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WH Corp seeks ambitious Pilots for PVP/Indy and WH life

#1 - 2017-04-21 00:12:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Cyber Cowboy
We are formed by Veteran players trying to burn our own path in the Universe. We are a group that wants to share experiences and have fun. We live in wormhole space... We are a group that likes the game for what it is - a great combat simulator that allows us to break and burn everything in front of us.

We are a corporation for PvP pilots. Indy/Mining Pilots are welcome as well but must be self-sufficient and able to join the fight.
ALL time zones are welcome.

We offer:
ArrowGood Strong Community
ArrowEmphasis on Small-gang PvP – Never back down from a good Fight
ArrowCorp Roams
ArrowIndy Fleet Ops w/boosts
ArrowPlanetary Interaction
ArrowExcellent Refining Yields
ArrowDiscord for Comms
ArrowC4 worm hole
ArrowExperienced PvP pilots and FC’s
ArrowDedicated Fleet Doctrines for maximum efficiency in combat fleet ops.

We are looking for:

ArrowActive/mature pilots
ArrowPilots interested in PVP/Indy
ArrowNo drama / Real Life First
Arrow15 mil SP plus 5 month old character.

We are particularly open to pilots who are either new to wormhole living, or simply new to EVE as well, and want to learn. Must be willing to listen and learn from Experienced Fleet Commanders (FC).

Full API and interview is required.

Join our Recruitment Channel for more info: Check Your Sig Public

Recruitment Officers: Cyber Cowboy, Garivold, freetokill

Thank you for your Consideration
#2 - 2017-04-21 07:50:23 UTC
what statics?
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