
Still recruiting, join NSN today.
#19 - 2016-12-24 11:51:54 UTC
Wishes all Merry Christmas! Smile

CEO of North Star Networks

#20 - 2016-12-26 23:10:03 UTC
Finally Santa is gone, back to EVE ! Still looking for fresh blood, join NSN today.
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