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  • The CSM – Council of Sov. Management. in EVE Communication Center

    >Eve is dying...

    After 7 years of playing this game, I've found that when a post starts with that phrase, it's an excellent indication that the author has no idea what they're talking about.

  • How has EVE Online help shape your REAL LIFE? in EVE Communication Center

    What a magnificent question!

    I've learned more about people, management, diplomacy, and conflict management in the last 4 years than the last 30 in a career! I've written award-winning fiction for the first time in decades. I've met some of the most amazing people of my life. Ten years ago, if someone had mentioned that this would happen, I would have cheerfully laughed in their face.

    I'm not laughing now.

  • Nomination for Journalism Award for Ret Gloriaxx in EVE Communication Center


    Didn't know the award was just for Baseliners. If so then nominating "The Discourse" and crew are not appropriate, true.

    Given that, I can see the award going out to Ret. I have to confess to knowing less about Baseliner news than I probably should.

  • Nomination for Journalism Award for Ret Gloriaxx in EVE Communication Center

    For my ISK, I'd vote for Cyrillian Voth and Elinari Rhodan of "The Discorse"

  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    Leahzon wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    The videos were recorded quickly, without extensive setup. Doing it on facebook allowed CCP to do it 'live', in the room where we had the meetings.

    Convenient for everyone involved.

    However, using Facebook (or any form of social media) for official company correspondence is not very professional. The proper route to take would be to host their videos on the Eve website. That is how professionals communicate with their customers.

    Well, that's how professionals communicated with their customers in the 1990s...

  • Dev Blog: EULA Changes Coming With EVE Online: Ascension in EVE Information Center

    iam Evingod wrote:
    So do the changes made to the "Your Account" section no longer allow multiboxing if you are paying for them with PLEX?

    "You may establish more than one (1) Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one account, at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the accounts you intend to use for that purpose."

    THIS needs clarification. Legally speaking, this means no more 10+ accounts. If that is the case me and my alts are done.

    This needs no clarification. It's simple. You may have 10+ Omega accounts online at the same time, but only ONE Alpha account. This prevents the horde of Alpha gankers we're all worried about.

  • Dev blog: Building Dreams: Introducing Engineering Complexes in EVE Information Center


    It's been an interesting day and an interesting thread. As usual we've had the usual range of "opinions."

    I think, largely, we have two possibilities with respect to the ECs as they've been given to us. Either CCP is deliberately trying to change the Industrial Meta and nerf it significantly, or we have an entire office today reading this and acting as if they've just come off a bender and have the worst hangover ever!

    I'll tend to think its not the latter. Having said that, it also seems clear that the ECs are not financially competitive with POSs.

    If CCP wants to change the Industrial Meta, that's fine, but realistically, as far as I can see, ECs, as they're currently depicted here, will largely lay unbuilt until POSs are completely taken out of the game.

    Nothing will realistically change as long as the POSs are in the game. Once they're taken out, both the industrialists and the markets will adjust, but I don't see anything past taking POSs out that will force that.

    I'm not sure THAT was what CCP had in mind. It'll be interesting to see how they deal with that.

  • Printing on a Wine Mac in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Darnel, that does it. THANKS!

  • Printing on a Wine Mac in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I apologize if this has been asked before and it's buried in a thread. This is addressed to anyone, but I suspect and hope that CCP Snorlax will have the answer.

    We are now moving on the Mac from CIDER to WINE. This has been in the works for months and CCP has done a good job at having both things available in the Mac client to try. And I have. Largely I've found it pretty OK.

    A couple of months ago I found a bug and mentioned it on the forums, but I don't recall it being answered. Today, when I updated my client, it moved me over to WINE. I went to see if this had been fixed.

    The issue is the Print Screen Shortcut on the Mac is hard coded. Unlike many shortcuts you can't change it. Under CIDER the Print Screen button was F13. Under WINE it seem to be "< an unprintable character >2".

    So, my question is - How do you print screen on an EVE Mac Client under WINE.

    Thanks much, folks! I appreciate all the hard work!

  • Corporate Headquarters in Citadels? in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks, Fractal!

  • Corporate Headquarters in Citadels? in EVE Communication Center

    Tiger: Offices don't have a service module, so that shouldn't be it.

    Non: OK, "great" to see that someone else is definitely experiencing this. I honestly don't remember if it was implemented yet or not. I thought it was, but I can't find any citations for it one way or another.

  • Corporate Headquarters in Citadels? in EVE Communication Center

    Is anyone else having a problem with making a corporate office in a Citadel your corporate HQ?

