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  • C5 relic and data solo in a Stratios in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ragnar Nabali wrote:
    Is it still possible to do c5 data/relics solo in stratios? My friend went on sisi to check, but he couldnt passive tank them. Only way to tank the 1st wave was dual rep, with large cap batterys and cap rechargers, but the dps was kinda low and he lost many drones.

    How it looks compare to lower class wh like c4 or c3 in terms of soloing it with stratios and est. loot?

    The Stratios is not a great PVE ship. Not terrible sure but not great. Its mainly for people who are a bit risk adverse or need to scan and run sites then and there (Like scanning DED in LS).

    Too few lows for an armor tanked ship.
    No T2 resistances
    Only 100mb of drone bandwidth
    No gun damage bonus (lasers are fine and all but the extra DPS is poor and it makes fitting/Cap hard)

    Maybe possible to do most C3 sites but I doubt it would last very long in a C4. Lots of webs, Nuets and Everything spawns far away.

    For C4s you are stuck with RattleSnake, Marauders or sort of DPS+ Logi/spider tanked setup.
    C3 are doable in the ships above as well as some Solo HACs, Gila and a few other ships. T3s are very good but the Nerf hammer is coming.

  • Sansha 6/10 or 10/10 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maykid Achilles wrote:
    Yeah that was what I was thinking too about the 6/10's being more worth it. But yeah I also agree, with the tics I get from a 6/10 range from 13M - 17M and the tics I can get from running havens are from 22M - 50M (depending on ships of course)

    I think you are miss under standing guigui lechat , I think he mains that if you are running low end Anoms you will most likely get less isk per hour (from Anoms) than running the higher end Anoms.

    In the end of the day the DED most likely make up a small % of the total income (6/10 is an average of 100-200mil per site) but you might every well earn many times that from the anoms between sites.

  • High Sec Autopilot Taxi Frigate in EVE Gameplay Center

    JC Mieyli wrote:
    harpy 28k


    Pretty much the best ship for it. Got about as much EHP as you can get on a frig while having good regen (incase someone else tries) and you can fit nanos for faster slow boating.

    Just a rough fit.
    [Harpy, AFK travel]

    Damage Control II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II

    Medium Shield Extender II
    Medium Shield Extender II
    EM Ward Amplifier II
    EM Ward Amplifier II

    Small Core Defense Field Extender II
    Small Core Defense Field Extender II

    Replace Nanos with Power Diags and you get 31k or power relays and you get 250 regen.

  • Nestor, the odd SOE ship out in EVE Gameplay Center

    Omar Niskanen wrote:
    Recently I came across a combat site where two Nestors and two Rattlesnakes were ratting. Never seen that before! Didn't
    Know the Nestor was used for WH ratting!

    My corp use them for C5s all the time. 1 Eos, 2 Snakes and 2 Nestors. Can run any C5 site including drifter.

    The Eos does like 500DPS, Nestors 700 and Snakes 1400 (so way more DPS than 5 RR snakes) . Along with the fact that between the fleet we have 4 TPs, 3 Scrams, 3 Webs, 2 Grapples, 2 Heavy Nuets and the snakes all have multiple Nav/Omnis makes for 1 mean fleet.

    If you want max RR the Nestor is great.

  • Pi p2 vs p3 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Henry Tesero wrote:

    That's a good quick down and dirty guide on how to do it. Question though, on the P2 setup, how many extractor heads should you be shooting for? I find that with CC upgrades IV I can typically only get 3 heads on each extractor which I'm not sure is enough.

    It depends on the planet.

    I find with lvl4 skills with a 2 extractor/6 Basic/3 Advanced setup I can get 6-7 heads total , with Lvl5 skills its more like 10-12. 6-7 is not really enough for a 2/6/3 setup but more than enough for a 2/4/2 . Does depend largely on the planet/resources/location.

    With some of my setups with Lvl5s I can get 2/7/3 which processes excess P1 for a factory planet.

  • I Need Help with Bubbles in EVE Gameplay Center

    Takes a bit more effort but if you Higgs rig the Orca and setup a safe on either side of the Anom you can stay aligned for ages and then align to the other safe when you are getting to far away.

  • 6/10-10/10 Guristas DED's still worth doing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I wonder what will happen with things like Remote cap and Nuet/NOS.

    Either way I can see my DED ratting areas getting a bit busier ,that or Invuls ect will come down in price due to extra supply.

  • IF IT AIN'T BROKE -> FIX IT TILL IT IS! GJ CCP in EVE Gameplay Center

    Carriers are the pinnacle of Anom Ratting, if you use them in the sites that they are suited for you can make more than any other ship. You put down the isk and the SP and you got the best ISK/H.

    That being said it does not means its the best ship for everything, just as using a BS for C1s (WH space) is a bad idea, or in my case using unbonused heavy drones in 5-6/10s (switched to Mediums).

    odysseus4hire wrote:

    If it's OP and needs nerfed that's understandable, but JC leave the things that aren't the hell alone. You can score a billion isk running 8/10's \ 10/10's with a 500MIL Tengu in an hour or two that travels immune to interdiction, or a sleeper relic site with a similarly fit Astero and you're worried about me making 30mil a tick that's 1/4th of the amount of isk with same amount of time and 5x the ISK/SKILL Investment with a HELL OF A LOT more risk involved.

