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  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:

    Sarcasm aside, the whole thing I've asked Team Phenomenon is why they develop PvE content that it's not accessible to PvE players. Someone must be making this decission for some reason. Who, why or what sense does it, are a mistery.

    You are looking in a wrong way on this.
    It is not new PVE, it is a way to obtain a faction capital BPC (up to a titan) partially by PVE activity.

    This is not meant to be new PVE incursion, but a place where PVP related stuff on big scale meant to happen and as a reward you can get access to very interesting PVP capital ships.

    PVE element is there to put significant assets on grid to start this.

  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Amak Boma wrote:
    i see there interessing mechanic,players who would defend blood raider shipyards from attacks done by other players should gain standings to blood raiders and also recevie blood raider loyality points so they can be exchanged for the blood raider capital ship blueprint copy.

    Way to easy to abuse.

  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    If the complex drop just BPC, can we change this to strongbox? like 1000m3 in size?
    Without this just wait as someone kill the damn thing, and then just warp 10 ceptors to steel the drop.
    This is quite bad, make someone at least fight for the stuff.

    This is an NPC thing that spawns in Null-Sec. Theft is part of the name of the game here, and preventing other players from getting the loot is going to be as much a part of this encounter as killing the NPCs, especially with only one of these spawning in the game at a time.

    Besides even if you have 10 Inties, since you won't be able to set up a warp directly to the lootable object until the shipyard pops, the people actually holding the grid should have a much stronger chance of pulling the loot than someone trying to ninja it, especially if they're quick and clever.

    You can look at Incursions as an example here. When the Mothership pops at the end you do sometimes get a successful loot theft, but it's pretty hard to pull off and the person trying gets nothing but their ship popped the majority of the time, even in Low Sec.

    The main issue is that there is hard to control grid with the interceptors that by design are to ignore any grid control.
    Let someone fight for the stuff, drop a cyno jump in capital fleet - this is fun.

    Insta warping inty can fit cloack and MWD.

    guess something like 300-450 m3 would be sufficient. just make it above maximum interceptor cargo.

    We have nullified T3 with cover tcloack, they also don't cost much and can instantly warp.
    1000m3 force you to use indy or a cargo rigged BO.

  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If the complex drop just BPC, can we change this to strongbox? like 1000m3 in size?
    Without this just wait as someone kill the damn thing, and then just warp 10 ceptors to steel the drop.
    This is quite bad, make someone at least fight for the stuff.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Developed Outposts Improvement and Transformation Program

    The centerpieces of this celebration will be a new set of faction Citadels that will be exclusive to the Outpost replacement program. These special upgraded Citadels will enter the game through this Outpost replacement event and then no more copies of these types will ever be added.

    Please don't make them so unique, seed single run BPC for them into the "Navy" LP stores.
    Just make them extremely expensive - make a single run cost 30-50bilion not including the construction cost.

    There always be people willing to buy them - they don't destroy balance in any way but make game much more interesting and shiny.

    new special edition faction structure rigs

    This things can be unique and provide good enough reason to not remove the current installations after the change.

    What about expensive clones and assets of people who left them on the stations or outposts ?

    Will assets be moved to asset safety (for free) as there will be no way to reconquer some station any more.
    What about clones?
    No more ability to access them ( and they will be flushed when someone uninstall cloning station).

    Active people will have a chance to do something ... but what about those who unsubscribed.

  • [May] CONCORD Aerospace Promotional Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I see we will finally get CONCORD fixed in higsec.
    This bug with this ships capable of killing any thing was very annoying.

  • WTA Rare Apostle - one of the few in the game in EVE Marketplace

    lanyaie wrote:
    Lol, another one thinking he has hit the jackpot. I'll give you 1.3b for the Apostle because I feel bad for you.

    If there will be no interest hull will be laying for the next few years in some npc station ( as i don't expect to be used).
    5 bill on startup is hardly a jackpot.

  • WTA Rare Apostle - one of the few in the game in EVE Marketplace

    Hello i have for sale a rare apostle.

    Hull is fitted in AttentionT2 LARGE rigsAttention , 2x T2 Large CCC and 1 T1 Large CCC.

    Yes this ship was created during Archon to Apostle transition.

    This is also what it makes it rare.
    There is not so many Archons with Large rigs, much less was changed to Apostle hulls and just a fraction of them had T2 CCC rigs fitted.

    I don't suspect that this is the only hull of this kind in the game, but you could suspect less than a dozen in the game.
    You cannot create hulls rigged this way any more.

