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C C P Alliance
#1 - 2017-02-10 17:32:40 UTC
The introduction of new cloning technology has raised many questions in New Eden. Some suspect the roots of the technology are not as they seem. Some of the background to Project Ascension is brought to light in the first of a two part Chronicle series:

Sine Wave: Alpha

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Arataka Research Consortium
#2 - 2017-02-10 17:47:32 UTC
Arataka Research Consortium
#3 - 2017-02-10 17:53:04 UTC
:D :D

Time to grab a cup of coffee and settle in!

Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries: exploring the edge of the known, advancing the state of the art. Would you like to know more?

Iron Armada
#4 - 2017-02-10 18:01:26 UTC
*Begins laughing maniacally*
#5 - 2017-02-11 00:35:30 UTC
Mysteries behind mysteries! Can't wait for part 2!
#6 - 2017-02-14 00:06:57 UTC
Hmmm, would Project Ascension have been at risk to be stopped by CONCORD if they had figured out earlier, before project deployment, what's going on? After all, the SOE delivered to all four empires which is somehow in compliance with Directive Alpha-Gamma-12, isn't it?

My impression is that the project and its possible follow-up projects (Offspring Cepheus ?, Darkness Visible ?) are all about being deployed as fast as possible without being slowed down by any possible bureaucracy that CONCORD might impose. Mochan doesn't seem to disagree with the project either, he's just worried that it's "too early". The meeting that Sjakhuni arranged appears to have the sole purpose to stop another force, the one that Mochan represents, from slowing down the project. Well, what force does he represent? Not knowing the Torigi game he's certainly not a Caldari. Who lives almost exclusively in stations and space ships and isn't used to planetary gravitation? Jove, I guess, although it would be strange that a Jove talks about "home ground" nowadays. However, Thukker don't like planetary life either.

Is Sjakhuni really a Thukker? He apparently is the true driving force behind Project Ascension and being able to "prod them into the right direction" he seems to know even more than the SOE. He has a Minmatar's/Thukker's ethnic markers (no real proof in times of most likely advanced cosmetics). On the other hand, Mochan says that Sjakhuni "chose to use his existing cover." (no real proof that he's not a Thukker, maybe he's simply not Sjakhuni). Questions over questions...

Hm, I'll better stop my disordered thoughts and be patiently waiting for part 2 Smile

In any case, I really like the whole narrative in Satach City and in that "dingy bar". It gives the exciting build-up of the meeting of the two agents a colorful and atmospheric background. Very well done!

Also: German translation available: Sinuswelle: Alpha, along with a Forum Thread.
#7 - 2017-02-14 04:10:15 UTC
Kolmogorow wrote:
Is Sjakhuni really a Thukker? He apparently is the true driving force behind Project Ascension and being able to "prod them into the right direction" he seems to know even more than the SOE. He has a Minmatar's/Thukker's ethnic markers (no real proof in times of most likely advanced cosmetics). On the other hand, Mochan says that Sjakhuni "chose to use his existing cover." (no real proof that he's not a Thukker, maybe he's simply not Sjakhuni). Questions over questions...

This was my favorite bit, with the throwback to the remnants of the Lakat-Hro, and the insinuations about the real driving forces behind projects Discovery and Ascension.

Would like a spaceborn pressure suit as an avatar item, please. Dustmask too, please.

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Minmatar Republic
#8 - 2017-02-14 20:51:26 UTC
I know that part 2 is coming but here's my personal theory:

- SoE woke some Sleepers in their studious efforts (possibly to help Serpentice create new drugs)
- Woken sleepers are drifters who have crazy Entosis tech (read: tech that transmits their informorph into things to remotely control them)
- Drifters have been stealing bodies out of space.
- SoE and Thukker are close to W-Space so their bodies are readily available.
- Drifters are controlling the collected bodies (read: "Covers" from the Chronicle) using their entosis links tech (The use of the word "synch" from the chronicle.)
- The Drifters, using "Covers", manipulated events for the creation of Alpha-state clones based on their own tech... for .... reasons?

/end tinfoil.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#9 - 2017-02-15 17:32:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Soldarius
"Initiate orientation phase of Darkness Visible as soon as possible."

“return of the dark light from the heart of the mother”


Offspring Cepheus: There are a couple "Cepheus" in Greek mythology. One was Cepheus, King of Tegea, an Argonaut with a large number of sons and a couple daughters. He and his sons died in a campaign with Heracles. The other 2 were both grandfather and grandson, both Kings of Aethiopia. The second was the husband of Cassiopaeia and father to Andromeda, who later married Perseus after he saved her from the seabeast Cetus.

The very phrase Offspring Cepheus could be interpreted two ways: the Offspring of Cepheus, or an offspring named Cepheus. Considering the Perseus legend, I think offspring of Cepheus has much more ominous meaning for New Eden.

Also, there is a line of Caldari SKINS called Matigu seabeast. Maybe just coincidence.


Minmatar Republic
#10 - 2017-02-15 18:15:49 UTC
Soldarius wrote:

Also, there is a line of Caldari SKINS called Matigu seabeast. Maybe just coincidence.

