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Announcement:Switching to Wine
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292,51852016.07.26 13:26
Gavascon Go to last post
Announcement:June release 118.6 - General feedback and issues (Mac)
733302016.07.14 16:20
Xanathos Go to last post
Announcement:May release 118.5 - General feedback and issues (Mac)
549822016.06.08 11:25
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Announcement:Macintosh Resources
63,64012015.06.12 19:42
Enrique d'Ancourt Go to last post
Sticky:Wine support for Mac
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32822,748572016.07.27 03:16
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Sticky:New Cider Version on Singularity - December Release
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243,91622016.01.13 06:42
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Sticky:Stuck at Launcher: "EVE Online is damaged and can't be ...
010,33702014.01.29 15:55
GM Smiley Go to last post
Inquiry: How do you take screenshots on a Mac?
211202016.07.26 18:55
Zen Chaser Go to last post
After clicking on one of chars message "Socket was lost"
04102016.07.21 18:02
Cpt. BirkoRiza Go to last post
Sticky modifier keys in Wine fixed
424812016.07.20 22:17
Kevin Felixio Go to last post
Cannot enter game
16402016.07.16 12:57
Tuscor Go to last post
MacOS Sierra Public beta released
111302016.07.14 23:23
Bawb Zennshinagas Go to last post
Export/Import of Preferences, Overview, Neocom and Colour Settings
17502016.07.13 19:18
Mu'ad Diib Go to last post
Combat Logs
05902016.07.13 03:17
Bo Katan Go to last post
Mac Uninstall - tens of thousands of files?
29902016.07.12 02:17
Yakr Foyle Go to last post
Unable to access Skill Queue
03802016.07.11 20:54
Jason Brinks Go to last post
Test Server Launcher
04102016.07.10 22:41
Tek Stalker Go to last post
Running WINE and a mouse disfunction.
519202016.07.06 23:49
Luistu Go to last post
Does the new Mac Client will download ALL the files again ?
06502016.07.03 20:09
Calina belthamor Go to last post
Unplayable on Macintosh
114002016.07.02 05:29
das licht Go to last post
Hackintosh, degraded performance compared to Windows
213602016.07.02 05:23
das licht Go to last post
Constant Freezing
06202016.07.01 17:54
Keelath O'Scryers Go to last post
Freezing up ALOT since this morning.
07202016.06.29 22:40
47 6f 64 Go to last post
Mumble Overlay
215402016.06.29 21:58
Eingang Vulpine Go to last post
Launcher feedback
06802016.06.28 08:11
Mara Rinn Go to last post
What in the world have you done to Mac performance recently?
013402016.06.23 20:42
Forum Warrioress Go to last post
IGB removal coming soon.
214802016.06.22 02:56
Bawb Zennshinagas Go to last post
iMac graphics don't show reflective surfaces
08302016.06.22 01:35
Karglan Go to last post
SSL issue in Wine fixed
665022016.06.19 20:27
Khazdurak Kor Go to last post
Launcher Stuck Installing
Obsidian Mind
210302016.06.18 18:45
Olivia Rs Go to last post
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