    Starting bid is 5bil (it is also the price i am willing to sell this ship)
    Increment 250mil.
    There is no buy out.
    Auction will END at 30/03/2017 23:59 ( time of the last post )

    Winner will have hull contracted in Khanid lowsec NPC station , with full fuel bay.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Takatii wrote:
    Do I smell the gateway to micro-transactions brewing? Why else would you want Plex in such small units?


    This change makes me so sad.

  • We Welcome Our New Microtransaction Overlords in EVE Communication Center

    Instant ship repair
    instant teleportation between systems
    apply 100 plex to reduce production time by 25%
    and other similar stuff.

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP ban all involved people.
    Breach of NDA

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Signature change?
    It was ever an issue?

    People kill fighters easily using subcapitals.
    Superiority fighters chew other fast.
    Rats can easily alpha a T2 fighter on a max skilled thanathos.
    I lost wings while they where MWD back to the carrier but they got webs and died.

    There was an bug that made rats not aggro fighters?
    Constant management on fighters recalls to fix and replace lost fighters.

    Next thing support fighters - only sirens are good, there is no point in using any other.

    Shield Slaves and shield super balance - when? I know that there are plenty of other things but those are not small toys, people invested a lot of time and $
    Shield supers are very broken due to neuts - maybe introduce a passive adaptive lowslot thingy and balance this later instead of making people to wait 2 more years.

    I know that EVE is a game about patience - but do we really need to skill it so hard?

    Super fleet hangars - nice, but can support fighters have size reduced?.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Focused Warp Scrambling Script in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Scrams not affect afterburners ( propulsion module options ).

    Maybe what really needs to be taken into the consideration is why people prefer MWD? Why AB is less desired.
    Maybe real fix is in increasing cap usage of the MWD so you cannot perma run it without any cap related fit modifications.

    HIC offered good possibility to fight kite meta - why are you taking this away?
    HIC scram range was very important for the fighting the MJD and MJFG meta - now like every thing is jumping.

    I like current HIC for the ability to say - if you want to fight - fight not run.

    This will be bad change.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ok then.

    Anchorable bubbles are ok.
    I hate them, but this is one way people protect their space, or do other crazy stuff.
    Only thing that need to change is KM generation, if we get KM from the anchorable bubbles we will get people who kill them.

    Interdiction nullification.
    Interceptors are just bad, they killed a lot of creative gameplay not introducing any thing positive. To cheap ship for this bonus, and sov mechanic.
    Nullified T3 yes, they are expensive and could be unique ships.
    Yachts, they are special edition ships and only because of this - yes.
    Blockade runners - no, they fly in cloack and hide cargo.
    Shuttles - no.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why this discussion start now, before CSM campaign, and not like few months earlier?
    What happened in last week, that so many CSM people started to ask questions about obvious things that annoy players?

  • Questions for CSM 11 Live stream (Jan 29) in Council of Stellar Management

    Sovereignty :
    Citadels - longer anchor time in sovereignty is good, but if someone drop it outside alliance activity TZ in alliance capitol, it will exit anchoring in very bad TZ.
    Making anchoring time to exit during sov owning alliance TZ vulnerability could be good move.

    Rorqual, will it be fixed?
    I don't want jump hictor that cannot be killed for 7 minutes in the game.

    Structures :
    Cloning service - it is crucial.
    Fuel usage look good, but eventually someone will forget to fuel this damn thing. Can we get cloning to not use fuel blocks, but instead of it, onlining the structure could eat 50.000 blocks.

    Shutting down a service
    - can we get big warning, you can disable service by miss click.

    NPC Null space:
    Can we get some boost to living in this space. Nothing was changed since 2008.

  • (Former?) bittervets of EVE, how did you reignite your passion? in EVE Communication Center

    Gank some miners.

  • WTS eve (really?) in EVE Communication Center

    Remiel Pollard wrote:
    Sorry, but if any company other than CCP becomes this game's 'owner', they can count me 100% out. Especially if it's Chris Roberts.

    Like you have something to say about who will own EVE

    Eve is a product and it will never be any thing else.

  • The goals you can set for yourself in EvE in EVE Communication Center

    I currently want to lose a carrier on some stupid hot drop.
    Only because i never lost a carrier before.
    For last 2 weeks, gate traveling, burning thru 100km of gate bubbles - no luck yet.

  • Festive Holiday Box in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You mean like blockade runners that you unlock with the tornados?

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