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  • Snowboarding/skiing at Fanfest 2015, Wednesday March 18th in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm in! Either date is equally excellent for me.

  • CSM9 Winter Summit minutes in Council of Stellar Management

    Noriko Mai wrote:

    You no tell CCP make Dark Opaque theme. Bad CSM you, very bad!!!

    It's what I was getting at with
    Ali asked if it would be possible to get the old window transparency style back, as some players had
    issues with the new design. The reply was that it's currently possible to get something very similar in the
    current system by disabling blur and setting the transparency to the minimum.

    Given contrasting themes thing, I'll bring it up again when we hear more about that.

  • June Ting for CSM10 - newbies and independent PVPers in Council of Stellar Management

    Saya Xu wrote:

    @ Ali:
    Why on earth did you invite someone from eve during the summit (though outside of office hours) and not just did stuff together before or after the summit? Or was this launch her CSM candidacy?

    We had a great time afterwards, actually, although aforementioned dog issues combined with a hangover made hiking a somewhat ambitious plan.

    As for why invite her...why else does one invite someone to a bar? Hanging out and having fun is a thing, I didn't want to have to pick between social groups, so I asked about it. She worried about being welcome, I said it'd be totally fine. Are you expecting someone to turn down a good-faith invitation to socialize because they're worried about something coming up, despite assurances it's completely legit?

    Seriously, if this is (was) a problem, it's a problem with me, not June. I've been known to fall victim to Geek Social Fallacy #4 before, it happens. Talk to me or CCP Leeloo about it, and go back to asking June tricky questions about, oh, I dunno, the position of newbie coalitions in EVE or something like that.

  • June Ting for CSM10 - newbies and independent PVPers in Council of Stellar Management

    June and I live in the same city and are close IRL, so when she let me know she was stopping off in Iceland on her way to Europe for a business trip, I wanted to hang out with her. I asked if I could invite her and was given the all-clear, so I did. If that was a problem, my apologies; it didn't seem to be at the time (and like I said I checked).

    While she was in Iceland and later in Europe, her dog had a series of very bad seizures. It was miserable, the phone calls were miserable, nobody slept very long, and nobody wants to go through that again. So, no summits.

    Which is a bit of a shame, as if elected, she'll make a great CSM-- she and I have talked a lot about EVE, the metagame, etc, and for a while lead SOUND together. We've shaped each other's perspective on a number of things. I wholeheartedly endorse her, and hope to spend the next year listening to the (NDA-sanitized) stories of CSM awesomeness.

  • Petition to allow 3rd party services to post character sales threads in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm gonna channel Malcanis and say that this is a pretty darn terrible idea.

    3rd parties can post threads if they can post as the character...assuming they can control the character. Otherwise? Alllllll kinds of scamming inbound.

  • CCP Response Regarding SOMER Blink Concerns in EVE Communication Center

    Once again, I deeply appreciate the speed and thoroughness of the CCP response on this one, as well as the openness to CSM involvement. Great job, guys.

  • Community Concerns Regarding SOMERblink in EVE Communication Center

    GeeShizzle MacCloud wrote:
    well talk about someone who may well be in the thick of the controversy!

    This is part of the email chain from Somer Blinks website, considered their defence.

    Yeah, I read those. Why do you think she was in the meeting? Blink

  • Community Concerns Regarding SOMERblink in EVE Communication Center

    KaRa DaVuT wrote:
    Ali Aras wrote:
    CSM just had another meeting with CCP, including the VP of Sales. It's great that CCP has kept us so involved and are actively seeking the input of us and the community. Mad props to Leeloo and Falcon for their hard work.

    Falcon is a dedicated guy.

    So when will the results declared to public?

    As it is said: edit, fck, beaten.

  • Community Concerns Regarding SOMERblink in EVE Communication Center

    CSM just had another meeting with CCP, including the VP of Sales. It's great that CCP has kept us so involved and are actively seeking the input of us and the community. Mad props to Leeloo and Falcon for their hard work.

  • Community Concerns Regarding SOMERblink in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks for the updates-- given the investigation, I assume we can conclude that the reports of this being 100% okay with CCP are greatly exaggerated?

    And yeah. For me, at least, I just want the RMT lines to be clear-- I was there for this last year, it was ******, and it seems like it's something nobody wants to see happening again.

  • EVE New England! August 15-17 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Road trip? ROad trip.

  • Dev blog: Coming In Kronos, Part II in EVE Information Center

    CCP Vertex wrote:

    This update should bring greater stability to the Mac client, there are some outstanding issues we are still investigating. I would like to encourage you to file a bug report after the Kronos release if you still experience the freezing.

    Will do, thanks-- this is basically the best news I've heard all year.

  • Dev blog: Coming In Kronos, Part II in EVE Information Center

    Important question: you talk about mac client updates. As a mac client user, this makes me happy, especially:


    Support for Retina displays.

    I'm left wondering, though-- did the mac client "freeze" bug get fixed? *Will* it ever get fixed, or are mac players always going to be at risk of finding themselves unable to control their clients at the worst possible moment? (ATXI, on a station in null in a JF, as a member of a bomber wing...)

    e: for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, the mac client will exhibit a total UI freeze periodically. You can't move the cursor or control the UI, but you are still in space in whatever configuration you were before it happened. The only solution is to force-quit; when you do so, your client will disconnect and you will ewarp as normal if you can.

