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  • Fitted ships as item on community fitting market in EVE Technology and Research Center

    elitatwo wrote:
    No and double no, you cannot have my fits and noobs are supposed to fiddle stuff out, not everything being easy mode handed to them.

    I refuse to accept the "EVE must be hard" argument

  • Fitted ships as item on community fitting market in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zhilia Mann wrote:
    What you're proposing is making that skill esoteric to the point that only a few people would truly master it, which could easily lead to more homogeneous fits.

    If anything I think this feature would provide clarity to new players on what functional fits look like. They're also not stuck with whatever they buy, they're free to be creative, to improve. By having a bazaar where fits could be meaningfully traded and voted for with demand, practical things will likely rise on top. Yes, this will be sure to distill everything into basic ideas, but basic is all many people desire and it's their prerogative to choose when to advance.

    We want a game that's accessible to people who just don't have a lot of time to think about everything, it gives us all more things to shoot and casual players will still be more satisfied.

    Multifit and multibuy are stellar tools that fix a lot of problems, and for experienced players and alliance doctrines they take the tedium out of a lot of the game. That's great, but what they absolutely do not fix is the complexity inherent in designing a fit that's balanced for price and performance in a pleasant package that's easy for brand-spanking-new players to step into.

    In discussions like this, a lot of talk is about what should be for everyone, the right way to play EVE as if what we've adjusted to and accomplished is the only experience necessary to prescribe gameplay to other people. What I suggest is simple access for simple people, and having the cognitive disabilities I have there was a long time in EVE when it just would have been damned nice to not have to think about all the work in between each fight.

    This function would not interfere with other, more traditional gameplay and doesn't seem too hard to implement so it wouldn't sap away precious development time. It's just a tool for people to utilize, and most of the work would be performed by the community once the framework is in place.

  • Fitted ships as item on community fitting market in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    Thank you for dismissing feedback instead of attempting to justify your idea in any way, shape or form. Really sets the tone for the rest of the thread, doesn't it.

    The fact is what you're doing already works for you and does not work for, say, high volume low value fits. My proposal does nothing to interfere with what you do and does not add any complexity to the end user over having to try reading through a list of contracts hoping any of them are aren't a terrible fit or a scam.

    What I offer is tracking the popularity of fits and making their trade and understanding simple for the inexperienced, impatient and the incompetent.

    I mistook you as being snide and I just can't help but to be snide back. I overreacted, I'm sorry. Now let's please just agree that I'm right and this is an awesome idea.

  • Fitted ships as item on community fitting market in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    ...Why? This is an awful lot of complexity to simply duplicate the contracts system we already have.

    I sell fitted ships on contracts every single day. Your idea would just make it more irritating, and expensive, for me to do so even if we ignore the part where you specifically exclude the kind of places I actually sell the ships (IE nullsec staging systems, not highsec trade hubs).

    Thank you for evaluating the entirety of my idea based on your limited experiences and implying your narrow application of contracts for groups of seasoned players in remote areas has anything to do with what I'm suggesting.

  • Fitted ships as item on community fitting market in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Contracts are impractical for distributing fitted ships on an open market and as wonderful as multibuy is it leaves a gap between ship fits and buying the parts for them. New and old players alike can occasionally be overwhelmed with having to design ships and operate the market to acquire them.

    Sharing fits is easy enough, and distributing ships among allies isn't a terrible hassle, but for anyone who has no friends and is in a hurry to make new enemies there could be a better solution; All we need are shrink-wrapped ships.

    A new market category could be created providing a place for people to list multiple instances of a specific fit.

    To add a fit to the market, the player has to specify a fit as a new entry. That fit now exists as an item on the fittings market, and buying that item gives the player a shrink-wrapped version of the ship with the same volume. That item can then be activated to yield the fitted ship as normal.

    In order to add instances of this ship to the market escrow, a player must submit an identical, undamaged ship as specified in the fit. This allows fitted ships to be bought and sold by anyone and still exist at the mercy of the market itself.