Pretty sure that's a coincidence. Pretty sure that Matigu Seabeast is a MindClash character.
#11 - 2017-02-23 12:58:09 UTC
Cepheus is a crowned king in royal robes, whose foot is planted on the Pole star (Polaris)

"Offspring of Cepheus will also furnish words for the buskin of tragedy [on the 2nd-century Farnese globe Cepheus is depicted in the garb of a tragic actor] whose pen, if only on paper, is drenched in blood; and the paper [the audience at a performance], no less will revel in the spectacle of crime and catastrophe in human affairs. They will delight to tell of scarce one burial accorded three [translator's note; Thyestes unwittingly ate his three sons, whom, their extremities cut off, his brother Atreus served up to him as a meal: the burial incomplete because the sons were not completely eaten, took place in the father's stomach - Cicero, who perhaps quotes the Atreus of Accius]. The father belching forth the flesh of his sons, the sun fled in horror, and the darkness of a cloudless day; they will delight to narrate the Theban war between a mother's issue [between Eteocles and Polynices] and one [Oedipus] who was both father and brother to his children; the story of Medea's sons, her brother and her father, the gift which was first robe and then consuming flame, the escape by air, and youth reborn from fire. A thousand other scenes from the past will they include in their plays and perhaps Cepheus himself will also be brought upon the stage.


Humans are the sacrifice to the beast (Drifters) unleashed?


The publication of Darkness Visible helped break the silence around depression, which many suffered in solitude. It also tackled head-on the pervasive assumption that depression is simply down to individual weakness, particularly when it drives people to suicide. And it argued from weathered experience that anyone suffering from depression must not, whatever happens, give up – indeed, its closing pages are profoundly redemptive, offering hope and guidance to anyone who has been affected by the condition.


Sneaky Joves say that they left and yet are still messing with human affairs! What better cover could they need to operate among us?

Sneaky sneaky Joves

#12 - 2017-02-23 13:09:50 UTC
Shakuni is perhaps best known for masterminding the infamous Game of Dice between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. A master of sorcery, Shakuni had his blessed dice which would always follow his will. Unaware of this fact, the Pandavas were defeated in the gambling match. Shakuni encourages Duryodhana, Dushasana, Karna, and the others when they taunt and humiliate the Pandavas.

Shakuni is also one of the masterminds behind the Kurukshetra War. His intentions include his desires a) to avenge the defeat of Gandhara by Hastinapur years before, b) to avenge the torture and murder of his father, King Subala, by Bhishma, and c) to avenge the insult Bhishma made when he insisted on Gandhari's marriage to a blind man. Shakuni's main enmity was with Bhishma, who had humiliatingly defeated and ravaged Gandhara, when Hastinapur was expanding its territories. He wanted to destroy the Kuru empire and the royal lineage itself, as a revenge for what was done to his people.

He mainly worked by inciting hatred between the Kauravas and Pandavas; his plans culminated in the biggest war in Indian history. Although he often failed in his tricks against Pandavas, he never lost his faith in his ability to destroy the lineage of Kuru. A far-sighted man, his plan was much bigger than causing plight to the Pandavas; he wanted a full-scaled civil war between the kingdoms of India, which will destroy the country for generations, fulfilling his revenge. He feared nobody, except Shri Krishna, whom he considered as an obstacle, since he knew that only Krishna had the power and influence to foil his plan. Krishna was a shrewd diplomat and statesman, the only person who matched Shakuni's cunning and intelligence.

Ways in which Shakuni incited war include:

Advising an adolescent Duryodhana to mix poison into Bhima's food.
Hiring Purochana to kill the Pandavas in the Palace of lac.
Before the war he advised Duryodhana to feed Shalya's army and make Shalya his indebt, making it compulsory for him to fight on the side of Kauravas
During the Kurukshetra war he abetted in the killing of Arjuna's son Abhimanyu by cheating and breaking the war protocol.


I looked at the other name and i found it on an old chronicle "Rebel with a cause" captain Aki Onikori

Onikori seldom goes by his real name and is best known to the public by the name Fiend, a play on words of his name in Caldari. In the past few years his twisted ideology has mutated from one of innocent anarchy to a bloody crusade against authority in every form. Early on his focus was first and foremost on the pharmaceuticals industry, but in recent years he has started targeting more diverse targets and seems especially fond of governmental institutions.

Kyonoke Plague, shady actors, serpentis distribution raids.... there´s a lot going on!

Keep chronicles coming, i miss the two week period on them =(

#13 - 2017-03-04 07:20:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Alia Nadasdy
The Imperial Guard were more concerned with threats from militants and puritanical fanatics
- Hi, I am a fanatic purist White and fluffy Twisted

With the host of pilgrims, something of the old, wider importance had returned to grace Satach's Spite and the surrounding region. The climax of the ancient rites of succession had been witnessed two days past with the coronation of Empress Catiz I in holy Dam-Torsad. The coda would come the next day when the ritual of Shathol'Syn would claim the lives of the old, unsuccessful heirs and claimants to the Golden Throne, and thereby clear the way for renewal of the Empire's great houses with fresh blood. The ancient fortress and shrine of the Sarum Family would serve as the place of the ritual in observance of the final passing of the time of Empress Jamyl I, late of that house

In Game: http://i.imgur.com/yfMtewB.png
Drifter transformed the galactic threat (as expected)

"We are the Harbingers of hope, We are the Sword of the Righteous"

"We are a shadow of the former greatness of the Empire"

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