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  • Best dread for C5/C6 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Resnar Ash-carrier wrote:
    As title say, what could be the best dread to run c5/c6 site, I plan to setup 1 HAW dread and 1 Siege gun dread but don't know the right racial to train for

    Historically, it has been Nag or Moros. I believe that still to be the case.

    That said, in all of these cases, SISI and confirmation is always a good thing.

  • Bane Nucleus for CSM! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bane Nucleus wrote:
    Sith1s Spectre wrote:
    Some people said I should post in this thread, so I am

    This is correct. Now where are Agent and Winthrop?

    Agent is still in rolled out. Thera at the moment. Not sure where Winnie is. Likely telling someone they are a sh|tcπnt though

  • Bane Nucleus for CSM! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:

    PS: Good to see your name around again mate :)

    And also this

  • Bane Nucleus for CSM! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Key Dett wrote:
    If Bane is going for CSM, I'll resub to this game......

    Oh ****. That could be fun.

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    Tomalak wrote:
    I'll do absolutely anything to separate the dscan ping from everything else. Seriously I'll come to Iceland and do your laundry for a year.

    I don't think you understand what you're volunteering for. That is laundry made from diets consisting of Hakarl (fermented shark) washed down with Brennivin (Black Death).

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    Sentient Blade wrote:
    CCP Antiquarian wrote:
    Sentient Blade wrote:
    If I'm reading this right, please separate stargates activation from station interiors. There is a gameplay advantage to hearing a stargate fire where as station buzzing is just super-tedious when we're docked for hours at a time.

    I would like to see the map volume broken out too. Having that constant whine when the map window is maddening, but I do like some of the UI sounds.

    Slight misreading, but the result is positive: The wormhole activation sound (Jump Activation) is completely separate from Station Interiors (Atmosphere).

    Map is not lumped in with UI sounds, but is instead part of Secondary Interfaces. Win.

    Great, thanks!

    Thank you, indeed.

  • Logged off while Citadel I was in is destroyed in a WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    Shelby Dusette wrote:
    Alundil wrote:
    Oh my - a Dusette post.....

    Waves at the Dusette clan. Long time. Long time.

    ♥/ Alundil!!

    Nullsex got you too? Noooooooo!! Cry

    RL got me first. I'm reluctantly "winning" due to time/hardware. But plotting return.

  • Logged off while Citadel I was in is destroyed in a WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oh my - a Dusette post.....

    Waves at the Dusette clan. Long time. Long time.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Michael1995 wrote:

    Arithmos Tyannos (Drifter Response Battleship) now applies their neutralizers correctly.

    Guessing astrahaus it is then for OP

  • Houston,TX Last Sat. every month, 8pm Kings Head Pub in EVE Gameplay Center

    Also putting the March date on the calendar. I've been away too long (and still currently "winning" EVE) I follow along and am still engaged in community discussions.

  • Houston,TX Last Sat. every month, 8pm Kings Head Pub in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just a quick question to the group: Is there an EVE Meet Houston Area Discord? The DFW group has one setup for the purpose. It might be helpful/nice since the Houston Meetup group closed due to the owner lapsing.

  • Houston,TX Last Sat. every month, 8pm Kings Head Pub in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mofo Diquilis wrote:
    Ladyboy Lover wrote:
    Hello, I'm new to EVE and I was looking for a Houston based Corporation to join when I found this thread. Are the meetups still a thing?

    yes they are still a thing

    There aren't any corps based around the Houston area so as far as I am aware. Though nothing stopping you from forming one.

  • Houston,TX Last Sat. every month, 8pm Kings Head Pub in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alexander Barbossa wrote:
    So, about 10 of us started playing EvE in the texas area, (some of us in Houston) and i'm excited to see there is meetups for Houston players,

    my g/f and I and hopefully some of my corp mates will for sure come out some time, hopefully even this one around new years.

    Nice - what part of Htown if I might ask?

  • Houston,TX Last Sat. every month, 8pm Kings Head Pub in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sweet. Aiming to be there this weekend as well.

  • All Active Wormhole Corporations in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Alundil wrote:
    Please remove Isogen 5.

    Mate, this entire list is so out dated that it's almost ready to come back into style.

    Hi jack.

  • Mutli-Use Analyzers Feedback Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aiken Paru wrote:
    ‘Zeugma’ Integrated Analyzer

    - virus strength of a T1 analyzer
    - coherence between T1 and T2
    - only 2 instead of 3 utility slots
    - 5 more CPU compared to a single T2, 25 less than both modules

    Hmmm... most exploration ships -- including some Interceptors -- have no issue fitting both analyzers.

    I can't help feeling that these modules try to fill a niche that in reality isn't there.

    With the reduced coherence/strength compared to a T2 module this new module is pretty much out of question for Interceptors. Those exploration hulls who don't have enough midslots for both 'traditional' analyzers have enough cargo for a mobile depot.

    Personally I don't see the little bit of convenience that the Zeugma adds being worth the downsides. Less CPU is nice but exploration ships generally aren't very tight on CPU to begin with unless fitted with Expanded Probe Launchers.