    To mitigiate how many ships are submitted, a token could be sold on NES that entitles a player to add an entry to this special market. Entries expire if they're underutilized.

    Ratings and comments could be added to these fits to give players feedback on their efficacy. Rewards could be offered to maintainers whose fits sell well to encourage competition, perhaps aurum tokens.

    This market could be independent from the traditional market and computed separately, offering special CREST data to interact with zkillboard and such.

    Branding could be applied to ships bought in this fashion, indicated in killmails or something.

    This could be relatively easy to implement and relies on existing market factors. Balancing would unlikely be an issue.

    This can actually reduce stress on the traditional market and server inventory. Now that these collections of items and such are tokenized as a package, serialized instances of each item can be deleted and recreated when a player redeems their ship.

    Special locations could be specified for this market to operate, perhaps any already successful trade hub. This would force better grouping and keep instances low and stacks high.

    Interestingly this would benefit Bowhead traders most.

    No changes need to be made in the way pricing is calculated because all the items composing the fits are already bought and sold on the market as before.

    Other collections of items could be added to this market in this fashion, such as skill and ammunition packages. It would only be necessary to create a new ship that just acts as a container for the contents of a fitting sheet. It'd just be nice to have a spaceship version of a station container that can't undock. I'd never have to worry about repackaging it on accident.

    I believe this would be an excellent resource for new players in general, especially with upcoming alpha clones. It would aid significantly in casual gameplay and provide a new activity and market avenue for EFT warriors.

  • Dev blog: Unboxing the new Camera in EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    I restarted my client and launcher but I'm still getting the horrible marquee select when I hit refresh DScan. Adding a hotkey for refreshing DScan was one of the most amazing quality-of-life improvements and now it's all screwed up.

    All I want is to hit Dscan, and refresh the dscan window. I don't want that button to do anything else. Now I'm habitually hitting that key and it's screwing up my piloting so I have to remove the hotkey until it's not all stupid and useless again.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    ... You and yours made your choices and now you expect these choices to not have consequences. You expect all of New Eden to ignore years of history and actions made in many names and for many causes, and even to ignore the fact that your members are attacking TLF members ... you expect me to care about your feelings?

    We have encountered some misunderstandings in our operations, and there is certainly differences in who we define to be applicable targets. A few have been unintended. Some others... we try to offer warnings of premptive strikes to ensure the security of our fleets, and as we become more familiar with which pilots are merely inexperienced and those which are pirates or spies it will happen less. We are facing some prejudice, after all, and we don't know who is willing to attack us.

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    ... I am truly a villain, hmm?

    ... We have all made poor choices in our capsuleer careers. We have all done the wrong thing for the right reasons or the right thing for the wrong reasons. We've murdered and slaughtered our way across the stars, raining blood down upon the worlds beneath us. I have no will will towards those who have stepped wrong and done harm as I have.

    I've used harsh words, and I apologize. I am honestly protective of Valentina, I hold her in some reverence for convincing me to return to the Minmatar. There are times the Amarr had convinced me the Minmatar were sure to be defeated, that it was better to serve them willingly while I still had the opportunity. Pyre Falcon was a different experience. We worked for the Amarr, but were not Amarr. They did not encourage me to partake in the faith, they just wanted me to be an exemplary pilot regardless of my race or idealogy.

    I was born Minmatar of body, but I wasn't raised Minmatar. I didn't even meet Minmatar society until well after I graduated. I've always been an outsider, vesting myself in Minmatar culture while seeing everything with cosmopolitan eyes. I've made many mistakes, and I've been a terrible, selfish and ignorant person for a very long time now. I am trying to grow, now.

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    I placed myself at my clan's mercy and it was not particularly merciful. I will carry my marks of shame for all of New Eden to see, right on my very face, until I have earned the right to claim I have repaid my debts and undone the harm I did to my clan and people through my actions and failure.

