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  • [March] Cap Battery Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I freaking love all the new Republic Fleet and now Thukker Tribe modules. About time, these changes look great!

  • Dev blog: Project Discovery needs You! in EVE Information Center

    I am so glad to see this moving forward. Cheers to CCP for helping out with real science :)

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    This is on the right track I think. But unallocated SP sounds crazy. Why not one for one? I take my Missiles skills out of my head, package them, and sell them to a buyer. If you want to keep the diminishing returns part, the package only takes whole number values of skills. If I have Bombardment 3, with 76% of the way to 4, that 76% is lost. I'm selling Bombardment 3. Simplifies things a bit.

    Screw the Aurum part. If you want to keep charging PLEX, use PLEX. Stop trying to make me use Aurum. I don't want it.

  • Dev blog: Citadels, sieges and you in EVE Information Center

    Kazon Necht wrote:
    Lots of good comments here so far. Many echo the things that I've heard on our comms.

    It appears to me that the reason CCP appears to have missed the mark, is because the problems that people complained about the most were not really solved. Instead, they were changed into something that appears to be far more hated by most people that use them.

    The problem that I see here is that CCP focused so much on what people didn't like, that they didn't focus on what people did like about the POS system. I admit that the structure grind was boring and terrible. But there was so much that was good about POSs. The results of destroying a POS, especially one in use, were good. The fact that there was reward, outside of just blowing them up for fun, made it worth the time. Or at least, part of the time it took.

    For one, I like the idea of unifying the POS code into something more intuitive. That rigs will explode with the POS is a great idea. It happens now with ships, and despite the cost, we still fit rigs to our ships. The fact that things are being more unified is good. For me, that's where the positive part of it ends.

    Only manual guns? That's not a good idea. Corps used POSs and the automatic guns to catch people in traps and blow them up. Now that's gone. That was a tactic that you've changed.

    Transporting loot to a nearby station? Are you serious? This is the worst decision, outside of the 3 step entosis process, that's been made. Right now several entities, especially those of us that live in wormholes, destroy POSs and spend the hours grinding because of the loot that might drop. The fact that you are taking this away and making it "safer" to store things in a citadel is a mistake. One thing EVE has often done is manage risk:reward well, and now, you've completely changed that.

    The fact that the entosis link is the ONLY way that citadels can be destroyed seems counter intuitive. The problem before was the time it took to do the grind. Now, suddenly, you've made it take longer and you've managed to make it even more boring. At the end of the day, it would have likely been better if you could RF a POS with a link and then have to destroy it by bringing a fleet to actually shoot it. It leaves a reason for supers to exist and a reason for people to bring their dreads and cap fleets out, along with supporting subcap fleets.

    As a wormhole player, I'm absolutely blown away at the disregard for how we operate. Keep in mind that while you did not originally intend for us to live in wormholes forever, wormhole dwellers managed to make it work, even with the broken POS code. EVE players are resourceful like that.

    In wormholes, we may spend weeks or months planning the eviction of another corporation. It's our version of sov warfare. We will slowly seed the system with capitals, carefully working around the rules of wormhole masses and timelines. This system works well; it isn't generally complained about by anybody that understands how wormholes work. The reward is the potential to capture ships, modules and other things inside of the wormhole we are attacking. You see, we generally don't want the system, what we want is to fight (PVP), to win and to take our spoils and leave.

    By changing it so you don't have to anchor at a moon, you've effectively made it nearly impossible for us to protect our home system without the risk of somebody just putting up a citadel in our system. After all, we can't declare it a home system and somehow stop that. By removing the drops, you've removed any real reason for us to siege other corps, because the reward is bad for the tremendous amount of risk. Not all sieges work out in the aggressor's favor.

    It really seems to me that this new system is all about safety. I feel as though it was created to appease the new players who you want to invest their money in buying PLEX and building up what they own. It really ignores the existing players who have, under the existing risk/reward benefits of the existing system, come to understand and accept the risks of POSs.

    I play EVE because it's really a difficult game to master and every decision that I make puts me at risk. It's a bit realistic in that sense. By taking it away and making it a "safer" game to play, you may attract new players, but are you going to retain the existing players like me with 5-6 accounts that are willing to spend a lot of time online to grind towards my end goal? Perhaps that isn't your objective here.

    I will close with this thought: I do not believe that this system will increase PVP or game enjoyment at all. If those two things aren't your goals, then what are your goals so we can understand why you've changed this system so much?
    Not emptying quoting. This is a quality post, and outlines a lot of the troubling concepts around these fundamental changes in gameplay.

  • Dev blog: Citadels, sieges and you in EVE Information Center

    CCP Nullarbor wrote:
    Absent Sworn wrote:
    So, no mention of some minimal level of automated defense structures to prevent the lone entosing trollceptor. The CSM FAQ simply says "No", is that still the case and planned direction?

