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#1 - 2016-12-31 16:15:28 UTC
Hello there.

After hearing all the talk about people making hunderds of millions ISK/month just on PI, i decided to read up on possible 1 character setups to determine which of them are more efficient. The results of my 2 hour search through the forums&reddit were confusing to say the least. Some people swear on single planet P2 production, some say you should have 1 factory planet and as many digging planets as you can, some suggest that PI without several accounts is not worth the time it takes to reset ECUs and move the products around. I realise that as with most things in eve, PI has a personal learning curve, but i'd like some general pointers.

Its possible that i'll get the same range of answers here, but maybe something changed over the past year, thus making the PI question easier to answer.

So the question (or questions, rather) is this, given a single character with 5 planets avalible (living in claimed null, pretty much constant wardecs, can sell in null/have a transportation person in corp):
-What are some of the better commodities to make with PI?
-What is the preferred setup?
-Are there any not-so-obvious problems with a particular setup?
-How to tell if the PI market has changed with ease?

Thanks in advance and happy new year :)
#2 - 2016-12-31 17:27:55 UTC  |  Edited by: D'deridex Omerta
What are some of the better commodities to make with PI?

The one that has the highest price in your preferred hisec trade hub. If you don't need it for other industry jobs then just pick one that will give you the most isk. In general the higher you go up the processing chain the more expensive a commodity is.

You being a single char with 5 planet limits how high you can go, p2 is your max i would say, you can go to p3 and p4 but you wont make much because you can't extract enough p0 to run your factories and that means it will take you a long time to make a batch which you can sell.

What is the preferred setup?

The one that keeps your factories running 24/7. If you look at your production chain from top to bottom then you will know exactly how much p0 you need to extract to keep all your factories running 24/7

If you have (or need) a lot of factories then you will also need a lot of extractors and having all that on the same planet is not very efficient cos extractors and links take up a lot of cpu and pg. that's why ppl use planets dedicated to extracting a single material (and maybe processing it to p1 just to save space) and then move everything to factory planets for final processing

You say you are using 1 character with 5 planets max so if you use this setup you will have 1 factory planet and 4 planets for extraction, that means 4 available p0 materials and that would allow you to make some p3 (the ones that only need 2 p2 commodities). On the other hand you can setup 5 planets and make only 1 p2 like nanites on all of them.

Nanites are the easiest example of a single planet with everything on it. Nanites take 2 p1 materials to make and they in turn need 1 p0 each and both of them can be found on barren planets. So you could setup a 5 barren planets with 2 extractors and min 3 factories and just make nanites

raw materials is p0, processed materials is p1, refined commodities is p2, specialized commodities is p3 and advanced commodities is p4
#3 - 2016-12-31 20:02:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Do Little
I do PI in sovereign nulsec and highsec. If you're doing it solo, I recommend making commodities used in fuel blocks. Coolant (storm), Enriched Uranium (Plasma) and Mechanical Parts (Barren). Odds are your corporation will buy all you can produce at Jita buy pricing. Citadels, Engineering Complexes and POS burn through this stuff at a tremendous rate.

Next step is look at building T2 drones - which are mostly Robotics and Guidance systems. I recommend an ALT so you have enough planets producing P2 to make a couple hundred units of P3/day. You'll need Water-Cooled CPU (Storm/Barren) and Transmitter (Lava) for the Guidance Systems plus Consumer Electronics (Lava) and Mechanical Parts (Barren) for the Robotics. You should have no problem selling drones locally but, if you choose to ship them to highsec, a medium drone like Hammerhead is 10M3 while the PI to build it is 36 M3 - JF fees are per M3 so you save a lot in shipping by building your PI into a product.

Edit: if you build P2 on your planets, the workload if very low. Reset your programs 2-3 time a week and harvest once a week. If you export P1, you'll need to tend your planets every day - it's bulky!
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#4 - 2016-12-31 21:37:37 UTC
Not much changed for me, still producing P0->P2 on 5 planets with 46h cycle in nullsec, with harvesting runs about every week, and extraction runs every 3-4 weeks. I'm hoarding the stuff in Jita until my favorite price level is reached, making ~200M per week. Have to admit I became a bit lazy lately sometimes missing the restart, the production lines are much more profitable ...

