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Announcement:Notice to Teams: Staging Locations
21,75312017.05.09 01:23
CCP Logibro Go to last post
Sticky:Thunderdome Account/Character Issue
145102017.05.30 05:21
King Voodoo Go to last post
Sticky:Welcome to Thunderdome - The Event Server
[ Pages: 1 ... 5, 6, 7 ]
12856,221252017.05.30 02:06
Made NChina Go to last post
Sticky:Alliance Tournament XV: Returning Top 16 teams
01,93702017.05.10 15:32
CCP Logibro Go to last post
Preliminary matchups
08802017.05.30 00:51
Shae Tadaruwa Go to last post
Rule Clarification: Impersonation of characters on Thunderdome
331512017.05.29 17:13
CCP Logibro Go to last post
ancillary mods
219602017.05.28 05:41
GROUND XERO Go to last post
need clarification on AT legality of game mechanic
125402017.05.27 18:34
Henry Plantgenet Go to last post
Rules. When?
91,04702017.05.27 01:24
Cristl Go to last post
EVE Alliance Tournament Advertising
033302017.05.27 01:10
Kettle Vallei Go to last post
LF USTZ Scrimmage Partners
044302017.05.25 23:26
King Voodoo Go to last post
Proposal: Post-match interviews during the AT finals live streams
434602017.05.24 05:41
Cliff Beauland Go to last post
Awesome dates ccp
354102017.05.16 07:03
Lysus Go to last post
End of Life seeking AT interested pilots
21,09602017.05.10 00:03
General Vachot Go to last post
$25000 Entry Fee?
366122017.05.09 13:43
Mr Epeen Go to last post
Proposed rule changes for Alliance Tournament XV [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
273,389192017.05.02 14:08
Nika NOisER Go to last post
TEST Open Practices are starting again.
41,31612017.02.14 15:28
Soldarius Go to last post
The 2017 EVE_NT Spring Championship
370432017.02.12 03:58
Hendrick Tallardar Go to last post
TEST Tournament Team is Recruiting
160522017.01.24 09:14
Hoodie Mafia Go to last post
Looking to join a team
22,59402017.01.17 08:12
Scipio Artelius Go to last post
Announcing the EVE_NT CUP!
21,72402017.01.05 17:07
Silicon Buddha Go to last post
Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016
61,19862016.12.10 11:15
Bei ArtJay Go to last post
Improvement suggestions to tourney organization and coverage
21,07662016.12.05 16:31
Soldarius Go to last post
Can we get a rule change RE server issues for next year?
81,29812016.10.31 12:15
Miyamoto Uroki Go to last post
ATXIV Match 123C Statement
114,02832016.10.21 05:38
General Vachot Go to last post
ISD Streamed Matches are gone!
010,39602016.10.20 11:56
Cyric's Go to last post
New Alliance Tournament Events
190002016.10.16 19:02
ISD Buldath Go to last post
Feedback from a first time viewer
385322016.10.12 01:43
General Vachot Go to last post
Ruling Decision: Complaints Department vs White Legion. Warpins
61,85422016.10.11 13:14
Corine Noas Go to last post
Need practice partner urgent
21,10802016.10.08 19:36
Gilrael Galathi Go to last post
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