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Jita Park Speakers Corner
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Sticky:CSM Weekly Review & Attendance Sheet
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
306,991232017.03.06 18:30
Jin'taan Go to last post
Sticky:How to contact CSM XI members
132,437162016.08.18 04:49
DeMichael Crimson Go to last post
Use Concorde Tax on Suicide Ganked Cargo as ISK Sink
453102017.04.22 22:00
NanDe YaNen Go to last post
Fanfest AAR
21,19002017.04.17 11:42
Steve Ronuken Go to last post
Time for the CSM to be Old Yellered [ Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
674,288542017.04.12 03:09
Ranzabar Go to last post
Should "Make X Great Again"-candidates be disqualified for...
52,19202017.03.18 22:20
Alphea Abbra Go to last post
NDA and in game advantages to csm members.
17881212017.03.17 13:59
Cearain Go to last post
[podcast] CSM XII Candidate Roundtables
02,91902017.03.06 01:40
Alekseyev Karrde Go to last post
CSM12 Candidate Interviews & CSM Podcast
547302017.02.26 00:28
Apothne Go to last post
Citadel histories
03,57502017.02.22 17:50
Freelancer117 Go to last post
Open letter or whatever. To CCP. On the state of EVE
131,946182017.02.20 12:32
Henry Plantgenet Go to last post
Silly question about CSM summit in Iceland
426022017.02.16 20:25
Jin'taan Go to last post
Unlimited High Sec War Decs
1483192017.01.18 19:30
Matar Ronin Go to last post
Personalized - Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings
139202017.01.16 00:33
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Revisit the impersonation clause
31,95602017.01.15 01:03
Matar Ronin Go to last post
Jump clone timers are to long
101,02732016.12.22 22:02
Kenji Noguchi Go to last post
Petition to raise number of stored fittings [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
261,753182016.11.21 01:52
Darth Terona Go to last post
Dividing the Plex
23,12712016.11.10 14:24
Freelancer117 Go to last post
Balancing the Faction Ship BPC drop rates
182,22552016.11.07 18:30
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Ganking game mechanic hisec balance
264912016.11.07 18:30
Iain Cariaba Go to last post
[UI] monospace and emojis
249302016.11.07 18:19
Iain Cariaba Go to last post
Probably a good time to speak up if you run Linux or a Mac.
168222016.07.01 02:19
Steve Ronuken Go to last post
@CSM Xenuria + CCP Design Team
172522016.06.30 14:17
Xenuria Go to last post
Confused by JSC
175212016.05.21 19:24
Nitshe Razvedka Go to last post
Fozziesov is boring
21,19122016.05.17 11:39
knobber Jobbler Go to last post
POSes: I am a small portion of the community
[ Pages: 1 ... 151, 152, 153 ]
3,055315,2878,7402016.05.06 03:31
Balder Verdandi Go to last post
Indirect nerf to drones: anti-drone batteries
51,38612016.03.31 13:05
Naj Panora Go to last post
Jump fatigue reduced for one direction of travel
276702016.03.23 18:22
Agondray Go to last post
Planets and income in EVE
011,56702016.03.21 12:29
Tian Toralen Go to last post
Where does the CSM like to interact?
41,08962016.03.20 19:09
Mike Azariah Go to last post
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