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Announcement:Aegis sov release - Mac feedback & Issues
568212015.07.29 08:48
Ian Blackbird Go to last post
Announcement:Macintosh Resources
61,96812015.06.12 19:42
Enrique d'Ancourt Go to last post
Announcement:Carnyx release - Mac feedback & issues
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441,74362015.06.11 13:02
Harlan Coben Go to last post
Sticky:How to reinstall the EVE Launcher for Mac
51,42142015.04.29 12:36
Assassin Drevon Go to last post
Sticky:Stuck at Launcher: "EVE Online is damaged and can't be ...
08,97302014.01.29 15:55
GM Smiley Go to last post
2015 MacBook USB-C
15302015.08.02 09:14
Carribean Queen Go to last post
Upgrading to a 2015 15 inch rMBP
15002015.08.02 09:11
Carribean Queen Go to last post
Launcher lost login info's / Login Problems with laucher
212402015.07.31 09:39
Planeten Schreck Go to last post
Still Frozen Acoounts WINSERVER not working correct
15702015.07.30 13:15
Ian Blackbird Go to last post
Experience with MAC version
28202015.07.30 06:28
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Frozen at EVE Launcher Update
37602015.07.30 03:19
AlyciumTeryx Go to last post
Opening in-game browser freezes Mac client (post-Mosaic)
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432,97102015.07.29 14:42
Annette Severasse Go to last post
EVE Online Error Client Installation on Mac
335702015.07.29 03:57
Bruschetta Formaggio Go to last post
Windowed on Second Display Colour Problems
03702015.07.27 19:54
Dejitaru Go to last post
Quitting one client will freeze another.
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202,205152015.07.27 17:12
Hizumi Mizushiro Go to last post
Offline Installer
648602015.07.27 16:03
CCP Darwin Go to last post
Aegis release - Mac feedback & issues
1978422015.07.26 13:32
Dybbuch Go to last post
El Capitan - Not Working
1048312015.07.24 19:57
CCP Darwin Go to last post
Client launches two instances of EVE that both freeze
1344722015.07.24 18:52
CCP Darwin Go to last post
when using no hud i still see the curser
04102015.07.24 16:13
nate albush Go to last post
Chat logs are where?
214212015.07.20 11:39
CCP Darwin Go to last post
Second monitor - Fullscreen / Windowed with correct resolution
06012015.07.18 14:50
Mikko Fermi Go to last post
Mac Evernus Users
210102015.07.17 23:32
Jammer Tonaskit Go to last post
CMD-TAB out of game causes graphical problems/crashes.
05402015.07.17 20:04
Tychanus Bain Go to last post
Server not found
04702015.07.17 05:16
Blake Bathana Go to last post
Is Eve a 32bit app?
212902015.07.15 05:59
Darryn Lowe Go to last post
Transgaming Sells Cider To NVIDIA: Countdown To End of Mac Client
1069722015.07.13 14:05
Ian Blackbird Go to last post
5K IMac and EVE?
525802015.07.10 21:31
ariel jade Go to last post
Metal on Mac
319102015.07.10 21:28
ariel jade Go to last post
Eve Repair Tool and Eve Clonemaker
423002015.07.09 16:10
Vincent Athena Go to last post
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