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  • InterBus in EVE Communication Center

    This thread has a topic?

  • Off Topic Discussions in EVE Communication Center

    I thought I was the only one to notice.

  • Declaring War on an Impotent God in EVE Communication Center

    An amendment: It also includes a select group of people who don't frequent highsec and do have the ability to fight back. These groups can be brought up whenever someone accuses them of only going for soft targets, but aren't a risk because, frankly, they can't be arsed and have far more important things to do than chase wartargets around kspace, including but not limited to "literally anything else but that". If people bring this up, you simply deflect with silly excuses such as "we don't have to hunt the people we said we'd be hunting".

    Is that more accurate?

  • Idle Threats in EVE Communication Center

    This sort of thing.

  • Declaring War on an Impotent God in EVE Communication Center

    The definition of "Opponent to the Sabik faith" is clearly "someone who stays in highsec and doesn't have an extensive combat record and also disagrees with me".

    I hope that clears things up.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Now I feel a little bad for my earlier cynicism, seeing as it turned out to be accurate.

    Let's hope that they can quarantine this more effectively. Given the incubation period of Kyonoke, I'd expect restrictions on travel away from the keepstar.

    I wish the best for anyone who might have been exposed, I can't imagine being in your position.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    "The Federation isn't doing enough! This is clearly the fault of the Caldari."

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    "..breach the quarantine zones established around Kyonoke Plague infected sites in Postouvin, Muttokon, Efu and Oijanen."

    Expeditions to all of the quarantine zones it seems. Call me a pessimist, but I can't see this ending well. A large gathering of people in an enclosed space, many of whom have been exposed to Kyonoke? I really hope the SoCT is sure they know what they're doing.

  • Trilambda Feature Feedback - Suns, Hangars and Logos! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please don't remove the advanced audio features. I understand that maintaining them is extra work, but removing them would be a terrible idea.

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    Gwion Achasse wrote:

    And this statement brought to you by...?

    My statements were brought to you by empathy and compassion. And not being discriminatory. You directly called a lot of people "low points" for an entire society, comparing them to killing innocents. I'm not a tube child, but I won't tolerate that.

    Gwion Achasse wrote:

    I do believe that blowing up convoys that are historically part of your rival political entity is one of the least reasonable maneuvers I can think of.

    Almost like there's more to this that we're simply not privy to, and that we should wait for more information.

    Gwion Achasse wrote:

    I don't want full scale war, but I will not tolerate attacks on a national corporation (which is highly symbolic, regardless of the reasons) nor will I back down in the face of those with loyalties to the State.

    So you don't want war, but you also don't tolerate anyone with loyalties to the State? Were you aiming for a cull or a massacre perhaps? Not technically war.

    Gwion Achasse wrote:

    If you don't want war, don't throw the first punch.

    Let's assume that there isn't anything else to this story, and that it was actually just enforcement of the borders, the Federation was spying on the State. Many would argue that espionage is that first punch. Do I agree? Not entirely. Would that justify the attack? No. But claiming that this was the first punch is utterly silly. The first punch was thrown a long, long time ago.

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    Gwion Achasse wrote:
    Shooting innocent convoys delivering something of actual quality and enjoyment to an otherwise dour and depressing corporate wasteland is hardly low for a culture that grows children in tubes.

    This statement brought to you by Quafe.

    There's no better soft drink on the market for quenching your thirst after insulting others based on nothing but the circumstances of their birth.

    On a less sarcastic note, I take back what I said about people being reasonable in this thread. This thread has become a great example of people without critical thinking skills who are willing to take every opportunity to further their political goals, including advocating for war. Because now is a fantastic time for a full scale war. I won't name names, because they'll name themselves by getting offended over this statement.

    Have some respect.

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    Not sure which thread you're reading, so far I've seen "There's probably more to this", "The freighter pilots shouldn't have ignored warnings", "The customs officials massively overreacted" and "Quafe were trying to smuggle something out".

    Overall, people are being reasonable. Waiting for more information before jumping to a conclusion.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Skyweir Kinnison wrote:
    This inquest is wisely located in Federation space, where the search for objective truth and freedom of thought are most securely protected. Solitude welcomes the scientific delegations and wishes them every success.