    I have rented an office in a Astrahus with no problem. I am CEO. It is my Citadel. When I go to look at offices, my office is right there. Above it is the button for "Make This Office My HQ," but when I press it, nothing happens, and the Corporate HQ doesn't change.


    Thanks, guys!

  • Launcher crashes after todays Launcher Update in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I was in the middle of the "EVE Construct," having gotten there from the "server list" dialog box, when it booted me out saying that I had to download a patch for the launcher. With the Construct still running (I was doing PI in station so it didn't matter), the launcher was patched and it restarted with...the Graphical Launcher!

    Many many thanks to CCP Snorlax and all the Devs in question. Your work is appreciated!

  • Launcher crashes after todays Launcher Update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hi Folks:

    I wanted to chime in. What happened with me is that today of all days I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04. Ubuntu 15.04, in concert with what I had installed before, installed Wine-1.9.4 (Staging).

    The upgrade finished and then tried to run EVE and the client crashed with a QtEngine error that others have mentioned and CCP Snorlax seems to have verified. I searched the web and google for solutions. I reinstalled winetricks, made sure that vcrun208 was installed, and disabled DirectX 10. Nothing worked.

    Then I set Wine to use Windows XP and tried it. The launcher launched! The text that I read indicated that this would work, but the game would run slowly. I tried, and the game MIGHT have run slowly, but if it ran slowly, it certainly was only a tiny bit slowly.

    I hated to have it set to Windows XP since CCP had killed support to it, and CCP Snorlax at one point had said that he had no idea how this worked at all.

    The next time I launched the program a dialog box entitled "Server list - EVE Launcher" came up. The dialog box give login buttons for the servers that you have listed you want to log into, and as far as TQ is concerned they work.

    The bottom of the dialog box has the text, "An exception occured while creating web GUI - failling back to server list view."

    If I set the Wine emulation to Windows XP I get the GUI back. With anything else I get this "Server list - EVE Launcher."

    Right now, my biggest question is - will the client upgrade in this mode? I'm not sure.

    I am thrilled that CCP Snorlax is looking at this. We Linux folks don't have a better advocate. Thank you. If I can help with a log, or settings, let me know.

  • Where Are Pictures Stored on the Mac? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Magnificent, Helene! That worked perfectly! And I created an alias to my normal Documents folder from deep within that folder structure.


  • Where Are Pictures Stored on the Mac? in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Where are EVE pictures stored on the Mac?

    According to my documentation, clicking Numeric-* should take a picture of the EVE screen. On a Windows system these are stored in "My Documents/EVE Online/My Pictures".

    I cannot find that on the Mac.

    Now, I realize the Mac has an arcane file structure as far as EVE is concerned. I've looked both in the EVE Application itself, and then in ~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/User/My Documents/EVE/capture/Screenshots and nothing is there.

    It almost makes me believe that Numeric-* doesn't work.

  • Delay after jumping gates in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I'll mention this as well. I used both Mac and Linux and this only happens on Mac.

    iMac 24" Early 2008
    3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB RAM
    GeForce 8800 GS 512MB

  • Latest SiSi build broken in EVE Technology and Research Center


    CCP Snorlax wrote:
    Please remember to disable this again after tomorrow's update - I've added in code to track Wine usage. Ironically a last minute change in that code was what broke it. If I get proper statistics on Wine usage, it helps me build a case for ensuring Wine stays working.

    Patch is downloaded and working. Wine version mask is turned off.

    It has been said before on this thread, but I will unabashedly say it again because you need to hear it: Thank you, Snorlax!! We very much appreciate you looking out for us!

    And, while I'm at it, an equal thank you to Ahishatz who got a bunch of us working yesterday while the official patch was winding its way through the upgrade queue.

  • exefile.exe failing to run in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Ban Mjolnir wrote:
    According to CCP Snorlax fix will probably be be out tomorrow, its not on your end. (see sisi launcher thread)

    See the SISI launcher thread where?


  • ★Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci for CSM XI★ in Council of Stellar Management


    Just got off listening to your interview on CSM Watch.

    1) You represent very under-represented segment (insofar as the CSM is concerned) of the EVE population.
    2) You were very well spoken.
    3) You were on point.
    4) You had a stable of ideas that were well thought out, but you had the presence of mind to realize that would require you convincing CCP of their worth and working with them on things they decided to do. You didn't promise anything save that this was what you were interested in bringing to the table.

    Quite simply, yours was the very best interview so far broadcast!

    You're at the top of my ballot, sir! Good on ya!

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