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  • Dev blog: New Player Training Session Track #3: Industry in EVE Information Center

    Sounds like a good opportunity to get some nice miner ganks in... >:)

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    Alua Oresson, 61, 75, 01, 04, 08, 23, 24, 28, 22, 42

  • MINES in EVE Gameplay Center

    I cannot think of a scenario in which I could not find a way to abuse this to hilarious levels.

  • Good Choice for Low/0.0 Explo. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nihassa wrote:
    Pilgrim was my go-to lowsec exploration ship before the mad new changes, no idea if you need the tank/dps still. but It sure feels alot nicer than a cov-ops. sort of middle ground between one and a t3.

    *comforts Nihassa's Pilgrim*

    Shhh, it's okay. What did that bad person do to you? It's okay, you'll find some juicy PVP eventually.

    *glares at Nihassa for her Pilgrim abuse*

  • Best Battle Ship for Misions Level 1 in EVE Gameplay Center

    The two biggest pieces of advice that I would recommend you take to heart are:

    1. NEVER fly what you can't afford to lose.

    This means that if you are undocking in a destroyer, make sure you have enough money to replace that destroyer if/when it gets blown up. You always want to have a back up for when something goes wrong.

    2. Find a player corporation to join.

    Be picky, don't just join the first random corp that invites you. Make sure that what you want to do will fit the corporation's goals/aim and that they will fit your needs.

    3. Bonus!: Mining is mind numbingly boring.

    Unless staring at a screen for hours on end or going off afk sounds enjoyable to you, avoid mining like the plague. It isn't an easy path to money and riches.

  • Stop talking about what I don't even not here too long but so? in EVE Communication Center

    I dunno, I kind of enjoyed the pacing of his speech. It sort of rolls off the tongue. It reminds me of how some writers portray the speech of idiot savants in their books. I wouldn't venture to term his revelations to be of savant caliber though.

  • Is the guessing of a password on Eveboard illegal? in EVE Communication Center

    And here we have proof that a large majority of Eve players will happily discuss minutiae until it is well past relevance.

  • Is the guessing of a password on Eveboard illegal? in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia wrote:
    Thorn Galen wrote:
    There's nothing "meta' about it, it is illegal, plain and simple.
    What law does it break?

    Since the "crime" occured in Sweden, I would venture that Swedish law was broken. A little Googling results in the offence being laid out in Chapter 4 Section 9c of the Swedish penal code.


    Section 9c
    A person who, in cases other than those defined in Sections 8 and 9, unlawfully obtains access to a recording for automatic data processing or unlawfully alters or erases or inserts such a recording in a register, shall be sentenced for breach of data secrecy to a fine or imprisonment for at most two years. A recording in this context includes even information that is being processed by electronic or similar means for use with automatic data processing. (Law

  • CCP Why you hate utility highs? in EVE Communication Center

    S Byerley wrote:
    Aiwha wrote:
    HAC's aren't built around being brawlers.

    Coming from more of a PVE perspective personally.

    If you want to salvage while you run missions, get a pirate ship or a marauder.

  • Maybe I made a 30 million isk mistake? Maybe you can help? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Carek Talen wrote:
    If you are mining in hisec you 'll find two dangers, rats and gankers, 4 hobgoblin can deal with any rats, you don't need tank. As for gankers... a retriever is not a juicy target and the ganker will be destroyed too. You don't hunt barges for profit and the fun it provides is very limited and balanced with the pain of security status grind.

    To sum up use 3-4 hobgoblin and fit for max yield.

    I've never suicide ganked for profit. I've never even looted the stuff. Your argument is invalid.

  • Ganking? in EVE Communication Center

    ISD LackOfFaith wrote:

    Not sure how constructive the feedback you get here will be, but consider posting further new player questions in New Citizens Q&A. The crowd there tends to be a bit more tolerant of beginner mistakes.

    Did you even look at how old the character is? It's not a new character.

    To OP, if you don't want people shooting you in your blinged out tristan, then leave faction warfare, otherwise do some research.

  • Maybe I made a 30 million isk mistake? Maybe you can help? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Shereza wrote:
    Honestly, if you fit them both for maximum yield a retriever can mine 1093m3/minute while a procurer mines 1002m3/minute. In that configuration a procurer will have something like 5x the buffer/EHP of the retriever though. If you "tank fit" the retriever for maximum EHP it goes up to 22.2k EHP which the procurer still almost triples, and your mining yield drops to 844m3/minute.