  • Dev Blog: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips in EVE Information Center

    Kaarous Aldurald wrote:
    Hey, here's a quick question.

    Precisely what problem was this intended to fix? What, in exact terms, was wrong with the old setup?

    Information was hard to discover in-game ("Targeting? 20.0 points? What the ****?") and some displays of information were unhelpful. It was hard to tell what ship class you were fighting if you didn't have all of the name -> class mappings memorized (this, memorably, lead to me killing a blackbird in a catalyst because I thought blackbirds were frigates).

    Now some different displays are redundant, but others are much more helpful. The scrolling thing and the big black box issues were acknowledged by CCP DelegateZero earlier in the thread. The existence of tooltips at all-- the module tooltips, the tooltips on the fitting window and station services screen-- will be something that vets will likely adapt to and ignore, just as we ignored the old tooltips.

    "This is the worst feature since ______" is unhelpful feedback; "This is interfering with my ability to do ________, __________, and ________ because I'm trying to x and instead y happens" is useful stuff that CCP can use to actually improve the feature (or kill it, as they have with loot scatter!). If you're interested in a better game for yourself, I'd suggest using the latter language, or at least pretending you're talking to a real person standing in front of you when drafting your post.

  • Dev Blog: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips in EVE Information Center

    Petar Harad wrote:

    For example, I know the fitting of my ship, I know what does what and when to use what module. So having a tooltip pop-up every time I activate or deactivate a module is way over the top. Also game breaking as I had it several times already that I wanted to overheat a module (not the entire rack) and the tooltip obscured the already not that big green bar on the module. Resulting in a misclick half of the time.

    It's funny you mention this, because the tooltips on the modules have been in-game for a long time...maybe even over a year? Also fwiw you can shift + click on a mod to overheat it; much easier than hitting the green bar.

  • Dev Blog: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips in EVE Information Center

    Quick feedback note:

    Hovering over other pilots on the overview should include corp/alliance info.

    The new tooltip (class / info about why it's colored that way) is f'n fantastic, especially as a learning tool. But I used to hover over people to get their corp/alliance-- I have those on some overview setups, but not all; I don't think it's a great use of space when I'm not scouting. Still, I like to see who's around me, because it helps me make decisions about engagements, hence the hover.

    Two other ideas: why not add corp/alliance tooltips to local, too? (would it be annoying?) Makes it a lot easier to see whether the local reds in system are in their home system, or fellow roamers cruising through.

    Second, what about making some tooltips newbie-only? By which I mean, hide them (with option to re-enable?) after the player is no longer able to join Rookie Chat. For example, the "stargate" and "station" ones are ones that most veteran eve players *should* know, but might help a new player map symbols to type of space object.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 9 Results! in EVE Information Center

    Mike Azariah wrote:


    Me, I'm going for the lurker of the year award right here. I read a lot more than I post, for a lot of reasons that sum up to I'm bad at longer-form communication. I'll post once or twice but I do a lot more...well, actual conversing. Might change that up some this year, but if it ends up being an awkward thing, it'll get dropped in favor of continuing to focus on CSM work.

    For me, you can find me on twitter (and if that doesn't work out, we can take it to Skype). I also run Space Hangouts, and there's one this Saturday at 20:00 on the subject of "PCU, and what do you do when you don't log in?" If you have a G+ account and a working mic, you can join up for a realtime conversation with me and whatever other suckers I can get, although I'll try to line up 1-2 well-known bittervets to balance out my still-relatively-young perspective.

  • No Chairperson for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Two step wrote:
    I have some concerns about you guys doing this before the new CSM members have had a chance to carefully consider things. In the past, the titles have mostly been meaningless, but CCP has said there is some value for them in having the titles.

    I talked to CCP about this back when CCP announced they were delaying officer selection to the Summits. We'll have enough internal structure so that the functions of the titles are still fulfilled ( Designated Minutes Buttmonkey, Designated CSM Buttmonkey ), but the external part is completely unnecessary and divisive besides. As an added bonus, the issue delayed selection solves-- selecting an officer before you've seen how CSM works together-- is resolved by role-swapping being much, much easier when it doesn't go along with external ~stuff~.

  • No Chairperson for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Considering? Hell, we've already decided. CSM 9 will be the first CSM with no chair at all. Following the shift to STV voting and elected officers, Chair has been more of a vanity title than an actual position-- now no CSM is off the hook to get work done, and nobody can rest on their laurels.

    I know a lot of people were expecting me to pick the chair thing up, but I'm wholeheartedly behind this, and it's been a team effort-- the idea, for instance, came from Sugar Kyle, one of the new elects. It's a good team so far.

    And yes, the technical term for fellow CSM members is Comrade, as Comrades Xander and FunkyBacon have already demonstrated.

  • Dev blog: Building better Worlds in EVE Information Center

    I'm very, very happy that CCP has devoted so much time and effort to working on an area of the game widely regarded as one of the big hard problems; I furthermore appreciate all the opportunities we've had for feedback going into this. The new industry system looks great, and I'm excited for the additional devblogs.

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