    Srsly, what's with you guys?

    Anoms are a constant source of isk, you cant compare the max drop of a DED to anom Ratting. Sure some (Not all by any means) DEDs can drop over a bil but the the chance that they will is very low (Sansha 6/10 seems to be maybe 1/10) so the average is much lower. Also DED don't respawn is the same system as Anom do, you have to look for them. Sometimes you scan 1 system and get lucky, other times you scan 50 and find none. Some days you scan for a couple of hours and make well over a bil, other days you scan for 4-5 hours and make a 40-50mil, it all averages out.

    Also if DED/relics are so good why not change? I personally think that they are more fun since there is a lot more variety so if the Isk is so much better I cant really see a reason not to switch.

    As a side note, you don't need mastery 5, the vast number of skills required for it are pointless. (or at least not very useful, Shield buffer on a Armour ship ect)

  • Grow 100B with little effort in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    Will you be able to log in briefly around once per week?

    If so, there is profit to be made in researching Dreadnought BPOs for profitable resale and/or for copying.

    Would it not be cheaper to use a free EC? I know there is a small rick of it being fueled or some such but would most likely be less than paying fuel/rick of it being Exploded ect.

  • [May] CONCORD Aerospace Promotional Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Grandpa Cholo wrote:
    Oh hai, you've been playing the game for years but can't afford to go to Fanfest? Well here's a great big **** you! Only those people who have excessive money can have this new toy!

    Thanks CCP.

    They did say that they would open them up later, so you just have to be patient .

    Also they will be on the market as soon as they are released. a few bil ISK is a lot less than a Fanfest ticket + travel ect.

  • Ship for c3 sites in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't think the Gila was ever the optimal ship for C3s, Passable when it had more lows sure but not great as almost all of its slots were tank.

    A Legion, Tengu, or Proteus all run C3s with ease (excluding the 2 hard Sigs), I'm personally turn off by the skill loss. The Tengu is most likely the best due to its OP subs (Who puts the max PWG on the regen sub, or a double range bonus and full DPS) however the optimal bling mods do cost a lot more in most cases.

    I am currently using an active Snake as it allows for fewer low slots for tank and there is no need to sit on a depo. As far as GTFO goes, I have a MJD installed which has saved my ship a few times (**** on DS, MJD out). If a Cloaky T3 or whatever is stalking you neither a T3 or Snake are getting out.

    This is my snake, It can run all but the Recursive Solo (refit an extra SBA and a Flux Coil for the last wave of the Data base) . I'm hoping that with the cap Regen changes coming soon i'll be able to drop the Flux coil or a Battery.

    [Rattlesnake, C3 WH Active]

    Drone Damage Amplifier II
    Drone Damage Amplifier II
    Drone Damage Amplifier II
    Capacitor Flux Coil II
    Ballistic Control System II
    Damage Control II

    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster
    Shield Boost Amplifier II
    Large Cap Battery II
    Large Cap Battery II
    Large Micro Jump Drive

    Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
    Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
    Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
    Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
    Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
    Drone Link Augmentor II

    Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

    Praetor II x2
    Gecko x1

    This is a Legion I have used.
    [Legion, C3 - Standard]

    Shadow Serpentis Medium Armor Repairer
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    True Sansha Energized Thermal Membrane
    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II

    10MN Afterburner II
    Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
    Caldari Navy Stasis Webifier
    Tracking Computer II

    Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
    Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
    Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
    Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
    Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M

    Medium Anti-EM Pump I
    Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
    Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

    Legion Defensive - Nanobot Injector
    Legion Electronics - Tactical Targeting Network
    Legion Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
    Legion Offensive - Liquid Crystal Magnifiers
    Legion Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst

    Stopped using T3s for WH PVE before I trained into the other T3s so I don't have validated fits. Tengu its are pretty much everywhere, Proteus can be fit pretty much the same as the Legion but filling the Explosive hole and with Rails and 2 webs to kill frigs.

  • Battleships and Capitals: Bigger is not better in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well I see BS all the time, Machs, Typhoons, Domis are all pretty popular in the LS area I fly in. I personally use a Mach for PVE and PVP (Solo or with my Alt).

    Go into HS and every second ship is a BS because they are far superior for PVE.

    Also a BS if fit properly can take on almost any smaller ship with few issues (Grapples and heavy nuets are a wonderful thing), however as with most things in eve the blob almost always wins. The few ships that can kill almost any BS solo are the ones that everyone says are OP (Tengus much) .

    As for interceptors, thier job is to hold targets, if they could not do that for more than 20 seconds then they would not be used . Even then a flight of lights and a heavy nuet can shut most down pretty quickly.

  • Hull tanked Gnosis in EVE Gameplay Center

    Major Vivian Francis wrote:
    Thanks y'all.

    But as I mentioned, I have tried many different shield fits, from passive to shield boosting, and dual ancillaries. Just didn't like them.

