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  • Birdsquad-Project.Mayhem (english speaking) EU-TZ PVP corp recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    its true!

  • Jin'taan for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Mithandra wrote:
    So, you think you should be on the CSM because you are "used to attending meetings, and utilizing critical thinking within them to help stop one viewpoint from being drowned out"

    to me it looks more like he wants to be on the CSM because hes passionate about eve, knowledgeable about a major content driving area AND knows that he can contribute to a professional discussion (which being on the CSM is: you are an unpaid "game consultant")

    instead of throwing things out like: hurfblurf I will change this area of the game and stop climate change while im at it.
    a lot of thoose CSM campaigns try the thing RL politicians do: promise X and Y and think they are qualified because they are popular within X group of the game. which is dumb and bad and completly misses the point of the CSM.

    so id rather see somebody going to iceland that is used to analysing systems, finding errors within them and fixing them because he does that for a living, instead of some memelord who thinks hes the **** because his peers say so.

  • Jin'taan for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Jin'taan wrote:

    Apex Aubaris wrote:

    What is the most serious problem within the game that you think CCP should address in the near future?

    It's my firm belief that the most serious problem affecting EvE is not one specific feature, nor one specific issue. It's the lack of proper iteration on player facing changes that are made to the game. Ideally, balance or feature changes should have a clear and pointed direction, and be reviewed to see what impact they actually had after the meta has had time to settle to determine whether they have been effective or not in achieving their goals.

    I believe that this isn't just something CCP should be working towards however, it's something the CSM is uniquely well suited to help with, being (ideally) active and well connected players who can catch the pulse of the community, and the inevitable work-arounds that any change causes to pop up. Presenting an 'on the ground' report to CCP would really go a long way to helping them adjust changes in the direction they want to go, at least in my personal opinion

    This is actually a very good point, hope you make it up to iceland so you can at least get this across to them.

  • Tiger Tesla for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Tiger Tesla wrote:

  • Battleships: Although Machariels have seen a resurgance, I feel that all battleships should be forces to recon with on the battlefield, balanced by their slow deployment.

There are quite a few viable battleship doctrines out there. As everything in Eve it highly depends on the situation and the users intention. Machariels are only one of many frequently used battleship doctrines atm.

Buffing/Adjusting a single ship class because you "want to see more of them or they should be forces to be reconed with" isnt really a thing in eve and leads to imbalances in power in a very hard to balance environment.

What would you want to change? And why?

Tiger Tesla wrote:

  • Alliance Bookmarks: This is a quality of life improvement that everyone can benefit from

  • Pretty sure CCP is aware of that since forever but since alliances are corporations of corporations this is really hard to implement. This is not really anything you as CSM could change or affect.

    Tiger Tesla wrote:

  • Cross-Fleet broadcasts: As our hardware and technology increases on Tranquility, we should make the ability to have the giant fights on giant grids easier.

  • When multiple fleets work together they usually have some sort of communcation link setup already. This change would only amplify N+1 gameplay which nobody really wants to see.

    Tiger Tesla wrote:

  • NPSI Community QOL Changes: There are many changes that would help the NPSI community, and one of them is the ability for the FC to be able to set Temporary Standings for the fleet. This would also allow alliance FCs on the battlefield to change allegiances with other fleets on grid. Being able to set the visible color of other fleets could also be incredibly beneficial.

  • This was part of Jayne Fillons platform last year, and even tho CCP mentioned that they have plans in regards to this topic they clearly couldnt devote any resources to it.

    The point about temporary standings is not a big issue for most fleets since:
    1. People usually shoot what a targetcaller/FC broadcasts.
    2. FCs/targetcallers can already set standings towards other entities.
    3. Distinguishing different fleets is not an impossible task (and shouldnt be for an aspiring FC)
    4. FCs usually coordinate with each other already.

    How would this change (which is probably a lot of effort to implement) affect the day to day buisness in NPSI fleets and why should CCP devote resources to this? (considering that multifleet engagements are fairly rare, and it would be only a improvement for a very small part of the EvE population)

  • Jin'taan for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    A few questions:

    What is your opinion of the current state of fleet combat meta? (in Nullsec) Is it in a good/bad place?

    Whtat is the most serious problem within the game that you think CCP should address in the near future?

    Bonus question: Why are nightmares bad vs supercarriers and trackingtitans?

  • [Duality] Sovereignty Playtest Competition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ruune en Gravonere wrote:
    Dorijan wrote:

    Out of curiosity, how many people do you have testing on Duality and how many BRAVE nerds showed up at your doorstep? Kinda interested in the numbers that made you form strategic partnerships.

    Yeah probably a bit more information than I'm comfortable sharing Lol

    But we looked for mutually beneficial partnerships before the fighting started...

    But then again the guy that made the deal with you is in the same corp as Dorijan Big smile

  • Jayne for CSMX - ELECTED! - Thank you for your support! in Council of Stellar Management

    Jayne would actually be a reasonable choice for CSM

    ☑ Fleet Commander (knows how to herd cats // how to craft dank doctrines)
    ☑ Community Leader (he made something thats actually not **** // didnt let it failcascade within the first 2 months)
    ☑ Not bad with words (apparently he writes for some spaceshipnewspaper)
    ☑ Will (pretend to) listen to you
    ☑ Canadian
    ☑ CSM#1



    Managing NPSI Fleets in its current form is a major pain in the ass - what features/ideas would you advocate to CCP to improve the management of NPSI Fleets // Fleets in general? (I am aware that this is a big topic - 3 key points/ideas (if you have any))