    Correct there will be no automatic guns, but the concerns about trollceptors have been heard loud and clear.
    This concerns me. This is a loss of functionality. Right now, someone with the means could set up a solo POS with enough guns and ewar that no one would bother attacking unless they had friends and some time. Now any ******* that happens by during the vulnerability window can Entosis the place, with no defense or recourse, except for the owner to be online and near the structure at that time. That's a massive loss of capability for something that's supposed to be replacing the POS system. I understand that you 'hear' the trollceptor concern, but what is going to be done about it? Are we just expected to play Entosis tug of war for a few days until the attacker gets bored?

  • [Rebalance] The Wrecks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm all for logical progression.

    Buuuuuuut on the other hand, one of my fondest memories comes from popping wrecks: Early on when salvage was still a good chunk of my income, ninjas would come in and salvage my wrecks, or try and loot-bait me. So rather than just let them steal from me, I'd target all the wrecks within 20km or so of them, and then send a 1400mm shell through the wreck before their salvager could cycle. Many vulture tears were had in Local.

    Also I enjoy the anti-ganker movement popping the wrecks so CODE and their ilk don't get the loot from their cowardice.

    Unsigned, but good idea.

  • Dev blog: The Dominix, Work In Progress And A New Art Director in EVE Information Center

    Dominix: Looking gorgeous, get it rolled out.
    Stiletto: Really like it, it still looks like the same ship, just sleeker and meaner.
    Probe: Love the extra detail on the little dinghy.

    Thrasher: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. That's a Caldari vessel. Stop with the damn pointy bits and antennas every fricking where. The Thrasher is a mean looking thing with gills, a sloped forehead and a front spike. Those are way, way, way too out of the Minmatar meme. The Stiletto and Probe still look like themselves, just enhanced. Focus on that. ENHANCE the Thrasher. Don't remake it into something it isn't. You can make the Sabre a bit fancier, but don't get ridiculous.

    Get your Caldari out of my Minmatar.

  • Dev blog: An Update On Drifters - The Wandering Death in EVE Information Center

    Let the Amarr burn. If they start moving on Dodixie or Hek, then I'll be concerned.

  • Dev Blog: Textures, Shaders, and Dirt, Oh My! in EVE Information Center

    Dat Fenrir... Shocked

    Keep it up Art folks. You are doing amazing work. I pretty much exclusively fly Minmatar, so bring on the rust. And when you bring in dynamic rust based on how long some ships have been plying the space lanes... My gods, it'll be beautiful.

  • Dev Blog: Shake my Citadel in EVE Information Center

    War Kitten wrote:
    CCP Nullarbor wrote:

    Like I said, it depends a lot on the timers and I'm assuming if you're solo you are in high sec, so in part wardec mechanics too. Fortunately the asset safety means although you lose your structure, you won't lose everything inside it.

    If you cannot defend your structure though, you won't be able to keep it, but we want to give you every reasonable chance to defend it including the more casual players.

    Whoa there!!

    Assuming solo players are in highsec is a SERIOUS faux-pas.

    Solo players and/or small corps abound in lowsec and nullsec, and we have POSs quite often. What Ranger 1 brings up is a valid point - there isn't always someone online every day to watch the entosis window. Currently it works for small groups because attacking a POS with intent to harm is a serious investment in either time or manpower. Devoting 20 minutes to circling a structure with an entosis link is a lot lower barrier than trying to defang even a small POS.
    Quite accurate. Right now, as a solo player, I can afford to field a pretty stout tower in wormhole space that wouldn't be at all vulnerable to the equivalent of one guy in an Entosis linked ship. Without automated defenses, a fully fueled and stronted tower is just waiting to be reinforced every single day. I can't always be on every single day.

    A moderately defended POS right now can deter a small gang of attackers just by being fully armed and armored. If you're saying that functionality can't be replicated with one of the new Citadels... That's a huge loss.

  • Dev Blog: Shake my Citadel in EVE Information Center

    No amount of details can ever be enough. But this all looks amazing.

    Please keep W-space in your thoughts when designing these and the mechanics. When POSs retire, I still want to be able to live in a wormhole in maybe one of the mediums.

    Also: Towers with drones is just... like the coolest thing. I want it now.

  • [Petition] Release of The Scope employees in EVE Communication Center


    Who knows how long Eifyr has been sitting on this. I'm glad one of our brothers or sisters saw clear that this threat is not something that should be kept secret. The cluster must prepare. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Sanmatar Shakor, Please Explain Your Statements on Lakat-Hro in EVE Communication Center

    I just saw this come across the feed. It seems you have your answer. From The Scope no less.

    The Scope wrote:

    I was hoping for more from the Sanmatar. The final hours of the Lakat-Hro caravan must be accounted for, if there is ever to be peace for our brothers and sisters. And justice taken from the hides and hulls of those responsible for the disaster that took them from us.

