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Announcement:May release 118.5 - General feedback and issues (Mac)
541922016.06.08 11:25
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Announcement:Macintosh Resources
63,54112015.06.12 19:42
Enrique d'Ancourt Go to last post
Sticky:Wine support for Mac
[ Pages: 1 ... 13, 14, 15 ]
28519,745562016.06.25 12:34
CeeJay DeGilead Go to last post
Sticky:New Cider Version on Singularity - December Release
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
243,74522016.01.13 06:42
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Sticky:Stuck at Launcher: "EVE Online is damaged and can't be ...
010,28602014.01.29 15:55
GM Smiley Go to last post
What in the world have you done to Mac performance recently?
05802016.06.23 20:42
Forum Warrioress Go to last post
Mumble Overlay
19602016.06.22 16:27
Alicia Dnari Go to last post
Hackintosh, degraded performance compared to Windows
05302016.06.22 06:00
Charon Kador-Amar Go to last post
IGB removal coming soon.
210002016.06.22 02:56
Bawb Zennshinagas Go to last post
iMac graphics don't show reflective surfaces
04602016.06.22 01:35
Karglan Go to last post
SSL issue in Wine fixed
656822016.06.19 20:27
Khazdurak Kor Go to last post
Inquiry: How do you take screenshots on a Mac?
16402016.06.19 12:22
Tahnil Go to last post
Launcher Stuck Installing
27502016.06.18 18:45
Olivia Rs Go to last post
New launcher does not work
420902016.06.16 18:19
Burak Oz Go to last post
Running WINE and a mouse disfunction.
05602016.06.15 18:12
Luistu Go to last post
How well does EVE run on Yosemite?
19102016.06.15 13:14
Yinmatook Go to last post
Stuck in space
06102016.06.10 18:52
Burak Oz Go to last post
Use Wine and Cider alongside eachother?
116002016.06.10 09:31
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
05902016.06.08 19:58
Tass Caffington Go to last post
EVE Chat Logs under Wine with New Launcher
535402016.06.08 15:27
IChooseYou Go to last post
Chat logs?
16402016.06.08 15:11
IChooseYou Go to last post
Portrait, external monitor and window mode
18702016.06.04 15:59
Bootis Go to last post
Palua does not work with Wine version
212202016.06.03 22:27
Darryn Lowe Go to last post
Wine conflict with Team Speak?
06802016.06.02 12:29
Bold Podiene Go to last post
"Verifying the contents of the shared cache and purging extra f...
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331,92102016.06.02 02:16
Dharyn Ryndal Go to last post
Wine modification
431722016.05.31 12:45
Vincent Athena Go to last post
Can I play eve on a PC and a mac, switching between the two?
221902016.05.31 08:53
Lisbeth Riraille Go to last post
Opening in-game browser freezes Mac client (post-Mosaic)
[ Pages: 1 ... 3, 4, 5 ]
8612,17632016.05.24 16:51
BringNRain Go to last post
New launcher, old application bundle
111202016.05.23 20:35
Ophira Fermont Go to last post
Spontaneous Generation: Screenshots
08002016.05.21 17:11
Kali Pijunn Go to last post
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