    Edited for clarity:

    How about
    - single scriptable module
    - coherence and strength on par with existing T2 modules
    - 2 utility slots
    - between 60 or 70 CPU requirement to not be OP
    end edit

    ‘Ligature’ Integrated Analyzer is so weak compared to a T1 I see no use whatsoever.

    Options are good (for those that want them). Though I think for the dedicated explorers, they'll tend to stick with the T2 versions for maximum effectiveness.

  • All Active Wormhole Corporations in EVE Gameplay Center

    Please remove Isogen 5.

  • I'm calling out the Dev's making changes to WH's in EVE Gameplay Center

    RemSalak wrote:

    So many tears in this quote that my LCD monitor got soggy just displaying it

    It's been a while since I've posted so I might be slightly rusty but here goes

    First of all - your formatting is horrid
    WTF is wrong with you ?

    On to the meat of your...ahem...arguments

    1. Streamlining probing - It has long been argued that the scanning changes begun in Odyssey (and continued iteratively ever since) has made scanning easier and faster. Furthermore, that those changes have reduced the learned "skill" of scanning quickly. There isn't a lot to argue with on that point. Scanning is easier and faster and requires less practice to be proficient at. This has created a number of issues over the years, not least of which is a massive reduction in profit potential of exploration as a career. However, that ship sailed long ago and has literally nothing to do with Citadels or any other recent patch/expansion.

    2. Ore sites as warpable anomalies - This goes into the same general bucket we, in wspace, have been harping on for years. This reduced the number of pilots mining ore in wspace overnight. Mining is dull as hell and a low profit margin activity to begin with. Miners aren't stupid (potentially missing out on other more engaging forms of gameplay but it's their game time/money) and don't willingly subject themselves to increased risk "just because". I have no idea what you think "blob groups" have to do with this change. They neither benefit or suffer from this. Ultimately, it's a change that CCP decided to make and they have (or don't have) the stats to show whether this was a positive change or not regardless of your (or anyone else's) rage-post about it being "The End of the World as We Know It".

    3. More connections - This change is a good change for everyone in wpsace other than farmers. The End. Farming is the only activity routinely needing closed or crit holes. This is due to many reasons. But all of them are cowardly and anathema to wspace as "The Most Dangerous (and also Lucrative) Place in New Eden". Even as a small group in wspace more connections are a BOBsend since those are additional connections that YOU could find things to do in. Unless you can't be bothered to fly out of your POS unless it's site running time. And your crying about needing to scan.....IDGI (where's the Jackie Chan confused meme-face when you REALLY need it). You should feel ashamed for whinging on about this.

    4. Increased spawn distances - Another change brought in with Odyssey (or was it Hyperion?). This was another changed argued for and against all over this forum. I was one of the many against it. I still am and think it was implemented incorrectly (backwards at the very least). However, this doesn't really inherently support blob groups either. What it does (at least on paper) support are groups with numbers to actually support the caps that they might use to roll holes. Again, the groups that were most vehemently teary-eyed over this......were farmers who, by definition, don't have the numbers to support rolling caps if the stuff hit the fan. Boo hoo... Higs battleships and rollling Yachts and T3s made these this almost a moot point either way.
    5. Citadels and asset safety - this was one of the best parts of the Citadel announcement. That wspace (that dangerous etc etc etc yada yada place) wouldn't become an even safer place by magically whisking people things to safety if they were bad, naughty or unlucky. That is Bob's Will. It Shall Be Done. (In other words, deal with the fact that your stuff might disappear and plan/play better/smarter or move out).

    The remainder of your rant is, I have to imagine, the Quafe-fueled dreams of a madman served with a healthy chaser of nanoribbon. Because player counts are up lately (if you haven't noticed) with Eve breaching the 40k online (sorry mittens) PCU for the first time in over a year. There are more than one large WH Alliance and there are several other single corps that are almost as large (or larger) and even some smaller corps that punch way above their weight-class (looking at you HEATD). So your cries amount to nothing more than that. Cries. From someone who has failed to adapt to what should be the harshest and most difficult place to live and play in Eve. But no, you're not done. You following this blisteringly obtuse missive with further tinfoil laced fodder about CSM reps playing things for their large wspace group(s) (BTW - which wspace CSM has a large WH Alliance these days? Not corbexx (waves - hi buddy) and not Chance (RIP wingspan alliance). Noobman isn't in....yet? So you got nothing at this point on that point. And then we get to the "Eve Killer" Jamie Lannister.....I mean Star Citizen...... Sheesh if it ever gets released in a playable state with battles of more than 50v50 Eve might need to worry. But that's about as likely as SC meeting its stretch goals on time (hint: they won't).

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've loved this tool for a long time... However, the hosting options are either potential spyware vectors (.ru sides of things getting flagged by AV) or terrible popup ad hosts (Juno lately).

  • [New structures] Observatory Arrays and Gates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    exiik Shardani wrote:
    yes AFK cloaky camping is same thing like using bots. there is really needs something against that

    The mental leap of illogic it takes to mash the keys in such a way as to generate that thought is astounding. You sir are in the wrong thread. You should be in this one instead.

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