    Let's hope the State delegation doesn't flounce out the moment something they don't much like turns up. I'm guessing there's already some mega-corporate fume going on at the Federal taskforce getting there first. Yes, darlings, we are nobbling your centrifuges to spin that tiny bit slower

    It's located in Federation space because the outbreak is on a station(Making studying it from another station easier) and because it's in high security space.

    The facility is neutral ground for the benefit of everyone. If you'd like to bait for arguments, consider making your own thread for it.

  • [NEWS] Closure of all State Embassies within the Federation. in EVE Communication Center

    The CEP doesn't want open war with the Federation, despite what people seem to think, they're smarter than that. They know the consequences of their actions and it was clearly hotly debated. Whatever their reasons are, I imagine they're good ones.

    If the Kasaras family are paid off, it was a long term investment.

  • An Idea: Because I am bored for the moment. in EVE Communication Center

    As in the largest ship in comparison to what I was in at the time?
    Charon in a Cerberus. (I was alone at the time)
    Largest in the smallest ship that I'm capable of flying?(Going to limit to frigate, I've never gotten a kill in an Ibis) Hurricane in a Federation Navy Comet(I was not alone at the time).

    What about out of the pod fights? Been in any notable ones?

  • Tell us about your home planet. in EVE Communication Center

    I grew up on a fairly standard station in Caldari space, I traveled a lot due to my parents work, but I think the most I was ever away was six months, so I'd probably consider it my home despite constantly leaving.

    My bed was probably the closest thing to a hidey hole I had, since the stations plans were likely extensive. It was built into the wall, so I'd hang blankets over the opening, I've always liked that style of bed. People complain that it's claustrophobic but I find it comforting.

    I passed the time with stargazing, fighting(of the approved, controlled kind), reading.. Sometimes I'd talk with people passing through about where ever they'd come from and on-board what. And schooling, of course. Which I mostly enjoyed.

    The first time I went to a planet was when I was around 17, it was a tundra world. I'd go out to this place not far from where we were staying(It was a little cabin built on a treeline. fairly remote) and lay down and just look at the stars. Stargazing is different on a planet. I nearly froze to death because apparently planets have weather? Who would have thought. Not me, clearly.

    Not really sure what else to talk about that's related to where I grew up.

    For me now, home is where my ships are. I like wormholes because of how much they let me see. You can look through a wormhole and see the stars for a completely different region, someone else's sky.

    Not sure where I was going with that so I'll stop before it gets too overly dramatic and pseudo-deep.

  • Tell us about your home planet. in EVE Communication Center

    I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that I had an incredibly boring and unremarkable childhood in an incredibly boring and unremarkable location.

    Compared to people that have posted so far anyway.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Let's save the ceaseless recriminations and personal attacks for other threads? There are at least a half-dozen that are well-suited for that at the moment.


    On another note, why is it that the previously competent intelligence agencies of New Eden suddenly can't manage to keep anything to themselves? The amount of leaks recently is odd.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Olga Drottning wrote:

    If they'd have destroyed it in the first place then it wouldn't have been there to steal for use against a Caldari planet. You can't honestly believe that it was preserved to research for anything other than military purposes.

    It says a lot about you that you don't even consider the possibility that something might be done for the good of other people.

    Olga Drottning wrote:

    The argument that it probably exists elsewhere and therefore a cure was required is tired and done. It's not been found anywhere else in the cluster to date. If by some astronomical chance it is, there are plenty more stars to tow these things into.

    That's ridiculously short sighted. The chances of Kyonoke existing in only one location are tiny.

    Olga Drottning wrote:

    But now the cat's out of the bag anyway. We can destroy the sources we know about, but then some unknown actor still has it - And because of that, New Eden should know that the State is ultimately at fault for not destroying the pathogen when it was contained.

    Great plan. Let's destroy something that could yield valuable research because we're afraid! Those scientist types are in over their heads, wanting "tests" and other such silly things. Thinking about "the future", whatever that means(Probably means the future of bioweapons.). Why don't they understand that all problems can be solved via explosives.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    When dealing with an unknown disease, destroying it is the least useful option, especially considering that if it was present in the Pit, chances are it's present elsewhere. Studying it was the best choice they could have made, and it clearly lead to an effective containment method being developed.

    As for your conspiracy, others have already addressed just how little sense that makes. If the State had developed a bioweapon with Kyonoke, one of its first uses probably wouldn't be on a populated Caldari planet.

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