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Caldari State
#701 Posted: 2012.02.04 10:02
AU TZ isk making made easy!
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#702 Posted: 2012.02.04 18:43
this stuff is legit!!! great fun!!!! recommend you make an accoutn now!
#703 Posted: 2012.02.05 05:51
EOH is a great way to get Isk and meet cool people, especially if you like poker! You can't lose here! It's a great service, check it out... you won't be sorry!
"I'm not wrong, there's just a one way miscommunication on your end!"
#704 Posted: 2012.02.05 13:50
i played at least 20 games in total and they always pay out and are realy organized. its all legit and fun too!
#705 Posted: 2012.02.06 06:59
EOH is awsome I love the 28M DTs
Minmatar Republic
#706 Posted: 2012.02.06 20:09
EOH Iella is awesome!

Now thats said..I've played a lot of Poker the last few days, and guys, you should play tournaments, they are so addicting..
Ring games are just mind numbing...

I think I broke even and I had hours of fun doing so!
Pandemic Legion
#707 Posted: 2012.02.07 05:45
My name is Wren Der and i support this message
#708 Posted: 2012.02.07 08:24
Howdy, poker friends and poker fiends! It's about time for another installment of Banker Tales, so here we go...

I've been MIA quite a bit recently due to my class schedule and the mountain of books my professors have assigned. Over the past few days, I've had time to fire up a few games and greet my adoring fans. Seeing new faces, both players and bankers, brings a smile to my face, so thanks to everyone for showing up and having a go at the tables.

Surprisingly, I've managed to win the low stakes DTs that I've played recently. Typically, playing against me is like cracking open a loot pinata; nothing tastes sweeter than banker money. Now, I'm not here to gloat. I just want to encourage poker novices like me to keep plugging away at it because there's hope for everyone if I can manage to win from time to time. Like any other game, poker has a learning curve. There are different strategies for ring games and tournaments of varying types. You're eventually going to figure out what works.

We've also got some great new bankers and the management will likely be hiring more. New bankers are always eager to provide games because it ties into being retained and promoted. Help them out and play what they're posting. Don't be shy about asking for what you want, so we can keep an orderly flow of games to accommodate everyone. Please also be mindful that bankers have rules to follow from the boss, so if we don't post a request immediately, there's usually a reason.

Do you have a favorite banker? Let us know in this thread! Don't hesitate to give a shout out to the banker that is always working in your timezone or providing the friendliest or most efficient service. Positive feedback from players like you increases banker morale and decreases banker turnover.
#709 Posted: 2012.02.08 03:42
Flashmala approves of this activity!
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RvB - RED Federation
#710 Posted: 2012.02.09 19:59
EOH Poker is fast becoming my favorite community within EVE online. Come join the high rollers circle and make some of the best isk to be had in all of New Eden
#711 Posted: 2012.02.10 02:58
The number of positive posts here speaks volumes. Stop wasting time and give EOH a try if you like poker! It's a great place to hang out and make isk while you station spin. Just do it!
"I'm not wrong, there's just a one way miscommunication on your end!"
#712 Posted: 2012.02.10 15:14
I play this game every so often, and i can't believe the amount of ISK i win Awesome game reccomended!!!
Caldari State
#713 Posted: 2012.02.11 06:37
I just signed up -- looking forward to playing some poker! Cool
Pandemic Legion
#714 Posted: 2012.02.11 13:35
That norrin guy's a jerk but the rest of the bankers are p kawaii. You should give them your isk and have a little fun.
#715 Posted: 2012.02.11 14:14
Now i aint a great player by no means. but i started out on this site about 14 months ago ive had me ups and downs but still made billions.Anyway its better than mining lol.
Yulai Federation
#716 Posted: 2012.02.11 19:35
Absolutely a must have for bored miners , what's better than doubling or tripling your isk cash flow by coadiuvating Mining and some old good Texas Hold'em on EoH poker ?

Definitely a good poker site , where the swings go up and down as the Hold'em always do , but where , if you put in some brain or some luck , you can have an awesome profit , talking for personal experience.

Every Cash out and cash in always processed in few time and with extreme professionality.

Just give it a try , and may the ace be with you.
Scorpions, pure venom ®™

#717 Posted: 2012.02.11 20:43
great site! great staff! great experience! great way to make isk!
#718 Posted: 2012.02.11 22:49
EOH Poker is as much a part of EVE as Scams are part of Jita!

You may well hit a bad patch with the cards, but as with EVE, if u stop playing for a while, you will always come back..... I know i do!!!

Station Camped in 0.0?
Wardecced Indy Corp?

EOH Poker = WIN

Earn ISK without even leaving the station!!

Oh... sh.....!

Bullets AND Officer!!! brb
#719 Posted: 2012.02.12 03:38
Cool stuff!
#720 Posted: 2012.02.12 22:16
I play poker all the time. Poker at home poker on the ipad poker on facebook. But EOH is the best poker. I have nearly stopped playing any other poker other than EOH Poker. \o/
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