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  • Pink Ribbon SKINS in EVE Communication Center

    I desperately want a Rorqual skin, but I'm going to need conclusive proof and assurances that not one red cent is going to Susan B. Komen organization (a cancer on charity itself) for "licensing" the pink ribbon or any other rentseeking on their behalf. If so, I'm totally down for one.

  • [SERVICE] Push Industries : Courier Service in EVE Marketplace

    These PushX guys are pretty great. I was in a pinch and needed 100k m3 jumped to an NPC station in Syndicate overnight and these guys def came through. Rush service to NPC null comes with a premium but given how quickly they got it there it was definitely worth it.

    I def endorse this product and/or service.

  • Worlds Collide Setup Submissions in EVE Communication Center

    Baron Holbach wrote:
    Aloe Cloveris wrote:

    can you maybe link youtube or something where this can be seen?

    ATX Day 1 and 2 were 6-on-6es. I'm not at home to really dig around looking for rush vs. logi-supported matches and I don't remember any off the top of my head. I'll see if I can find specific examples when I get home, but I'm pretty sure every successful team fielded a logi after learning just how well an Oneiros/Scim scales with so few ships on field during their own practices leading up to the prelims.

    In 5v5, logi becomes an even bigger asset.


    I'll update this post when I get home, but here's a link to the playlist of 6v6 matches for now.

  • Worlds Collide Setup Submissions in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, I don't know how frequently they do tourneys over there but I don't think they've learned how major an asset logi is when dealing in small numbers like a 5-on-5 or 6-on-6 in a rigid tourney setting. Logi is HUGE when it's only 5 guys - not 12 - piling on the primary. It's so much easier to stabilize or at least delay a death well long enough that one of the logi-less teams ships will go down and take its dps output with it. If they couldn't break their first primary with six guys, it's unlikely they'd be pushing it past the RR break point with one of their guys now down. Match is effectively over at that point. This became readily apparent during ATX 6-on-6 practices and prelims.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Seriously. No halitosis from T2 or T3 hulls. Forcing attackers to use something (any size from frigate to titan) that has none of the advanced tech gimmicks like bubble immunity and/or warping cloaked would be breath of fresh air. Fitting exclusive to T1 hulls only.

    Attackers would be welcome to bring Ishtars and Confessors and Maledictions etc to smash/disperse gatecamps en route and/or murder defenders at the structure while the dedicated HalitOrthruses or Cynabals or Atrons do their thing but the module would remain exclusive to T1 hulls (faction, pirate or vanilla). T1 of all sizes are quite capable hulls with tons of variety among them and it's not like they're toothless and can't fight off defenders with the rest of their gang while they keep the sovthing locked, they just don't have the troublesome hull bonuses that many T2 and T3 hulls have.

    They'd do just fine for the purpose of lasering sovs for 2-5 minutes.

    So why not? Why must T2 and T3 be allowed to fit the module? Will sov stagnate eternally if they cant?

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    What mite b cool is if T1 ships exclusively could fit these modules . Whether it be a Velator/Dramiel/Caraca/Retriever/Noctis/Orca, Bhaalgorn/Chimera/Rorqual/Moros/Spiketurd/Ragnarok, if it's T1 you're the man for the job.

    If you want Svipuls & Maledictions & Purifiers & Ishtars & Tengus with their fancy T2/T3 gimmicks, they can absolutely come along as support clearing gatecamps, murdering defenders, etc, but they just can't emit structure-weakening halitosis like you can. T1 hulls do also have the low(er) barrier to entry thing going for them.

    idk lol v0v

    freeport idea is nifty neat at any rate

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rook is still garbage just fyi

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    f u ccp i swer 2 crist if u nerf ishstar im unsubbing my 144 acouts

  • Alchemy reprocessing - Is it completely boned outside of sov null? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ah, thank you! That is a huge relief.

  • Alchemy reprocessing - Is it completely boned outside of sov null? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I remember assurances that unlike asteroids/minerals, alchemy reprocessing output would remain largely unchanged.

    What I'm finding is despite having slogged my way through over a month of otherwise useless (to me - I could not care less about compressed ore) Metallurgy V and Scrapmetal Reprocessing V - based on these assurances - to not lose money on running Unrefined Neo Mercurite reactions, is that in a Syndicate 0.0 NPC station with perfect standings, I only get a crippling 55% reprocess rate.

