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Linux Desktop hardware for EvE
510622015.11.25 20:37
Ravow Go to last post
Will CCP change their mind and once again make EVE for Linux?
1592782015.11.25 03:28
Ravow Go to last post
alt scrolling issues
16502015.11.24 08:01
Torgeir Hekard Go to last post
Dorked Up Fitting Screen
29402015.11.22 18:25
Ragnar STS Go to last post
EveMon with Wine
325512015.11.22 05:04
Gabriel Leeth Go to last post
Beta Launcher
191,75842015.11.22 04:49
Gabriel Leeth Go to last post
HOW TO: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Eve (And most other lesser distros) [ Pages: 1 ... 5, 6, 7 ]
13040,831172015.11.21 11:30
Zosius Go to last post
Update game without launcher
223002015.11.15 20:46
Adara Starkiss Go to last post
EVE Under Ubuntu 15.10 - Can't launch :(
948202015.11.15 20:40
Adara Starkiss Go to last post
Low FPS under Mint 17.2
834202015.11.14 21:38
Forum Toon Go to last post
Sisi crashes on wine 1.7.22 tranquility fine
05402015.11.14 15:51
Chou Yakumo Go to last post
Lag on opening Market and Industry windows
1035822015.11.11 21:17
Interfly Ghormenheist Go to last post
repair.exe will not run in linux anymore
314902015.11.11 02:11
Vanilla Mooses Go to last post
(Closed, Resolved in Latest Master) PYFA 1.16.1 Doesn't Launch
112102015.11.06 01:18
Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw Go to last post
Eve Installation size
112202015.10.25 16:37
Armark Bether Go to last post
wine 1.7.51 ... bad wine, no biscuit
756802015.10.22 10:14
ISD IonCharge Go to last post
New to Linux gaming; low FPS in Wine
677502015.10.18 12:40
Charlie Jacobson Go to last post
Very slow download
Amarra Alazam
438502015.10.14 13:41
MAnuOmNama Go to last post
In-Game Browser giving Error: -9 problems
542202015.09.30 17:41
Kismeteer Go to last post
Wine disconnect problem
422502015.09.28 11:28
Andris Arickson Go to last post
Way more FPS : Use native DX9
598712015.09.27 02:03
Shallanna Yassavi Go to last post
Problem to launch EVE in steam
534002015.09.24 18:40
Aya Shadowbane Go to last post
Keyboard not working and driving me insane
114012015.09.21 17:32
Chocolate Mooses Go to last post
Heads up with wine 1.7.50- hangs on starting client & solution
668232015.09.10 21:50
Kismeteer Go to last post
alt-tab between multiple clients?
323012015.09.09 15:55
Zosius Go to last post
Lag when trying to create contract
650202015.09.08 17:02
Ero Adalwulf Go to last post
How to increase FPS?
231602015.09.04 01:17
Ragnar STS Go to last post
multiple client issues after patch
116702015.09.01 12:12
Swipular Goata Go to last post
SSL issue with ingame browser under wine
358802015.08.28 19:04
Jack Aesop Go to last post
eve on mint 17 with multi screens???
227102015.08.28 11:29
Sacruto Go to last post
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