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  • So long, and thanks for all the isk in EVE Gameplay Center

    This thread is pretty spot on. The reason you haven't seen much bitching from us, is because we've been AWOL with little intention of coming back. At this point, we pretty much only log on for our jihads or the occasional roams. We keep eyes on the game, hoping for a miracle to revitalize it, but it seems that things just continue to degrade.

  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    And then, they returned...

  • [MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vimsy Vortis wrote:
    (Vendetta helped)

    They're pretty much our best buds.

    ♥ Khrom

  • Advertising 101 for MERC's: POCO's R Billboards in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tah'ris Khlador wrote:
    ...I can't tell if this is a fan post or a "I want them dead post!"

    Or Vimsy made another alt.

    Pew Pew!

    I'm pretty sure we did something to make him a bit salty. Former RVBer?

  • [MERC] What Squad Mercenary Alliance in EVE Gameplay Center

    This thread is so adorable.


    Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas/X-mas/Bobmas? C&P Poem in EVE Gameplay Center

    Merry Christmas! Well done Noragen!

  • Parallax - Issues in EVE Information Center

    Structures that are reinforced begin shield recharging at downtime, meaning anything that has a times after DT+ a few hours is literally unkillable.....

  • Parallax - Issues in EVE Information Center

    Here's a good one.

    POCOs coming out of RF have 90% shield (as if recharging since DT) and have very inconsistent timers when RFd. Some are under 24 hours, one was over 48.


  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vimsy Vortis wrote:
    Other people comment that we talk a lot on comms.

    There's nothing unusual about having a casual conversation while you have 40 hostiles on grid with you in my opinion.

    Our comms are a disaster - it's great.

  • Estavan Andrard and the World Traders Guild in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Leto Thule wrote:
    Dare I ask what you agree with? This guy is nuts. Sometimes I think you argue for the sake of it.
    Sure, it's posted back here. Effectively that wardecs limit new corp growth. The moment someone gets big enough (and 'big enough' is still pretty small) they become a target for veteran players who rip through them with ease. That leaves the options of playing solo or joining only established corps, which is bad for content diversity and player retention.

    I maintain that setting a starting cost of 50m for decing a huge mistake. All this really accomplished was raising the barrier to entry for small entities, particularly those with young players, to get involved in hs PVP, especially against other small entities. Instead, these players are forced to group up in order to lower the cost-burden for hs PVP, which results in (generally) worse wars for everyone. Rather than having players learn to cope with wars and get introduced to PVP by a small group they have a chance of handling (not to mention are encouraged to settle slights on their own), they end up growing in size until the larger PVP groups notice them. Then their first experience is against someone that probably has higher sp, experience, and in some cases numbers, that they rarely have a real chance against, which is generally detrimental to their attitude towards PVP. Beyond that, it's honestly pretty boring from a PVP perspective, which is why BAW pretty much only goes after mercs and other PVP entities these days (generally unless contracted).

  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tastes like victory to me.

    War Report for Reference

  • Estavan Andrard and the World Traders Guild in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    It's the biggest issue I have with wardecs too, they prevent growth, ensuring that newer and lower skilled players (because that's who hangs out in highsec, whether you're a wardeccer or not) have less options for collaboration. And it's simply because wardeccers don't have to choose between targets and don't gain anything by going after tough targets, so they simply pick a plethora of soft targets instead.

    To be fair that's not always the case. For example, we're pretty much just finishing off RvB at the moment, after repeatedly beating them into the ground over the past few weeks while their active members have slowly declined. Considering that they literally beat the tar out of the majority of the 'merc coalition' a year or so ago, they're not exactly a soft target.

    These jihads are pretty much all we play EVE for anymore. We honestly aren't really sure what we're going to do now, as we've gone after pretty much every pvp group in HS, done a number of null/low/wh deployments, and are pretty much getting to the end of line. Maybe go after Eve Uni next?

  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Spruillo wrote:
    Noragen Neirfallas wrote:
    Yuller wrote:
    Lets be honest. Saying GFD is not really flipping out. Second i think Adriel had drank 4 Mountain Dews and was calling targets like a madman and i was having a hard time keeping up with all the blinky red in the overview. Third and Adriel was getting weird there in the end making all the pew pew noises while calling targets.

    Making Pew Pew noises while target calling? Come on you gotta get us all this audio now plllzzzz Big smile

    Thats cocaine an coffee obvious. I would gbt faction war if he was public fleet fc .
    I contacted them about a carrier held ina small pos in c1 hisec static wh I found by cross referrencing km's and they never replied dissapiont

    You probably caught us on one of our breaks - I generally don't reply to mails that are several weeks+ old when we come back.

  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yuller wrote:
    Lets be honest. Saying GFD is not really flipping out. Second i think Adriel had drank 4 Mountain Dews and was calling targets like a madman and i was having a hard time keeping up with all the blinky red in the overview. Third and Adriel was getting weird there in the end making all the pew pew noises while calling targets.

