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  • Ship Explosion Sounds WAY Too High After Patch. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm having the same issue with horrible harsh explosion sounds when ships go ka-blooey. I'm also getting the same sound when warping away from relic and data sites that have been completely hacked.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thanks for the feedback Jason.

    The original idea is indeed to use a type of subsystem. Think of each subsystem like the specialized hold on an indy such as the PI hold on an epithal. The ORE DST would be limited to two while the BR would be limited to a fraction of a whole of that bay. Obviously there would be similar limits for bays carrying other commodity types.

    That said, using modules is an interesting proposition. It would make for a truly customizable transport ship with the trade off between tank, capacity and speed. This brings up a potential problem however. Part of the trade off for the increased capacity is decreased flexibility. If the modules are small enough to carry spare sets in the minimal standard cargo hold the ships possess this disadvantage is neutralized.

    For the record I currently find myself in the still training to fly a DST category. Other things were so much flashier...

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Alderson Point wrote:

    Not overall a bad idea, interesting thoughts. I wonder how much use they would get, But I cannot see anything gamebreaking here.

    Gankers in HS would whine about the lack of easily popped industrials, and it is the slippery slope da-de-da-de-da...... but I don't think they have a divine right to that.

    Not a gamebreaker like you say. At the core it's introducing T2 specialized haulers whereas we only have T1 at the moment. Gankers can rest easy because pilots would need the skills to use other T2 transports in order to use these so there won't be a sudden shortage of T1 haulers moving along the trade routes to pop.

    I imagine they would be niche ships just like the T1 versions but would see use. Two ideas that come to mind immediately are incursion runners hauling ammo and players doing PI in lowsec and wormholes moving those materials around.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    Current DST allow you to get up to 1 million EHP - while still having cloak and MJD.

    1.000.000 EHP on an medium sized industrial ship

    What more do you need?

    This DST would be similarly tankable but be able to carry more of the specialized commodity you choose compared to any other DST currently existing.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    Let's assume you're hauling planetary goods on a character with Gallente industrial V, and acess to gallente transport ships.

    An epithal carries 67.5k in it's hold, so 68k total

    How much can one of your DSTs carry, given that an existing DST hauls 63.9km with no cargo expanders fit?

    And one of your BRs, given the standard ones haul 4.5k?

    How is having a small cargohold going to differentiate an ORE DST from a standard DST given that of that 63.9k, only the 3.9k is the standard hold? (I can't speak for all DST Pilots, but I never even use my regular hold)

    The DST version would allow you to carry at least twice the amount carried by the epithal by fitting two of the specialized PI holds. Similarly you would be able to carry at least twice the ammo compared to the hoarder, ore compared to the miasmos and minerals compared to the kyros. The trade off being you cannot carry a large amount of items not of that type.

    The numbers for the BR would need to be worked to allow for the ORE to carry approximately twice the specialized commodity as an existing BR can carry to make the trade off of not being able to haul other items worth it.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not just ore. These ships would be able to haul ammo, planetary goods and minerals as well depending on configuration.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Having long recognized the need for ships capable of hauling specialized commodities securely along the often hostile trade routes of low and null security space and seeking to continue the expansion of their capsuleer ready line of ships, the engineers at Outer Rings Excavations' turned their attention to creating an advanced line of specialized commodity haulers.


    ORE versions of the Deep Space Transport and Blockade Runner

    Humpback - Deep Space Transport - Designed to securely haul large amounts of specialized commodities through dangerous space.

    Otter - Blockade Runner - Designed to covertly move smaller amounts of valuable specialized commodities through known blockades and gate camps and deliver them to operations behind enemy lines.

    - Shield tanked with bonuses and attributes similar to existing DST's and BR's

    - New ships would differ from existing ships in the same class by having a minimal standard cargo hold.

    - Both the BR and DST version would be able to fit interchangeable specialized commodity holds similar to those found on the Hoarder and Gallente line of specialized T1 haulers. DST versions of the holds would be similar in base capacity to those found on the T1 haulers in existence while the holds for the BR would be only half that size at most. Visual inspection would allow a trained eye to distinguish which type of cargo bay was fitted due to visual differences.

    - In place of a fleet hangar the DST version would be able to fit a second specialized cargo hold (either the same as or different than the other hold selected).

    - Bonuses to cargo hold and fleet hangar would instead apply to specialized commodity capacity.

  • Sound Issues Similar to August 2016 Update Return in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It appears the sound issue several of us experienced after the August 2016 update has returned. If EVE sound is enabled all sound from other sources is cut off. When EVE sound is disabled my computer is free to play any other combination of sounds it's little electronic heart desires. Sound functioned normally prior to my logoff last night 12/12 but did not upon login on 12/13. This is particularly troublesome as I live in a wormhole.

    Previously the issue seemed to be limited to certain sound cards. I am running an ASUS Xonar DGX Audio Device.

  • Sound Problem in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I am also having this issue. I however am not using a USB sound device. I'm using an ASUS Xonar DG sound card.