    Can you even come close to understanding why you represent some of the most loathsome concepts of New Eden to me?

    I may hate their choices but I will respect their honesty and perhaps even forgive and embrace them if they work to fix their mistakes. I don't think you're capable of grasping such a thing though ...

    I can't grasp it. I don't even begin to understand the way you see the world, and it's unfair of me to demand that you start agreeing with me about anything when I'm obviously the intruder.

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    Should you prove in action that you take responsibility for your history and actions, I certainly would. So far though, your own alliance leaders and members have spoken quite eloquently to further the point that "they don't care."

    Please also understand that even before this initiative began you have been a detractor to several of us and you have threatened our appearence by setting a narrative that does not accurately depict MCF1B, Calmatar syncretists or the membership of 2LC. Ideally, we can rectify all of this, but it'll require a little clemency for our occasional disorder and the cultural differences we face between our organizations.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    *sigh* Okay, maybe we're both a little excited here. Mizhara, I don't want to fight you. We don't want to be your enemy. We are trying to do good things here, but your skepticism is completely understandable. Please give us the opportunity to prove our sincerity.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    Now now, save the vitriol and tears. If you spend it all in one place, you'll run out.

    Laugh all you want but what you are doing is genuinely upsetting. You are hurting me, you are hurting our coalition and you are hurting the Militia. As your peers flock to us, the "us" you're so desperate to define will keep becoming "them" and you'll suddenly find yourself without any bridges left to orbitally bombard with your stupidity.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    You are in dire need of having your panties unbunched, girl.

    And here is your hero, folks, curly tail and all.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    That said, it seems the few times I do get a fight in that thing, the locusts on both sides swarm the site.

    Yes, because we shoot you all the time. Do you seriously not listen to yourself? So dramatic, so negative, so inflammatory.

    And you're the hero, you're the good one. You're not the petulant malcontent who refuses to take any help that isn't specifically catered to your infantile black-and-white view of the world. So perfect, so flawless, pure of intent. Savior of the Minmatar.

    No, you're a worm, you're dishonest and your constant harassment won't be tolerated indefinitely. You can keep taking credit for other peoples' accomplishments and cry wolf every time you think something sinister is happening but eventually people will wise up to your diversion and division. You might appear loyal to the Minmatar but you're clearly a traitor to reason.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Synthetic Cultist wrote:
    What does 2LC refer to ?

    2 Lazy Coalition, the raddest new kids in town. We are so cool and identify well with the popular demographic. Studies have shown that 10 out of 10 everyone loves us.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    Oh you poor thing. That's a whole lot of boo-hoo over the words of someone with "old, stifling attitudes".

    To summarize this whole thing: If your position is so pathetically weak that simple words from a few people on a piddly little forum is enough to get you this shaken? Your position is untenable and built on smoke and dreams. Grow up and handle criticism like someone of the Tribes would rather than cry pitiful tears because "bad bad Miz wasn't being nice".

    But no, I suppose fighting with Pyre against GalMil is so very very necessary for "our people", traitorous filth.

    You are a narrow-minded blowhard who doesn't understand how the world works and yes, to be perfectly god damned honest your constant slander has caused me to waste my time I could be putting towards shooting Amarr to come here and try to help clarify our mission because yeah, you've kind of made me have to worry about our public image. You are an insufferable menace to the reputation of Republic and not only are you not content making your friends look bad, but you have to go out of your way to molest your allies too.

    My time with the Amarr was a tactical decision in order to understand them and try to change them. I'm not proud of the Minmatar I've destroyed, but this is war and my eventual goal is to end it by sufficiently crushing the Amarr's capacity to hire PMCs.

    However, you, Mizhara Del'thul, have shown nothing but disrespect and a lack of appreciation for the nuances of corporate relationships, modern warfare and the harsh reality of war. You are a bloviating idiot and you don't understand the contents or the impact of your words and your continued interference will require me to start charging your corporation to attempt to recoup from the damages you cause with your drivel.