    Are my numbers screwed up or is alchemy now basically limited to sov null entities (with upgraded Minmatar outposts). Those same sovbloc entities who have never lacked for R32s and R64s as it was and are essentially the reason why alchemy was implemented in the first place (so small fries could get a very modest piece of the high-end moongoo action) are now the only ones who will ever benefit from it?

    It wasn't terribly lucrative to begin with. Now it seems an absolutely colossal money loser for anyone not living in sov null or willing to JF to and from a friendly sovholder's Minmatar outpost.

    Is that right? Is alchemy completely irrevocably boned now?

    Maybe I'm just dumb and can't into math. Help me out here. Thanks in advance!

  • Mynnna for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Elmnt80 is manipulating LUE who is manipulating Clockwork Pineapple who is manipulating GoonWaffe who is manipulating the CSM who is manipulating the devs who are manipulating the game to secure us unrivalled access to A-type Corelum modules it's beautiful oh **** did I say that out loud?

  • [Rubicon 1.3] Drone Assist change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Carriers (especially Archons) were worthless before DDAs and Omnis. You literally could not give a carrier away until those modules were introduced. There was zero benefit to fielding one then and there is zero benefit to fielding one now with these hare-brained changes.

    Is it even possible fit other modules on this piece-of-****?

    Good job, CCP. ******* bozos.

    e: also I am accepting surplus Archons for a protest or something idk

  • New Eden Open II - List of teams in EVE Communication Center

    Cool runnings.

    Sooooo ... gonna mirror Sisi to with a snapshot of our current SP? Muh skills.

  • ELI5: What does this Alliance mail want me to do? in EVE Communication Center

    At the end of the day it's all about thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope with regards to future paradigms going forward. Probably some bullshit about synergy, too.

    Gotta have that synergy.

  • So about those trading cards... in EVE Communication Center

    I'm still waiting to see my name on an ATXI trading card. You said there would be trading cards CCP. Where are the trading cards?

  • Emergency downtime due to TQ hardware issues in EVE Communication Center

    give sp this is a violation of international law ill c u in court i swer 2 crist ccp

  • EVE Online: Rubicon Discussion in EVE Communication Center


    For all teams, as a participant in AT XI, your alliance will be immortalized on special in-game collectible cards that will be given out some time after the tournament, in the same style as the New Eden Open.

    The distribution of these are my favorite Rubicon thing, what with them being released with Rubicon and all, right? Is that correct? Should be correct.

    My name is on one of those cards. I don't know if you know who you're dealing with here, but as someone whose name will be on an in-game item I'm kind of A Big Deal. So how about printing those cards right up with minimal fuss, yeah?

  • private sale in EVE Marketplace

    matancur wrote:
    sent, awaiting char

    You'll probably be waiting a long while, buddy! Open the OP's name here in forum and the linked Eveboard names and paste them into Notepad. Check that lower case "L" vs. uppercase "i" (I vs l).


    (hint: you're not dealing with a particularly reputable person)


  • Dev Blog: A Time Capsule full of Memorabilia in EVE Information Center

    Cool runnings. The AT All-Stars cards reminds me ...


    For all teams, as a participant in AT XI, your alliance will be immortalized on special in-game collectible cards that will be given out some time after the tournament, in the same style as the New Eden Open.

    This is still a thing, yeah?

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Warfare Links, Mindlinks, Gang bonuses in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Deacon Abox wrote:
    All that would be required is to give the active links the same signature effect as an active mwd. Go ss your booster and have it probed quite easily. Or tank it the **** up and put it on grid with the logi it is boosting.

    As much as I want actively running link ships to be probeable, sig bloom is a bit heavy handed. If a link T3 actually chooses to get into the thick of the fighting it doesn't deserve to have a battleship sized sig (or dreadnaught sized sig should he use his mwd). A more sensible approach might be a 20% reduction in sensor strength for each warfare link active, which would help to cancel out the benefits of Dissolution Sequencer subs and make them easier and easier to probe the more links they actively run. A link T3 isn't going to be a crucial dps platform and if it's fighting and gets jammed because of its reduced sensor strength (why even bother jamming it, really?), it's not as life-threatening as being as hard to track/torp into oblivion as a fixed structure.

    Dedicated Command Ships could be exempted from the sensor strength reduction penalty as they're more likely to be on grid fighting and risking death and wouldn't specifically require a Virtue set to probe out were it to safe up** anyhow.

    * please also delete ECM from the game, tia.
    ** while this remains a thing