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  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    i can live with almost every change in here. plenty of options, some very nice decisions.

    but the harsh beep, when i kill an NPC, drives me mad. only thing i can do is to turn off the UI sound level to 0? right?
    so i have to turn off everything else with it... but i liked the locking and some other stuff there. i really miss the old option here :(

    however, the sound is nice in pvp. but i dont want it in pve. although... thinking of smartbombing sites. well. gotta turn (all) the sound(s) off i guess

  • TQ-Serverreboot am 18. November in Deutsches Forum

    geniesst die zeit und geht eurem vitamin-d haushalt was gutes tun :)

  • (Ghost) Fitting Window; More relevant stats, less gumpf in EVE Technology and Research Center

    tl;dr (all of the discussion, sry for any repeating stuff - maybe)

    dronestats are still horrible (correct me if i am wrong). e.g. drone HP are not calculated correctly (if at all, not sure tho). its a bit sad that i still have to undock and test the drones to see how many shield/armor/structure they have or throw the ship in eft to see correct stats.

    also active modules such as the industrial core on the rorqual seem not to fully apply their bonuses to e.g. the excavator drones mining output, when tested in the simulation mode

    m³/minute mined would be another nice option in the window

    the simulation misses also that implant-simulation. it is always using the current implants - which confuses people a lot.

    edit: + show burst charge strength based on skills and implants

    i am aware that most of the stuff i mentioned is something we are blessed with in eft and other fitting tools, but i think if something like the simulation mode is added, it should be done in a whole.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    not sure if someone noticed already, but the capacitor batteries arent working as they should? when i fit one, the actual capacitor consumption decreases (only the numbers, the calculation on how long the capacitor lasts still seems to be correct).

    maybe its due to the new "resistance" stat on them.

    but thx for the fast update... as always! :)

    Daemun Khanid wrote:
    Sable Blitzmann wrote:
    Daemun Khanid wrote:
    If I didn't have to manage implants for every single fit then I'd be more likely to use PYFA. I'm using it for now out of necessity but I'll be back in EFT for that reason alone once it's updated. No offense ofc. PYFA does have a lot of features I like and it is more visually appealing, the implant issue is just way too much hassle.

    No offense taken. Character implants have been on the back burner for way too long. It was never prioritized. I did make some progress with it a while back, the first progress in years, see https://github.com/pyfa-org/Pyfa/issues/422

    The issue at the moment is how to tackle toggling character implants or fit-specific implants, both for the user and the best way to do it on the backend. Unlike EFT, I want character implants to show up in the fitting window so that Users are aware exactly what is being applied. I don't believe EFT does this. I ran out of energy at about this time, and haven't touched it since. But it's high on my list of things to do in the next few months.

    Also, pyfa is open source, so I always welcome help in areas that people think are lacking. =D

    Until such a day as implants can be unplugged or jump clone timers are changed I can't see there being that many ppl who actually swap out implants for specific fits. I'm certainly not throwing away entire sets of high grades or geno's just for a single ship. I might fly 4-5 different fits in any given afternoon. For implants in EFT I just have characters created using all possible implant sets I might swap into i.e. Daemun Geno, Daemun Slaves, Daemun Snakes etc. Then I make whatever fit I want and click the character drop down to see it's stats with any given set.

    Maybe if you could make it so that you're able to save implant sets much the same way you can save ship fits. That way a person can just drag the full presaved set into the implant tab or select the saved set from a drop down instead of having to add each and every implant every time.

    As for open source I'd love to be able to get into that kinda stuff but my programming knowledge is limited mostly to batch files and qbasic :)

    maybe you guys should learn to use the little button on the bottom of the fitting-window in eft that says "booster/implants". there you can easily change implants without creating a mess in character-sheets? !!

  • Mining barge changes [now with feedback] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    and after that change many of you will cry because there is no place left do carry a simple bookmark with you for maintaining a can or whatever (or a script or think of something else) - even no place to change the crystals, to change one u will need at least enough cargo for ONE, better more to carry somethin else with u (if i remember correctly)
    now tell me whats your problem with "14" or 350m³?

    edit2: tested and proofed, you cannot switch crystals if your cargo is full, it would take at least 25m³ - so ccp did fine ( i still deny the change from "every crystal" to "12" - to keep that one clear :P )

    edit1: i dont like the changes either - i'd be glad if ccp redesigns the current size of the crystals or gimme a special crystal-bay. but if i have to adapt, there will be ways to do that.
    t1 lazors - checking out the belts before mining - getting mates with you and coordinate more effectively - dock - pos - let your hauler bring some crystals if he/she is coming next to haul your stuff...

  • Mining barge changes [now with feedback] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dave stark wrote:
    yes we noticed, no ccp haven't said anything.

    also it's based on mining barge level, not exhumer level.

    well, thanks

    i knew it is based on mining barge lvl :)
    its just - for example the german client isnt updated yet, you still have the old descriptions and stuff, i wanted to be sure !

  • Mining barge changes [now with feedback] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    did someone notice that the exhumer did loose some of theri resistances yet?
    i read about half the posts and couldnt find someone mentioning it.

    the description still says "7,5% bonus to all shiled resistances" per mining barge lvl.
    BUT jump in your hulk/mack/skiff and you will see only 25%.

    first fo all i thought "well, exhumer lvl5 is missing" - due on maths this couldnt be the reason - i relogged with an alt and exhumer5 (just to be sure) and still 25% (look at the em-resistance - should be 37,5% on tranq).

    is there any statement ?

    a e

    p.s. fix those crystalls pls :)