    No Mountain Dew, not even coffee! Just the joy of having someone be ballsy enough to fight us in our HQ again! Sadly....that fight seemingly broke their spirit. Cry

    And yes, I made some amazing sound effects towards the end of the fight. I don't even remember doing it, but I was apparently rather pleased with our performance. The worst part of the whole thing is the new doctrine we dropped billions on after that fight that I don't think we'll get to use.

  • Griefers, Stop moaning in EVE Gameplay Center

    They also should have done alliance logos for aurum. Then charge players a one time fee to be able to display it on ships.

  • [MERC] Break-A-Wish Foundation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Break-A-Wish Foundation - for when you really need a bunch of fabulously dressed men to swoop in and save the day. Or to swoop in and ruin someone else's. Honestly, we just like swooping while wearing pretty things.

    Contact us today to help maximize our swoopage!

  • Official Rookie Griefing rules have been changed in EVE Gameplay Center

    Paula Enkhashour wrote:
    If you really read all the http://community.eveonline.com/support/policies/ you will know you are making a lot of concept errors in those statements throughout this thread, that most of you are lucky most people who plays this game and have their gameplay disrupted also dont read those terms.

    - You are not permitted to harass any player, no matter how old they are. The WARNING regarding one way of harassing is not a ruling that harassing is resumed to that, and the policies still say that harassment is prohibited and may lead to consequences regarding the infractors ability to enjoy the game, aka, ban.

    There is however the CCP instrument of legal harassment, which is the Wardec. THEN you are free.

    Harassment and mission flipping, ganking, bumping, etc are very different things.

    Leto Thule wrote:
    I see it as a gigantic ban sink. What if I dont know the player is doing a story arc? Does this mean I now have to (in addition to scanning down the freakin site):

    1) Verify player age: Ok, not that tough. Just look at birthday. Meh.

    2) Research what the **** they are doing: Im not a pro ganker / mission flipper. I dont know exactly what mission they are on by the room/rats. Now, while I sit in his site, im supposed to google the damn thing too? Thats terribad.

    3) Assuming he passes the age check, or does not pass the age check, and is running a different mission than the epic arcs, am I NOW free to steal his loot?

    Just one more nerf, right? Just one more step before new players magically become ready for PVP. Because after mission arcs.


    In some sense, it is a public nerf, but in many others, this is potentially a removal of restrictions. Any kind of mission based aggression or baiting revolving the SOE Epic Arc has been handled with very heavy hands over the last several years. Officially, it was only stated that rookies (which were undefined) were off limits in Arnon. In reality, people were banned and/or warned for characters that were blatantly not rookies, but were flipped/baited in Arnon. Furthermore, the GMs stated that aggression against rookies (again, undefined) anywhere within the SOE Epic Arc was strongly frowned upon and would likely result in a warning and/or ban.

    With this change, all you really need to do is follow the rule of thumb most of the old Arnon community used back in the "good old days" - check their age to see if they're over 30 days. Assuming this is reliably followed by GMs, this is a good thing in that older players are now up for grabs again.

    The biggest problem with this is a precedence of a hard "no touching" period for new characters. Assuming it's contained to this arbitrary line, things are probably ok. If they continue pushing the line, it'll be a very bad thing.

  • Official Rookie Griefing rules have been changed in EVE Gameplay Center

    Frankly, I see this as a win for the PVP community, as we now have a finite definition of what a rookie is. Prior to this ruling, what constituted a rookie was solely at the discretion of the GM overlooking a petition. With this in place, players are now free to hunt down and engage non-rookie players (31+ days old) without fear of recrimination.

    It's a damn shame this happened years after the previous rulings killed the rather vibrant PVP community that lived in Arnon.

  • War on the Fatherland has begun, Praetorian Directorate under Siege in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sengier wrote:
    On another note, it seems the forces we have left managed to inflict harm on both Marmite and POH. It's a shame so many were too afriad to stand and fight. seeing as only a handfull remaining loyalists managed to do that, it's a real shame you stood in my way and prevented me from mobilizing everything. Instead you kept making excuses for those who hid or disobeyed orders. Without unity there is no success and you stood against it. Not at first but after your breakdown it was all you did.

    But go ahead, just edit what i'm writing and write it off as lies as usual. None of the deserters will admit that it's the truth but they all know.

    "I find it incredibly disturbing that you would blatantly lie and twist the truth in a desperate and futile attempt to make yourself look better." right back at you. I may be an unforgiving ******* at times but I never lied. I would never stoop so low as to sell out my honour to safe face publicly. I'm above such petty behaviour.

    Never lie? It was Jennifer en Marland who killed the Svipul from POH, not your loyalists.