    Chainsaw, I did try a fit almost identical to the one you showed. Just didn't care for it, but you made a good point. If I'm going just going into hull as the mission ends, then why not shield boost and then go into hull, if at all? Hmmm. But, when I'm just going into hull I'm losing about 15%. That 15% of 14,000 hps, which is about 2100 hps. That is ok, but if my hull as it's normal 4800 hps without hull tanking, then I'm not leaving much room for error. If I'm accepting the fact of going into hull and not worrying about it, then why not go back to a shield tank and not worry about it.

    At the same time if you are boosting more than 2000 EHP during the whole mission then you would never hit Hull.

    The big thing to know is that once you hit higher level PVE content (Unless you are in a fleet with Logi) its almost impossible to tank with buffer alone (not to be confused with passive tank, shield regen). Buffer is more for PVP.

    Major Vivian Francis wrote:

    Also, there really isn't much difference between Prototype rails and the T2s. Only benefit from T2 is that I could use T2 ammo. Benefit from protos is that they use less cap per cycle. Otherwise, they have the same specs, of cycle time and damage. Oh, the T2s use more power and cpu. So if I don't use T2 ammo, I better off using the Protos.

    An Alphas cant use T2 Guns , T2 guns do however gain up to 10% bonus from the spec skill and have access to T2 ammo so there is a good reason to use them.

  • Is PVE is a Loki / Legion / Proteus valid? Can they hack it in 0.0 anoms in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think the Prot and the Tengu are the only 2 that are any good.

    The both can tank and damage Serp and Gurista very well , the Tengu is every where because its Sub systems are broken, it gets crazy Cap/PWG and range.

    The Loki would be good against Blood/Sansha but its damage/application is very poor.
    The Legion has better DPS/Application than the Loki but not as good as the Tengu/Prot with the added issue that the race its tanked against (Angels) also has the highest EM resistance (HAM Sub is not great for PVE as the range/DPS is poor).

  • Bubbles of low sec deadspace in high sec systems in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sitting Bull Lakota wrote:
    I've noticed more than a few lowsec systems with comparatively lower value than the hisec systems they're next to.
    I'd rather see more value added to lowsec than an attempt to get more fighting in hisec.
    Lowsec is supposed to be greater value for greater risk, right?

    Define Value

    LS gets Lvl5 Missions, better DEDs, better Anoms, better hacking sites ect ect. LS is much better than HS in terms of ISK its just player hostility that stifles it. The only reason NS is any better is that it has far flung areas with little or no natural traffic and enough buffer systems for an effective Intel network.

    Also the more value LS has the more PVP there is (More targets, more hunters). The Effective ISK/H you can get will most likely stay the same as competition ect gets greater and greater.

  • Realy Upset on the Leadership Skills Training in EVE Gameplay Center

    blackiice wrote:

    Orca to align and warp out is just over 30 seconds! The Porpoise is just under 6 seconds. My booster actually warps out faster than my hulk does.

    If you pulse a 500MN MWD an Orca will get into warp in ~10 seconds.

  • Bubbles of low sec deadspace in high sec systems in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yvette Mikakka wrote:

    Right now, all of Eve's "PVP zones" are the size of a system, and have to be entered by stargate. Letting all players have Local and D-scan intel before committing their ships to danger, letting them reach safety simply by warping out, this would add some interesting variety. It would also bring a form of PVE to high sec systems that required players to interact with each other. Probably a coding nightmare, but I think the idea's sound.

    If everyone has dscan and intel then only players who think they have a good chance of winning will enter. That or the hunters will just sit in Recons on the landing stop.

    In fact deadspace Acceleration gate entries are way worse than LS Gates, you can't burn back to a Acceleration gate, no gate guns, no cloaking up ect. This puts all the more power into the hands of hunters which would pretty much stop any non hunter from entering the sites.

  • EC rig build costs are absurd - lower material requirements in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Don't even look at T2 XL rigs, some cost ~200bil. Makes 3bil look downright affordable.

  • Anchor On Me Function in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rivr Luzade wrote:
    That functionality already exists in form of the fleet commando "Regroup".

    +1, already existing, its in the fleet menu (Top left corner drop down thing)

    Pretty sure you have to be Boss though, or at least is some level of command.

  • XL Cap Battery in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pelea Ming wrote:
    Yup, I watched it when you first suggested it earlier, but thank you for linking it for others perusing the thread!

    and, tbh, I do like the idea, in general, about changing the cap regen mods for that... but cap regen mods are a different thing that cap batts =)

    Personally, I like cap batts for laser boats... I've found that I can in general get better cap life in such ships by extending the max cap limit with such mods/rigs then I can by loading up on any amount of cap regen atm (other ships though tend to benefit more from a mix... generally for hybrid boats I like 2 max cap 1 cap regen, and for missile/proj boats I'm finding a 1/1 mix works best).

    If they do the regen changes suggested you could mix batteries and regen mods to a much greater affect. However if they released a Xl battery they may end up being OP (Like L batteries on Tengus) and throw in a regen bonused regen mod and you may end up with some crazy Cap regen.