  • [JOVE OVSERVATORIES] Effect of Entosis on Observatories in EVE Communication Center

    At least two more such data logs were recovered from an Observatory in Goram. Their content follows:

    Gleaned Information wrote:

    YC116-01-27: Multiple ultra high energy fluctuations developing. Recording numerous S.O.S. transponders.

    YC115-05-07: "...you are encroaching on sovereign Federation space, return to Republic space pr you will be fired upon."

    YC112-05-12: Multiple artificial gravitational anomalies detected cluster wide.

    YC110-05-15: ... summit between the Federation and the Caldari State, where a general evacuation order was issued mom...

    YC110-10-31: ... in the Gallente Federation, is known primarliy for harboring a particular kind of plant life know as the Isirus poppy.

    Gleaned Information wrote:

    23121-09-11 - Updated Gallente status provides a model for social cohesion. Suggest further observations are shared with Modifier enclaves.

    23146-05-20 - Azbel-Wuthrich experiment has been a success. Planetary communications reveal the message as ";-)"

    23154-12-12 - Randomized sweeps of recently seceded Caldari communications indicate that alternative source for model of social cohesion will be increasingly defined by opposition to Gallente model. Schism becoming pronounced. Threshold for constructive comparison of existing conditions approaching.

    23194-02-01 - Gallente have created an agency known as The Scope for the dissemination of information across Empires. Suggest that this network be monitored. Potential to extrapolate prototype for impartial communication between disparate enclaves.

    23216-06-06 - In position at Diemnon Planetesimal. Collating system scans. Source of burst unidentified. Team dispatched. Alert still in effect.

    YC11-03-11 - Life sign detected aboard the ship. Contrary to intelligence gather by Villore observatory, vessel not destroyed. Remaining in Ouperia to monitor.

    These logs could very well contain keys to our entire history, insight into what the Jove were thinking, and even how they felt about what was happening. What an unparalleled opportunity.

  • [April] Battlecruiser Warp Speed and Warp Rig Tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Voicing my approval of these as well. Good work CCP. I love to pretend I'm a Thukker, so warp speed and agility are on pretty much all my vessels. Those CPU penalties were painful. So glad to see them go. I'll take the hit to sig radius any day.

  • [New structures] Item safety mechanics on structure destruction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Ytterbium wrote:

    • Another option is to use the same mechanic we have for planetary launches. When a structure is destroyed, all assets are moved into special containers. A container exists for each individual that stored items in the structure, as well as corporation entities and are spread around planets. When this happens, an entry would appear on the owner journal giving a warp-in point to go to. Please note such containers would not be destructible at all, and could not be scanned until the rightful owner comes to retrieve his or her loot. The duration at which those entries would stay remains entirely dependent to the structure type and player condition when it was destroyed (logged off, account lapsed etc…). Player docked inside the structure would be spread around the solar system.

    This one seems best, to a point. In terms of the game world, emergency launches of all goods when the structure reaches critical makes enough sense, as does the kicking out of docked players. If the place blows with you inside, you find yourself emergency warping in your capsule (or ship I guess if you're in one?) to a random spot in the system. If you're not online, you come online in e-warp, just like logging out at a safe spot, again to a random spot in system.

    The structure should drop fitted loot as usual, and I think something like 10-20% of all goods from all users should also be lost in this way before the emergency launches. Some things just don't make it to the launch ports. This gives attackers an immediate pay out, and preserves the bulk of the goods lost, though they still have to be retrieved. The launch system bookmark should be asset searchable, so you can see what survived and what it will take to evac it all. The expiration timer should be long, weeks or months.

  • Dev blog: Fly Quafe – Fanfest Ship Skins with Game Time Bundles in EVE Information Center

    Man, I was really excited about this until I got to the bundle page. It's... absolutely absurd to split them up over the bundles like that.

    Leaving off what a bad idea this is: Can the people who buy this at least be assured that they'll have these carry over in the new SKIN system when it debuts?

  • Dev blog: Opportunities Abound - The New Player Experience in EVE Information Center

    This seriously looks incredible and engaging. Plus simple. Way to go folks.

  • [OH MY!] Drifters, Tyrants, Jovians and more! in EVE Communication Center

    Rawthorm wrote:
    The more i look at that structure, the more I think "If drifters made naglafar's..."
    From the Naglfar's own description:

    The Naglfar is based on a Matari design believed to date back to the earliest annals of antiquity. While the exact evolution of memes informing its figure is unclear, the same distinctive vertical monolith form has shown up time and time again in the wind-scattered remnants of Matari legend.
    I'd dare say the Drifters were making the Swaglfar BEFORE us.

  • DRONE UI revamp (mock-up image) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    47th'd. This is amazingly well done, +1. Let's get this in game.