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Sticky:EVE Launcher for Linux
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53482,7481582017.03.01 06:19
Ransu Asanari Go to last post
Sticky:Linux launcher now supports custom Wine version
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2414,580162017.02.04 23:29
Biterno Sintaph Go to last post
Winecfg with the Launcher
819222017.02.27 06:46
Ravow Go to last post
Launcher window not refreshing
310702017.02.27 01:11
Shallanna Yassavi Go to last post
Linux Evelauncher Segmentation error (Fedora 25)
045302017.02.21 16:22
Pyotr Le-Jin Go to last post
Linux and SLI support (or similar, or other suggestions)
219302017.02.21 13:33
Ravow Go to last post
Nvidia proprietary driver compile fail on kernels >4.9.x - patch.
149002017.02.21 12:53
Biterno Sintaph Go to last post
Console logging and env var
210702017.02.20 13:08
Ravow Go to last post
No sound
135602017.02.16 15:52
Shylock Adelman Go to last post
Change Eve logging folder
129402017.02.12 14:11
Fenix Inferni Go to last post
is there a linux fitting tool?
323422017.02.10 19:27
Polarbear Cuddlebunny Go to last post
Fedora 25. Eve runs fine except no textures load
838812017.02.07 18:00
Blavish Go to last post
Ubuntu 16.04 | NV GTX 660 | Fans out of control...
216012017.02.07 15:33
Dharr Guartonzec Go to last post
Just a Little Appreciation
129512017.01.30 10:47
Aldrad Go to last post
Old launcher no longer working.
362602017.01.28 21:54
Jaxon Grylls Go to last post
Installing openssl completely broke my linux launcher
128902017.01.26 22:20
I'mNotAnAlienISwear WhosUrLeader Go to last post
Fedora 25 Release Day - EVE Online working fine.
873302017.01.26 17:13
Xue Oy Go to last post
GTX 1060?
445612017.01.25 08:28
Arch Sanguine Go to last post
Launcher Opens But Game Sticks on "Logging In"
11,06502017.01.24 23:00
I'mNotAnAlienISwear WhosUrLeader Go to last post
EVE cannot start under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64
347402017.01.17 04:30
Torgeir Hekard Go to last post
Mint Linux 18.1
127002017.01.15 09:36
Torgeir Hekard Go to last post
PLEASE....go native linux support!
353742017.01.13 19:17
Demolishar Go to last post
Software/Driver Performance Improvements
02,07402017.01.13 19:16
Demolishar Go to last post
Linux Laptop Overheating when run EVE
534902017.01.10 11:13
Katrina Bekers Go to last post
Launcher update - game content is deleted every time
11,94102017.01.08 13:42
Nerakk Midumulf Go to last post
game does not strat with linux launcher
541502017.01.03 21:57
Neuntausend Go to last post
[request] Allow the launcher to cache the images it uses.
02,54302017.01.03 14:07
Enjia Blackblood Go to last post
Evelauncher.sh error
351802017.01.01 10:35
Kpa39l Go to last post
wineHQ 2.0.1RC staging
948402016.12.30 02:02
elitatwo Go to last post
Performance and stability between Linux launcher and Wine 2.0-rc2
230022016.12.29 22:34
Grymach Go to last post
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