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  • Forced multi-account/char gameplay in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Kool-aide, drink up.

  • The forthcoming Skill Injector price bubble in EVE Gameplay Center

    The supply will never be higher than it is now.

  • [CSM Minutes] Station trading taxes and fees post citadels in EVE Gameplay Center

    Next thing you know, ccp is going to promise free medical care and a strong national defense.

  • Is EVE now P2W? in EVE Communication Center

    Is it pay to win ... yeah, more or less. But with out knowing how to survive in Eve, they won't win much, except tears and bills.

    The real winners are the older players that know how to play, those who build, mine and blow stuff up.

    Be nice to the visitors, their death makes Eve's inverted broken window work.

  • What are your plans for this Spring and/or Summer? in EVE Communication Center

    Rebuild a VW bus engine

  • Show your Trillion(s) (Isk, not assets) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not by talking about it

  • Make Niarja Great in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rain6637 wrote:
    They said empire, not country.

    Every state is an empire. To say other wise denies sovereignty over one's self.

  • Property/Asset Tax? What would happen? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Players would discover ways to hide wealth all over the game in ways that would cost CCP quite a few CPU cycles, not to mention subscriptions.

  • EVE turned me into an Econ major. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:

    It is precisely our lack of knowledge when it comes to macro that makes it such a problem.

    And I'll note you have precisely zero substantial response to my points about why macro is so horrible.

    Macro economics, basically, forgets it is a field about human behavior/choices. Change things like taxes, interest rates, regulations, and you change people's behavior/choices. But macro ignores these things almost entirely.

    And macro economics is a "separate" field simply because Keynes wrote a book (one of his worst, that is compared to his other writings it is muddled and confused) on the business cycle thus creating a separation where prior to that none really existed.

    The trouble with macro-economics is not the lack of knowledge. We know all we need to know and can know. The problem is attempting to make it a positivist discipline. Mises has said as much.

  • EVE turned me into an Econ major. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Janna Shihari wrote:

    I do not want to insult you, but I will be direct and short and will not demonstrate what I am going to say. I am sorry, but it will be on you.

    Macro economics and micro economics are two different disciplines for a reason. They both work within their limits. Models have limits which are being extended both at the macro and at the micro level.

    Economics is a science with more future than past. Do not let yourself be fooled by your, and our, lack of knowledge.

    Must be one of the most elaborate appeals to sophistry I've seen on Eve forums.

    Excrement, you are full of it.

  • Make Niarja Great in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kaivar Lancer wrote:
    Every empire should be separated by low sec space.

    Does that include France and Germany?

  • Advice on new sources of income. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Read a few dev blogs
    listen to some of the talk about it
    buy some stuff
    set a long skill queue
    come back in three months

  • States Divide - What if the Confederacy won? in EVE Communication Center

    Hard to know what it would be like.

    We do know that the war was not necessary and the real motivating issues could have been resolved with far less death and tyranny.

    I am sure that the mis-guided, state educated drones will now whine and bleat.

  • EVE turned me into an Econ major. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Droidster wrote:

    It's an economic microcosm.

    But not the smallest economic microcosm.

  • Plex Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    Keep printing that isk.

  • Is this an example of a manipulation? How do you identify one? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:

    If you took a bullet for me by being the person I sold them to, thank you. Those will be 3m within 6 weeks.

    And this boys and girls is why either, you read every little Eve snipet you can get, or stick to basic raw materials.

    Don't play the markets you don't know.

    Well played, Sabriz

  • Faction currencies to mitigate inflation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Curbing monetary inflation in Eve is simple, and it does not require multiple faction currencies. Eve's economic problems come from the fact that shooting rats, in all its forms, produces too many kinds of rewards, ISK being one of them.

  • Dev blog: Skill trading in New Eden in EVE Information Center

    Mixed feelings about this ... I am glad it does not magically add skill points to the game, that would truly be pay to win and a horrible thing. This may, assuming mid range characters consume SP for sale, decrease the total amount of SP in the game world ... that is until someone discovers the most economically viable way to farm SP.

    My biggest concern with this is the same concern with all of these Aurum based micro-transactions - lack of in game resources consumed to produce the ability or feature.

    It's all well and good, CCP, that you are not introducing resources created from nothing but you are creating something from nothing all too often, despite any claims to the contrary. The ability to move SP has only one true cost, and that is Aurum ... real money in the real world. The ability and process simply now exist at no in game cost except the paltry few minutes it takes to manipulate the GUI.

    All of this stuff should have an in game cost, be it minerals, PI, moon goo or the corpses of dead rats. CCP you are missing an opportunity to give more depth to the Eve economy. I'm glad your real world revenue may get a small boost, but you are short changing the game by neglecting in-game wealth consumption.

    Vanity is an expression of wealth, yet none of it is consumed by said vanity.

  • Investors needed in EVE Gameplay Center

    Grant Arji wrote:

    I have no idea man

    I do, it's called scam. Save it for Jita.

  • Oculus Rift is $599 USD in EVE Communication Center

    Sooner or later they will be $19.95 at your local Wal-Mart.

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