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Sticky:EVE Launcher for Linux
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44559,1861462016.12.04 20:51
BalanceVoice Go to last post
Sticky:Linux launcher now supports custom Wine version
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2011,482122016.10.23 23:25
Ceasare Antollare Go to last post
Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-Bit File Download Issue
938102016.12.06 07:19
Saul Kashada Go to last post
Arch linux - Couldn't open index file
1450522016.12.05 22:03
Tek Nite Go to last post
My EVE For Linux Not Working After Update. 100Mil To Get Me logged I...
917602016.12.05 20:22
Tek Nite Go to last post
Able to log into launcher, but client won't launch
1248022016.12.05 14:52
Murtoc Go to last post
Close - EVE Is now Working
011302016.12.05 00:53
Tek Nite Go to last post
Client not launching on new Arch install
17502016.12.04 21:07
JRoll Azizora Go to last post
Mouse/Cursor Issue
11,23502016.12.04 03:00
Vivian Dallacort Go to last post
Sound Issues
1560622016.12.03 23:30
Kolimara Go to last post
Slackware install with Multilib, NVIDIA Drivers and EVE Online, note...
029102016.12.01 15:47
Xrite Go to last post
Linux Launcher - Can't open links
654912016.12.01 14:37
Rounon Dax Go to last post
To whom it may concern - Launer not launching anymore
559212016.11.30 19:39
Ant4r3s Go to last post
evelauncher not launching - no error
17802016.11.30 19:36
Ant4r3s Go to last post
Launcher not downloading files?
113102016.11.29 16:19
Intoagun Deshana Go to last post
EVE Launcher sits at Please Wait
038502016.11.29 09:50
Caldari Citizen 1200966993 Go to last post
evelauncher explodes horribly under Fedora24
21,01702016.11.29 02:31
Ramdar Chinken Go to last post
Mumble overlay
044602016.11.27 23:51
Arshes Jakuard Go to last post
Fedora 25 Release Day - EVE Online working fine.
424702016.11.27 08:54
FerroTiC Go to last post
Evelauncher.sh error
113102016.11.26 12:27
COMM4NDER Go to last post
ELF: not found
722402016.11.25 04:05
Dominique Natrix Go to last post
Linux Launcher can't run.
114902016.11.25 03:35
Never Enough Go to last post
Linux Launcher hangs in current Debian unstable (bad workaround)
450602016.11.23 21:19
Mister Ripley Go to last post
Steam status
730012016.11.21 21:23
SCV'Argos Go to last post
System freeze under Arch Linux with mesa-git [d3d9?] and amdgpu
516902016.11.21 02:51
Neuntausend Go to last post
Arch: could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" ...
113602016.11.20 14:08
Mister Ripley Go to last post
Exefile STARTUP Error
925122016.11.20 07:03
Emelie Che Go to last post
Linux Launcher starts/updates but EvE client wont.
869402016.11.19 16:37
Publius Victrix Go to last post
"jittering" image with d3d9
214702016.11.18 19:50
Pranayamo Armata Go to last post
Not sure why its not working?
118302016.11.17 17:16
Doom Ormand Go to last post
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