    Within that context the only reason I see to fly a retriever is the ore hold and how it cuts down on cycles "lost" to unloading. That advantage, however, is somewhat diminished if you compare a tank fit retriever with a mining fit procurer. The procurer might only hold 43.63~ of the ore that the retriever can hold, but it also mines ore almost 20% faster. The procurer being able to align/get into warp faster can also help reduce some of the retriever's ore hold advantage as well by getting you back to the mining (slightly) faster.

    If you're in a situation where you can play to the retriever's strengths as a mining ship then it's certainly not a mistake to fly one, but all things considered these days I wouldn't fly one in most situations simply because it's more gankable, more expensive to replace, and its primary advantage over the procurer is easy to reduce if not outright negate.

    On the other hand I suppose that discussions like this just go to prove that CCP did a pretty good job balancing the ships. If either the procurer or the retriever was a clear winner for solo mining it likely would never have happened.

    Your yield will still be greater with the increased cargo hold of the retriever. The procurer will have to make more trips that will decrease the overall yield.

  • trading bots in jita are increasing - make orders with CAPTCHA - get rid of them in EVE Communication Center

    Vincent Athena wrote:
    7of Six wrote:
    one little captcha per hour or 30min... what a big work...

    Bots can solve CAPTCHAs. What they do is send them to a service organization in a third world contry that, for a very small fee, solves it for the bot. The guy who writes and sells the bot program would have to write the use of the service into the bot program, and after that every bot will just automatically solve every CAPTCHA. But us real players will be stuck with them, even as they do nothing to stop the bots.

    Remember: A bot can drive a rover on Mars. A bot is world chess champion. Goggle has bots driving cars in traffic. A bot is world Jepardy champion. Bots have become very, very capable. You do not stop them by changing the game. You stop them by detecting their existence and banning them.

    $0.05 per 1000 solves...

  • Why We Should Support Off Grid Boosting in EVE Communication Center

    Logical Chaos wrote:
    Just leaving this here:

    Removal of OGB will result in more blobs, because at the moment if you have a smaller group of pilots (or even solo) but with a booster you can engage all those pesky blobbers while without this tool you are simply left to join one of the blobber's corps and blob by yourself.

    Will be quite entertaining for sure

    Newsflash, the blobbers have boosts too.

    Source: I'm in a 100+ person fleet and am boosting offgrid.

    I'm all for the removal of offgrid boosting. On grid boosting would mean that the job is not an "alt" job anymore, and that people that are boosting actually participate in the fight.

  • trading bots in jita are increasing - make orders with CAPTCHA - get rid of them in EVE Communication Center


  • trading bots in jita are increasing - make orders with CAPTCHA - get rid of them in EVE Communication Center

    S Byerley wrote:
    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
    S Byerley wrote:
    OR we let the bots run wild; evening out buy/sell differentials and better converging on prices that reflect demand.

    Only ones who lose are the manual .01'ers, and not a single tear was shed.

    Given that you are openly supporting a method of play banned by the EULA, it would be most excellent if CCP came down on the account that contains your char with the same vengeance they come down on other botters.

    I'm merely pointing out that unlike botting in other activities (which harms the economy and player base as a whole), trade bots tend to provide a useful service by making the market more convenient. They do so by edging out players who have arguably the highest earning potential and smallest risk in the game.

    Why take away one of the different ways to play Eve you ask? Because high frequency market trading is about as fun as stabbing your own genitals with a rusty spork and people are only in it for the ISK.

    I actually flinched from this. Ouch.

    As an addition to the discussion, there hasn't been evidence of very many market bots operating. I see this complaint come up every month or so.

    Also, captcha is crap. It was crap when they put it on the Eve-O forums. It is still crap.

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Tech 1 Industrials in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please CCP, just do what Rixx Javix wants with the Mammoth. You don't want another frill, campaign do you?

  • Exploiting Jita population cap to avoid war dec needs to be punished. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Melvin Earl wrote:
    Once again those exploiters are at it again. What is the point of the war declaration mechanic if it is easily avoided?

    Petitioning to have the war declaration fee reimbursed.

    You can always wardec FA's "logistics alliance" (whatever that is). Heck, you could come to fountain and camp a gate and probably get more kills.

  • How to scan things down in EVE Online Odyssey in EVE Gameplay Center

    K162 refers to an exit wormhole. It means someone has already gone through from the other side.

    Also, to calculate how many ships can go through you utilize the mass, not the volume of the ship.

  • Unscheduled downtime - Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 in EVE Communication Center

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of this was related to the Turkish government screwing around with the internet yesterday.

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