I'm my own NPC alt.

#5 - 2017-01-01 15:05:24 UTC
When i started I was using storm planets in high sec to go from p0 to p2 and made superconductors. Easy to do on storm planets.
I tried doing a factory planet and buying p0/p1 but having lots of factories just burns through everything. I got lots of stuff out of it but id have to fly out to my 2-3 planets every day or every other day to refill them. After doing it once or twice I was done with that.
Looked at doing 4 p0 planets and a factory right next to each other but I lapsed and ran out of time so back to an alpha.
I have 2 p0-p1s setup but I haven't been out to check them since I lapsed.

Oddly enough I can't see resources on the planet but i can place extractors where i had them before blind and still get similar yield so they've just been running even though I haven't checked them.
I'm told though that I wont be able to access the customs office for them until I'm omega again though so once they're filled I guess they will run till the next cycle and just stop with full storage units.
#6 - 2017-01-01 18:06:56 UTC
Marcus Sagan wrote:

-What is the preferred setup?

One that minimises the time you spend hauling planet goo around in an Epithal?

some general PI advice:

1: Always route to and from a buffer storage such as a silo or launchpad.
2: PI chains predicated on mass hauling of P0 products are a road down which madness lies.

Meph'z Awesome Extraction->P1 setup this takes around four days to fill up completely resetting ECUs daily. Route is: ECU->Silo->Industry Facilities->Launchpads.

Meph'z equally awesome factory planet. This takes four P1 products and outputs a P3.

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#7 - 2017-01-02 00:35:12 UTC
5 world set up.

2 world's for water and 2 for electrolytes.

5th worth is your combination hub. Putbit on a storm to have extra water or electrolytes for the lag time. I say that because 1 factor world making coolant can go full steam from 4 water and 4 electrolyte worlds. 24h cycle. From this set up you would see about 25 to 30m a day after it is established if you are using null sec worlds.

Coolant sells well and even if you have to pay to haul it to jita there is always a market for it.
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#8 - 2017-01-02 12:31:01 UTC
You want to minimise hauling as much as possible. Find a star system with good planets for extraction of the 3 metals and non-CS crystals. Extract those and turn them into the p1 on the extraction world, then use a 5th planet to turn the whole lot into robotics.
Infinity Space.
#9 - 2017-01-02 14:21:59 UTC
Ok, so after seeing the same polarization of opinions about All p0->p2 vs a factory planet + dig planets i decided to try the most convinient one for me.
As it happens, i found a system in a super convinient location with 2 temperate and 2 oceanic planets + 1 barren.

Now, as i am new to the serious PI market, i would like some help with the maths (i will use marketdata's Jita prices),
Seems like i can go a few routes:

1. P0->P2 Fertilizer (9,274ISK/m3) 4 planets and 5th (barren) for Mechanical Parts (8,002ISK/m3)

2. P0->P2 4 + P3 Factory (barren) Vaccines (16,197ISK/m3)

3. P0->P1 4 planets + P2 factory planet (barren) Genetically Enhanced Livestock (12,000ISK/m3)

The planets in relation with intended extraction stats (for a lack of a better method i just checked what % of the bar is filled, added the values for a particular P0 in pairs)):

1. Fertilizer P0->P2 (Complex Organisms + Micro Organisms): 208/245 (slight MO overflow)
Mechanical Parts P0->P2 (Base Metals + Noble Metals): 55/45 (slight BM overflow)

2. Vaccines P0->P2 4 + P3 Factory
Livestock (Carbon Compounds + Complex Organisms): 160/58 (heavy CO overflow)
Viral Agent (Micro Organisms + Planctic Colonies): 150/150(No overflow)

3. Genetically Enhanced Livestock P0->P2 4 + P2 Factory.
This is where it gets tricky, as Oceanic planets can produce both Complex Organisms and Planctic Colonies at the same time, while Temperate planets can only produce CO, so im just gonna put the planets stats here and hope for some help from the more savvy forum-dwelling capsuleers (do i put 2 ECUs on oceanic planets etc).

