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  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I guess this means the wardec mechanics are getting another look soon.

    Or, if that's not the plan, it soon will be. Otherwise, everything is going to be dramatically more expensive for no pay-off.

  • ☼ Sullen Decimus for CSM XI ☼ in Council of Stellar Management

    You're a member of the only USTZ group that went "all-in" with Aegis sov. I'd like to hear your perspective on the sov revamp in that context, particularly how it has (or hasn't) affected your day-to-day, and whether there are any changes you'd advocate for.

  • Dev blog: All about the upcoming CSM11 elections in EVE Information Center

    Updates to the white paper were unexpected. Well done.

  • December release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    I like the way space looks.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do like the concept.

    Do not like the name "Stork." Everyone will just call it the "Stroke." +1 to Random McNally for "Shrike."

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    I have no problem with it. I may change my mind, but no one on this thread given me a reason to change my mind so far.

  • ATXIII Collusion Investigation results in EVE Communication Center

    HONSOU FERRIX wrote:
    Why is one ban permanent and the other only a year?

    I hope it had everything to do with this.

    Bob had the good sense not to jump on the forums and sh*t down his own leg.

  • Response to DHB Wildcat - and you indeed are in EVE Communication Center

    Kadesh Priestess wrote:
    The DHB was crucial in many of the matches we had to win, his advice during matches with regards to target calling, positioning and general awareness were vital to us winning this year.

    * * * versus * * *

    Kadesh Priestess wrote:
    I wasted hours trying to calm you down over minor and unimportant things these past few months including humoring all your fuсking retаrded setup ideas and I thought it was over with the end of the tournament but you still find a way to completely waste my time. Glad you left on your own.

    (Emphasis supplied.)

    I get the distinction between piloting and theorycrafting, but you're still talking out both sides of your mouth.

    I have no idea who's lying, but DHB is winning the PR war.

  • [Vanguard] Combat and Navy BC Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Overall, I'm very happy with the direction. I do have two comments:

    1. Every race except Caldari has an alternative weapon system that allows for damage type variation. Although I would greatly prefer missile damage bonuses to apply for all damage types on all missile ships -- Caldari or otherwise -- I would settle for a compromise that allowed Caldari missile ships to have the same bonus for thermal missiles that they get for kinetic missiles (on hulls where they are presently kinetic locked). That would allow at least some variation for counter-play, while giving Caldari boats the exclusive and somewhat interesting quirk of having a primary thermal damage weapon. And you'd still have Gallente armor ships as a reasonably direct counter, since they typically have equal kin/therm resists.

    2. I would suggest that the second utility high on the Cyclone is more of a weakness than a strength of the hull. An extra launcher slot, or moving a high slot to a mid, would make the hull more versatile without breaking it.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    TigerXtrm wrote:
    You people mean to tell me that, in all your infinite loophole finding, game breaking ways of abusing mechanics, it's completely impossible to kill a piece of paper going 11km/s? Surely some warp bubbles to shut off the MWD and some well timed bombs would make short work of an Interceptor?

    Bubbles shut off MWD's?

    News to me.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Forget renting. Extortion is where it's at now.

    "Small Group" sets up shop. Reavers, PL, BL, NPC Dwellers (pick one, or more than one) extract bribes from "Small Group" to not reinforce their **** every day, forever.

    Sounds fun.

  • Dev Blog: Balance Changes Coming In Scylla in EVE Information Center

    On the Ishtar nerf:

    "The problem: Ishtars are too good. They are squashing out diversity in several environments because of their excellent damage projection and solid survivability."

    The proposed solution does not address the identified problems.

    * * *

    On the battleship/battlecruiser non-changes:


    You're using those graphs as a crutch. Your users are telling you that two entire classes of ships are not fun.

  • Dev blog: Quick, give me manual control! in EVE Information Center

    I am going to opt-in to this so hard.

  • Dev blog: Quick, give me manual control! in EVE Information Center

    Me again. Very happy. Thank you.

    P.S. Rhea is getting a little scary, eh?

  • Dev Blog - A new look for EVE’s UI – feedback needed! in EVE Information Center

    double post

  • Dev Blog - A new look for EVE’s UI – feedback needed! in EVE Information Center

    Everything appears more readable to me, and so I approve. Ship it soon, please.

    * * *

    The main reason I find the interface more readable is that the icons have distinct silhouettes. Color and internal detail are distractions, so you've done that exactly right. Going forward, I suggest using something similar on the targeting HUD. The silhouettes of the various ships are distinct enough to make them instantly recognizable, and in the absence of the background "noise" and the declination of the ship model present in the current display, readability would increase (and recognition would be therefore be faster).

    Apart from that, Strata Maslav in post 125 and Jon Dekker in post 122 had some excellent ideas. I support those as well

  • Polarized weaponry (affectionately known as glass cannons) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is it possible that a ship fitting these weapons would have negative resists in a Pulsar WH system?

  • Sold - Transfer Pending in EVE Marketplace

    I feel so good about this, and I don't even know why.

    P.S.: This would have been so much more interesting if Mr. Silva was still on the CSM.

  • Pre-CSM Summit Nullsec and Sov Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If you're going to reconsider the high level goals of the sov mechanics, it would be enormously helpful to have a discussion on what the justifications are for having de jure sovereignty in the first place.

    If 0.0 is supposed to be "lawless" space, ownership by fiat (i.e. arbitrary game mechanics) seems to contradict that principle. All of the actual benefits of controlling a system -- and the mechanics that enable it -- could remain in place without the contrivance of a Territorial Claim Unit. In other words, perhaps player groups should be able to build infrastructure hubs, CSAA's, jump bridges, etc., or even plant a pretty flag, in any system at any time. The only requirement for keeping those structures and reaping the benefits would be the ability of owners to defend them. That would be the purest expression of occupancy-based sov.

    Just to be clear, this isn't about "fixing" the current sov mechanics. I'm questioning whether they should exist at all.

  • Community Concerns Regarding SOMERblink in EVE Communication Center

    Annie Getyourgun wrote:
    Lallante wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Jake Rivers wrote:
    Another thing I was just thinking about, if Sommerblink are buying the plex that players are buying from Markee Dragon, is Markee Dragon buying these plex from Sommerblink at a greatly reduced price to resell back to the players?

    In this scenario CCP suffers greatly in loss of Plex sales because sommerblink and markee dragon will just keep recycling the same plex over and over again.

    This was a prime suspicion of mine too, and is not the case.

    It's pretty embaressing for both you and CCP that you would publically admit that, as it shows a pretty fundamental lack of understanding of how PLEX/GTCs/MD work. I do hope you were disabused of that notion BEFORE you started posting all the "I agree with the mob view on this" posts, because representing CCP as you do, posting such things without even understanding the framework in which the arguments lie, let alone the actual facts, would be pretty negligent.

    For those still wondering: MD dont buy or sell plexs, they sell GTCs which can be (one time) converted into plexs. Its only after that conversion that blink buys the plex from the player. Nothing can be "sold back" to MD for resale.

    Actually, no one sells GTC's any longer. It is all done in PLEX (Or new accounts that include small perks and the first month of play through a CD key.)