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Standings Projector - Wartargets added as standings on alts

#1 - 2017-05-16 06:49:58 UTC
Hi all,

Now out in public beta, we present the "Standings Projector".
When having alot of wars going on, its a pain keeping your alts updated with wartargets as standings to scout.

This tool will project any current wartargets you have on your main to your alts as standings, so you can keep track of current and future hostiles when flying on your alts.

It is very easy to use, just login with your main, then add each of your alts you want standings set on and its automatically updated - Profit!

The website is: http://war.jolt.dk

Here is a few highlights of the features
Arrow Instantly added contacts, few seconds after a war is declared/dropped, no more waiting hours for updates
Arrow Pick which standings you want for current and future wartargets, not just bad/terrible
Arrow You can keep your own standings, we will not remove any standing you have set (unless its currently a wartarget)
Arrow Fast and stable service, so you can trust the contact list when scouting
Arrow We are not a huge alliance in Eve who has interest in spying on your data, we couldn't care less.

But there are other tools like this?
Correct, there is similar tools out there, but stability and timing has been a problem, hence why this is created.
See above features why we bring more to the table.

Is it free?(TM)
Yes, even that there is system in place for subscription, we have chosen to keep it free and open as long as we can maintain server costs without too much trouble.

Do you keep track of all wars in Eve?
Yup, the way the war API is made right now, its a pain extracting wars for a single corp.
In fact, we have made our efforts public, so if you are a developer of third party apps and are interested in getting a list of wars for your corp,
but not keeping track of ALL wars in Eve, you are welcome to use our public API:
http://war.jolt.dk/api/?corpid=(insert id here)

Simply, put a corp or alliance ID in, and get a JSON object back (similar to the one CCP provides) that is filtered to your corp/alliance.
Example for Goons: http://war.jolt.dk/api/?corpid=1354830081

What is this login box?
It is Eve Online Single Sign On, which is a standard way to authenticate yourself. All third party apps will use this in future, and your login will NOT be sent to us, only to CCP and in return they tell us your character ID. It is completely safe to use, but please read the link if you have doubts.

Enjoy and fly harsh gentlemen!

#2 - 2017-05-23 13:02:15 UTC
Really no one dare taking this for a test spin, or is everyone in awe how lame it is? lol
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