    Anyanka Funk wrote:
    Why don't you actually do something? Anything! Undock your ship. Hell, stay docked, you could just be in station doing something. But you don't even do that. You do nothing, at all.

    You're broken. You're the reason Amarrians take people like you as slaves. You can do nothing for yourself or anyone else. You are only good for being a slave and nothing more.

    Mizhara Del'thul certainly undocks, and even shoots the enemy and participates in fleet operations. My concern is that their performance as a pilot doesn't make up for lost productivity from unnecessary obstruction.

    Samira Kernher, Maria Daphiti wrote:
    *manipulative fear, uncertainty and doubt*

    Thank you for helping me establish my argument for talking the same **** Mizhara does. I don't know if Mizhara is a spy but they'll be a wartarget if they continue to threaten our security.

  • The downfall of Minmatar Militia in EVE Communication Center

    Our people are struggling to prosper, and while 2LC is trying to provide infrastructure, industry and financial security to our allies we have idiots telling us we're doing everything wrong.

    We are wrong for raising funds instead of massing into unnecessarily large and inefficient fleets. We are wrong for securing resources and travel routes instead of taking terrible fights. We are wrong for using precision strikes when we are grossly outnumbered. We are wrong for using scanning equipment for its exact purpose. We are wrong for entertaining membership with excursions against various threats or opportunities.

    We are wrong because we are not doing it their way, the way they've always done it, the way that's always had mediocre performance and ineffective pressure on the war zone. For too long, it's been the mere economic advantages of surplus military equipment that dictated how much of the war zone we controlled.

    They don't get it, they don't get that they don't get it and we do. Serving with the Amarr, I discovered that they're largely run by idiots too, but they're more organized idiots with more money and they have less to disagree about. Shoot the savages, yay God. You see, we are their game, but we fight for our lives, our future as a people. They don't have to be afraid of getting anything wrong. Their society is fine for them, and it will keep on being fine no matter how many systems we take or what tactical decisions their capsuleer military makes.

    We're not the ones living in relative comfort and luxury. We're not the ones who get to have slaves do the work for us. We have to make real decisions together and build a society refugees and warriors can thrive in. 2LC, in its very brief time, is accomplishing the framework of a real and cooperative military power that can provide security to the common people. We have become something exterior to the Republic, yet something wholly beneficial to its people.

    Please, let's stop fighting among ourselves. Our dear Valentina and the membership of 2LC are prepared to accomplish great things for the Republic, and this incessant negativity towards our cause by a blustering minority with incentive to see us collapse will not dissuade us.

    To summarize: Miz shut the hell up. You can't tell us what to do. You have no authority. You clearly don't know how any of this works. It is frankly offensive how you disregard reality to make yourself look like some kind of voice of all the loosely associated PMCs who've freely elected to operate under the Republic flag indefinitely with no commitment. Do you not realize how absurd that is? Do you comprehend how incredibly ridiculous you look when you unprofessionally moan, as someone of no importance to the politics of our own coalition, from an entirely different and barely-affiliated corporation? There's a lot of people tired of the old, stifling attitude your friends and you have developed and you need to get with the times because the times aren't going to get with you.

  • A Thanks to the Caldari Milita in EVE Communication Center

    I generally avoid speaking here, but now seems like a good time to bother.

    In these eleven years as a capsuleer, I have had plenty of time to make plenty of mistakes but from these mistakes I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. I am thankful that death did not have to stand in the way of my experiences, and that I am free of the place I was raised that had me believe there was nothing interesting out here at all.

    I can't claim loyalty to anyone, I've proven that time and time over, but my heart does lie with the Matari even if don't believe that, collectively, they don't know what's best for themselves. The Republic is a young government largely defined by its oppressors. Fortunately, as a supportive outsider, I don't have pride standing in my way. I am not afraid to ask the Caldari for help.

