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Character Bazaar
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Announcement:Character Bazaar Rules & Resources
030,18702015.07.29 13:58
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Announcement:Rule Reminder: Comments And Bumping.
0467,17802013.11.11 07:29
ISD Gallifreyan Go to last post
0100,35402013.07.06 20:35
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Sticky:The "Character Market" Channel [Featured on EveBoard.c...
[ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
59293,70272014.01.01 17:09
W3370Pi4 Go to last post
closed all sold please delete [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
2339502016.08.26 06:23
Jackie Ghekon Go to last post
37602016.08.26 06:20
Perennial General Go to last post
miner/blockade runner 20mil sp
11002016.08.26 06:13
Roid Ranger Vaargen Go to last post
WTS 45m sp Tengu and Command Ships perfect booster pilot
15202016.08.26 06:10
Han Eto Go to last post
WTS 6.6m sp Exhumer/Ice/Ore Pilot
316602016.08.26 05:51
Jackie Ghekon Go to last post
6.6m sp pi and boosts starter
521202016.08.26 05:48
Dr Gunter Go to last post
[WTS] 13.5M SP focused Miner Mack/Hulk/Orca pilot (all T2 crystals)
725502016.08.26 05:48
Jackie Ghekon Go to last post
Extracted Character 5.4M SP 4 Remaps
02602016.08.26 04:53
SantasLittleHelper Go to last post
[WTS] 4x Exhumer Miner
1232702016.08.26 04:41
Dr Gunter Go to last post
62.4m SP dread alt
28202016.08.26 04:26
Jane Galt Go to last post
Gallente character 30 mil (+2mil unassigned)
46802016.08.26 04:24
Jane Galt Go to last post
WTS 82kk sp good PVE char [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
351,31102016.08.26 04:05
NoName Russian Go to last post
FS: 2 x 5mil sp farmers 1 5mil lvl 4 mission puller
24302016.08.26 04:01
Kernaxon Go to last post
1015802016.08.26 03:58
Eugene Bran Go to last post
WTB Jump Freighter Pilot.
410602016.08.26 03:46
Maider Chopitea Go to last post
14m sp gunnery beast, 10b OBO
29402016.08.26 03:43
Callum Sinterpath Go to last post
17.5m SP w/ plenty o' trimmings, 14b OBO
28302016.08.26 03:43
Neven Sinterpath Go to last post
7m SP starter toon, 5b obo
513002016.08.26 03:42
Ryyka Sinterpath Go to last post
Incursion Guardian Pilot for sale
19302016.08.26 03:27
Yabbis Firn Go to last post
**WTS 25mill sp FW pvp char.-matar/gal side**
713502016.08.26 03:26
Hellb0y Go to last post
WTS EXHUMERS 5 Miner | 350K Unused SP
03702016.08.26 03:01
Morgue Nolen Go to last post
WTS Near Perfect Anshar JF Pilot 19.5m SP
823702016.08.26 02:50
SuicideJocky Go to last post
WTS 139m SP Pure PVP beast - PRICED LOWER [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
412,46402016.08.26 02:07
Lydia Seii Go to last post
WTS 81m SP Dread/Subcap alt
48402016.08.26 01:56
Jane Galt Go to last post
WTS Hel/Rag pilot
1140902016.08.26 01:55
Damia Go to last post
WTS 110m SP PvP/Cap beast
715502016.08.26 01:53
Sabrina De Factur Go to last post
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