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Sticky:EVE Launcher for Linux
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663122,0141792017.07.20 11:16
Rofgar Aivenmayer Go to last post
Sticky:Linux launcher now supports custom Wine version
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3218,909202017.06.25 11:13
Zirqel Vinqel Go to last post
Fedora 26 - Launcher freezes
03902017.07.22 07:31
Calebus Phobeus Go to last post
launcher not launching :P
07202017.07.22 01:06
Forum Toon Go to last post
Singlethreadedness, DX12/Vulkan update and PC upgrade help
022602017.07.20 08:33
Umbro Sana Go to last post
DX11 with Dev Version
161,11702017.07.20 01:54
Ragnar STS Go to last post
Launcher partly working in Debian Buster/Sid (resolved)
1022102017.07.19 23:48
Shallanna Yassavi Go to last post
new laptop, launcher installed but game wont start
712602017.07.19 19:57
Merkwurkdigliebe Go to last post
Potential Screen Tearing Fix
071102017.07.14 02:27
Ragnar STS Go to last post
Debian 9 NVIDIA Proprietary + Old AMD rig = Awesome; Nice job dude!
517702017.07.12 23:01
Merkwurkdigliebe Go to last post
launcher not working anymore after 11july
929622017.07.12 19:32
Fenix Inferni Go to last post
delete key doesn't work as expected
01,11002017.07.08 13:44
Kossak Valkyrie Go to last post
Manjaro 17 - Black Screen - Linux Newbie, be gentle
1192612017.07.08 10:08
Roesjka Go to last post
evelauncher not working after debian stable update
429522017.07.08 09:26
Roesjka Go to last post
Singularity is broken again?
01,52202017.07.03 00:08
Ravow Go to last post
EVE on Linux constantly crashing, esp. in high population systems
01,73002017.06.30 06:10
Altorr Go to last post
Certificate error with fresh install of client
01,84502017.06.28 18:26
Dominique Natrix Go to last post
After moving and linking cache to NTFS game not working. (SOLVED)
11,76702017.06.25 11:04
Zirqel Vinqel Go to last post
Multiple Clients and Multiple Monitors
417902017.06.24 22:26
Ravow Go to last post
Fedora 26 Beta: EVE Online Report [It works]
02,20302017.06.24 18:32
Namak Bulu Go to last post
Hangups with latest patches?
216002017.06.21 18:00
Khasm Kaotiqa Go to last post
Launcher will not launch game. Lubuntu 16.10 [FIXED]
02,65602017.06.19 22:09
Astaroth Saissore Go to last post
How do you control scanner probes in Linux?
02,71502017.06.17 19:01
g0nz028 Go to last post
Nividia and Amd currently both work nicely with wine?
21,61902017.06.17 04:26
Ravow Go to last post
Help Appreciated... new GPU.... but seems not enabled (SOLVED)
638602017.06.15 11:47
Adara Starkiss Go to last post
EVE Online accounts and Steam
03,01002017.06.07 18:40
Ian Slip Go to last post
After Update launcher freezes
265202017.06.05 22:19
Andevellicus Truk Go to last post
DX11 is WORKING on wine 2.3! [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
223,07112017.06.01 00:53
Cap'n Schmitty Go to last post
Launcher not working after update (SOLVED)
91,55392017.05.27 13:23
Vashan Tar Go to last post
Eve launcher on Ubuntu keeps crashing.
241002017.05.24 07:16
Patrick McClusky Go to last post
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