    Diana Kim, you did not seem concerned with me when I was a supporter of the Angel Cartel, and I understand your priorities are with the State and not 'general do-gooding'. I ask that you embrace our cause, we need not be enemies and the Minmatar could learn so much from the Caldari.

    The Federation is not the savior of Minmatar, it is just a tyranny of popularity and fashion instead of dogma and shame. While I find any kind of nationalism terrifying, the Caldari social order is taught to prize itself, even if not individually. It is service instead of servitude. The Caldari are much better at dealing with the inherent flaws of human socialization, and I find that incredibly respectable and an attractive quality.

    It is time for the Caldari and Minmatar to rise together. Truly these two people have more in common than any other empires, and both have the most working against them. Do not think for a second the Amarr wouldn't turn on the State and enslave every one of its people if they thought they could get away with it, and the Gallente's half-assed support has only poisoned whatever Minmatar identity there might have been.

    The world has changed, and it continues to change. We should change together. We don't even have to set aside our differences, because there are none. The only reason we fight is we're shooting the enemies of our terrible friends, and I will stand for it no longer.

  • [TLF Announcement] Matari Invictus in EVE Communication Center

    Yes, Republicans, you can have your space back. Our objective has been completed. You were entertaining for a time, but sadly we must leave the theater we shared to pursue a new operation. We take with us the people who could see beyond your meaningless crusade, who understand there is something greater at work.

    Please maintain perspective, however. You did not achieve victory; you were merely a minor inconvenience, an infestation that would only spread freely when those who effortlessly perpetrated your destruction were no longer present. Nothing has changed for you. You have not improved as people, as pilots, as warriors. Your pithy guerrilla tactics have only proven that the Minmatar as a people are not prepared for the new world that inevitably lies ahead.

    The racial boundaries are falling, replaced by ideology. Sure, you think you're the heroes, freeing slaves and all. Maybe you are, but being heroes won't help you survive in the capsuleer age. You need discipline, selflessness and mutual respect and these are virtues the Tribal Liberation Force severely lack.

    So yes, pat yourselves on your backs. Go ahead. You'll be too busy celebrating to see yourselves dissolving away. Maybe it's better you don't watch as the disease consumes you. Still, I'm compelled to warn you... escape your mediocrity while you can. You wouldn't stand a chance against a foe that would truly intend to annihilate you, assuming your anomie doesn't destroy you first.

  • Formations in fleet warps. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Donnachadh wrote:
    Why do you want EVERY ship in your fleet slowed downed to the warp speed of the slowest just to have a formation because they MIGHT look cool?

    I do not know about you folks but the FC I fly with count on having ships arrive at different times and use that to our advantage.
    This formations thingy would destroy that ability. So overall I have to say No to this idea.

    Sometimes it is preferable to have everyone land together, it makes it more difficult to call primaries and gives less time to prepare. Also fleet warp helps prevent stragglers from getting caught and the fleet doesn't get broken up when fleeing. There are a lot of bad times to use fleet warps but it is hardly a useless mechanic.

    Also, this proposal does nothing to change the actual function of fleet warp.

  • Formations in fleet warps. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jerrik Jataan wrote:
    OH YEAH... I want this so bad!! .. This is such a good idea!!

    Omg yes it so is! :D

  • Formations in fleet warps. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Celthric Kanerian wrote:
    Fleet warp is going to be a rare thing regardless soon.

    Yeah but that don't mean we can't do it in style when we do it

  • Formations in fleet warps. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zeus Maximo wrote:
    I always thought it would be cool to have fleet formations saved like the fleets hierarchy.

    Standard formation: DPS lands in the front and Logistics lands in the back!

    Triage formation: Carrier class ships land in the middle of the fleet!

    Super Capital formation: Titans and Super Carriers are greatly more spread out in the formation so when they land they don't bounce.

    Yasssss I mean it can risk people not landing in jump range or colliding with obstacles, but that happens anyways and its up to people to use the tools intelligently.