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Character Bazaar
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Announcement:Regarding off topic posting in the Character Bazaar
027,28902017.02.16 21:21
ISD Buldath Go to last post
Announcement:Character Bazaar Rules & Resources
054,26602015.07.29 13:58
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Announcement:Rule Reminder: Comments And Bumping.
0507,77602013.11.11 07:29
ISD Gallifreyan Go to last post
0117,97602013.07.06 20:35
CCP Falcon Go to last post
171,82502017.05.01 04:12
Ghost skulll Go to last post
WTS 12.3 mil SP combat char
274402017.05.01 04:09
Mooneyez Go to last post
WTS 55 mil SP sub cap PvP pilot
370702017.05.01 03:59
Cloon McCloon Go to last post
WTS 37M sp Amarr carrier IV /Rattlesnake/ Ishtar piolt
81,12102017.05.01 03:50
Cloon McCloon Go to last post
WTS Nyx, Aeon pilots/Titan sitters. 50m SP
259702017.05.01 03:50
Dancer Badzasa Go to last post
WTA 25Mil SP Combat Pilot
442302017.05.01 03:19
Extra Sound Go to last post
WTS 102 mil SP
121,51902017.05.01 03:08
Allsales Final Go to last post
3.3mil SP Cyno Alt Character
26002017.05.01 02:46
Kristen Sabrioski Go to last post
WTB Miner/Industry Toon
02102017.05.01 02:36
Sara Denar Go to last post
Wtb cap/super pilot
632602017.05.01 02:29
Vespo Freir Go to last post
Private sale
315902017.05.01 01:54
Freedom Vyvorant Go to last post
4.8 mil sp miner
479702017.05.01 01:36
Faith Varuna Go to last post
26.9M SP Combat focused char
368402017.05.01 00:15
Cloon McCloon Go to last post
Closed - Please delete
227602017.04.30 23:33
Cas Valerion Go to last post
WTS 21MIL SP - Combat Focused - Machariel, Loki, and more.
51,12102017.04.30 23:17
Davian Hakaari Go to last post
WTS 8.5MIL SP - Starter - Cov Ops
025902017.04.30 23:02
Darion Thule Go to last post
[WTS] 5M Sp
027402017.04.30 22:56
kelcier zaint Go to last post
WTS 2x starter characters, 13.5m sp core skills, 5m sp unallocated
181,67902017.04.30 22:30
Kyn Viliana Go to last post
1078302017.04.30 22:10
kelcier zaint Go to last post
WTA 29M SP pvp character
61,24702017.04.30 20:36
SiriusCr0w Go to last post
WTS starter/support char (12m sp) and Wyvern holder (6,7m sp)
71,40802017.04.30 20:34
Devid14 Go to last post
WTS 2005 character
111,95702017.04.30 20:06
netoneal Go to last post
private sale
250902017.04.30 19:54
Kublai Khaan Go to last post
WTS: JF / Trader / Transport (12.m SP)
41,51102017.04.30 19:40
flarrceed Go to last post
Selling the whole Family C5 sites fleet
111,20802017.04.30 18:56
Maizie Fields Go to last post
WTS 10mil tengu pilot + drones
055202017.04.30 18:18
WickWolf Go to last post
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