1st Temp planet CO 33%, 2nd Temp planet CO 25%,
1st Oceanic planet CO 75%/PC 70%, 2nd Oceanic planet CO 70%/PC 75%.

Ok, hopefully its not too much trouble to decipher. Again, big thanks in advance to anyone who will take the time to read&answer :)

#10 - 2017-01-02 23:02:13 UTC
I'm not gonna tell you what you should produce, you have to decide that for your self. I will however point out the fact that you have 3 characters on your account. That would mean 18 planets max at your disposal.
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#11 - 2017-01-05 10:16:12 UTC
P2 production is very easy to get into, as having your main skills at III will allow you to support two sets of extractors, four basic factories and two advanced factories per planet. Each planet is independent, and as you will probably have a variety of different planets that you are using, you are relatively insulated from market swings (your product is diversified).

Once you get all your skills to IV, though, you can have four P1 planets feeding into a factor planet. Each production planet can support eight basic factories as compared to the six basic factories that those same skills would support if you were still making P2 (this is because you can drop the advanced factories and the extra extractor control unit for more basic factories).

Taken over four planets, you have a total of 32 basic factories compared to the 30 basic factories you would have over five planets with a P2 setup. AND you are producing P3, adding further value to your product.

The disadvantage of this approach is that you need to spend more time moving resources around, and your product is not diversified, making you more vulnerable to price swings.

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#12 - 2017-01-06 23:13:16 UTC
Me setup requires Command Upgrades IV and Interplanetary Consolidation IV. (this is a standard in PI.)

The following are my extraction worlds and are all configured like this. This is an aerial photograph of J223650 II, current as of 06JANYC119

  • J223650 I (Barren) is extracting Base Metals and converting them to Reactive Metals.
  • J223650 II (Barren) is extracting Microorganisms and converting them to Bacteria.
  • J223650 VI (Barren) is extracting Carbon Compounds and converting them to Biofuel.
  • J223650 VIII (Barren) is extracting Noble Metals and converting them to Precious Metals.

  • I'll roll through with my Epithal and scoop everything from these worlds and drop them off at my P1-P3 factory planet. It looks like this.

  • J223650 VII (Ice) takes all of the P1 I put in both launchpads, converts to P2 products, then routes over to the P3 Factories, then routes the P3 back to where it started.

  • Note: These are all Advanced Factories.
    Apologies if you are colorblind.

    I'm still a student of Eve Online and there might be better setups or other systems offer better products. I'm just using what I have locally. Sites like don't work very often anymore but you can see the 'schema's' which will give you a few ideas to what to make and you'll just have to check and double check with what's available to you. Also check out the phone app EOPI. (can probably just search Planetary Interaction Eve Online on Google Play Store)

    I make approximately 23m ISK a day with this setup. I extract almost exactly what I use. Very efficient! Blink I chose this because of what was available but also makes it very easy for me to move around.

    Some of the answers here are so vague or otherwise very stupid. Coolant, Oxygen, and Mechanical Parts worlds are also awesome.


    #13 - 2017-01-18 00:03:41 UTC
    Kalido Raddi wrote:
    You want to minimise hauling as much as possible. Find a star system with good planets for extraction of the 3 metals and non-CS crystals. Extract those and turn them into the p1 on the extraction world, then use a 5th planet to turn the whole lot into robotics.

    This is funny, last night I started getting into PI and this is EXACTLY what I found myself doing. I found 4 planets in nullsec that produce what I need for robotics. And I have a planet near my trade hub that I plan to use for manufacturing.

    I chose robotics by doing some basic math. I looked at all the P4 items and found out which ones have the highest isk/day spent on it. IE: (amount sold per day on average) x (average price for each individual unit). Turns out that robotics was high on the list, so that's what I chose to make.
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