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  • Making Wormholes easier to Probe. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Wait it doesnt work anymore to get a scan with only one probe at 32 a.u. and be able to discriminate which sig is a wormhole from the differente range of % you get?

  • Fozzie Sov - A potential nerf to trollceptors. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm not sure trollceptors are that overpowered.

    If the goal to have a few people living in each system and using them, it is not trollceptors that are overpowered, its most of the current sov holders that are not adapted to the new system.

    Currently, yes if you have 20 empty systems with low index, yes 20 ceptors can reinforce everything in no time. Now, if you have 20 systems with 2-3 people in each, with higher index, you can prevent the ceptors to effectively attack your sov easy.

    But needing 3-4 units of stront per cycle instead of one would be a good idea anyway.

  • Unscheduled Downtime Extension – July 15, 2015 in EVE Communication Center

    We need to reach page 300 !

    And also thanks CCP devs for your hard work and commitment

  • Unscheduled Downtime Extension – July 15, 2015 in EVE Communication Center

    Maybe falcon could stop writing the updates in caps, there is so many now that writing in caps is not making it more readable ^^

  • A change to c6 wormhole space in EVE Gameplay Center

    What Wspace would need would be new blood.

    I tried to create this, but setting up in high class as a new group is very hard. First making money as a group in C5 is not as easy as most seems to think.

    I dont know what kind of spawn rate you have in c6, but in c5 space, if you have a combat anomaly a day you're lucky. You rarely have 5 combat anoms at once. And as a new group having enough capital/rapier/loki pilot is not easy. Sure when you are in one of the groups that can always have 2 carriers 6 dreads and a few lokis to login every time you fancy to run sites, its easier to make money. And if I understand correctly, living in C6 space grants you more sites than C5 (and more profitable).

    When you struggle to make money its hard to convince your player base to consistenly bring T3s (assuming they can fly them) to fights where more numerous and more experienced people will more than likely beat you most of the time. In the course of 5 month we had 5 or 6 enjoyable fights, half of them because the opponent (noho and lazerhawks) were kind enough to limit what they brought to the table. As new comers, we lost these fights, and the more fight you lose, the more you need money to replace your loss to fight the next day.

    I really tried to make my corp be a pvp corp, but having half the members struggling with making money was a big issue. Having only a handful of people with the skills and ships to make capital escalation makes them burn out. And yes you also run sites in your static without escalation, which we did. But this is not incredible money, and you need to farm like crazy if you want to pay the fuel and your pvp ships, and you end up farming more than you want. You cant just install pvp groups in wormholes like that. These groups needs to already be at a certain level of development, average skillpoints and competency.

    I tried to take a highsec corp to C5 living in less than a year, and it was a mistake. You really need a good reserve of t3, dread and carrier pilot to thrive in highclass, and a group with mostly one year old pilots wont have this.

    So where do you find groups with the required qualities, or how do you form them, given that many players will prefere to join established and stronger groups.

    I also think C5 space is too vast. Ragerolling there is a waste of time especially with current activity levels. Scanning big chains has never been more successful in my experience. C6 with C6 static is the best place to make money and find wh pvp theoretically, this is were wormholers should focus in installing pvp corps.

  • [FR][WH] Three Stars Association in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Nous recrutons toujours des joueurs actifs et passionés!

  • Singularity: Requests for account reactivation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please reactivate my account on sisi.
    Thank you.

  • [FR][WH] Three Stars Association in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    If it is not against the rules to keep it up, I'd like to keep it up, as some french players visit this forum and not the french corner. Could you link me to the ruling please?

  • [FR][WH] Three Stars Association in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    This post was here before the french forum was open, I do not know if I have to delete it or not.

    Anyway, we are a french group, there is no need to knw what it says if you do not speak french ;)

  • [WH] Three stars association in Forum français

    Présentation de la Corp:

    Three Stars Association est une corpo française PvP vivant en wormhole C5 avec static C5. Nous sommes un groupe relativement jeune qui est passé en quelque mois d'un groupe de joueurs vivant en highsec de mission et de minage à un groupe bien organisé de joueurs vivant dans un des environnement les plus dangereux d'Eve. Nous ne sommes pas des vétérans, mais nous apprenons sans cesse et devenons meilleurs de jours en jours depuis des mois. Si vous cherchez un groupe pour découvrir et profiter des wormhole dans d'excellentes conditions notre corporation est faite pour vous.

    Si votre objectif est de rejoindre une corporation pour pouvoir farmer comme un malade, nous ne sommes pas fait pour vous. Vous aurez accès à de bon moyen de générer des revenus généreux, mais cela doit être dans le but de pouvoir participer à nos activité PvP.

    Si votre objectif est d'avoir accès à des victoires PvP servies sur un plateau sans avoir à faire d'effort de votre coté, nous ne sommes pas fait pour vous.

    Si vous désirez faire partie d'un groupe qui souhaite se tailler une réputation en partant de rien, et participer à cette aventure collective avec les difficultés qui vont avec, alors la 3SA vous fera profiter d'Eve d'une manière unique. Et dans une bonne ambiance!

    Nos objectifs sont les suivants:

    • progresser dans notre maîtrise du PvP en petite fleet (10-20 pilotes)
    • Consolider nos doctrines T2/T3/Cap
    • Permettre à membres de gagner les isk nécéssaire pour profiter du jeu pleinement
    • Fournir et maintenir une ambiance de jeu amicale et agréable

  • Notre politique est de rester classe avec nos adversaires dans la victoire comme dans la défaite. Nous entretenons aussi une ambiance bon enfant au sein de la corporation, où tout le monde a l'occasion d'apprendre, de mieux se connaitre et s'apprécier.

    Nous sommes bien organisés et améliorons constamment notre organisation. Nous disposons d'un serveur TS3, d'un site, d'un forum, d'un wiki, d'un mappeur web pour gérer notre chaine de wormhole, et d'un compte fleet-up pour gérer nos doctrines et nos fleets, et de divers autres outils web pour notre gestion interne.

    Notre créneau horaire principal est entre 19h et minuit heure française.

    Grâce aux revenus que nous pouvons générer avec les capital escalations, nous pouvons depuis peu nous consacrer beaucoup plus régulièrement à notre perfectionnement en PvP, ce qui reste notre objectif principal.

    Les joueurs que nous recherchons:
    Nous avons besoin de pilotes qui veulent pouvoir participer à du PvP difficile et stimulant, et s'intégrer dans un groupe aux liens soudés.

    J'insiste sur ces deux points:

      le PvP que nous proposons est difficile:
    • Nous sommes et serons très souvent en sous nombre.
    • Notre groupe n'est pas vieux et experimenté: nous apprenons tous ensemble.
    • Nous voulons prévaloir par notre organisation et nos compétences, pas en noyant nos adversaires sous le nombre.
    • Vous devez aimer le challenge et avoir la volonté d'apprendre et de se perfectionner.

      Vous devez avoir envie de vous intégrer au groupe:
    • Nous ne sommes un petit groupe d'une vingtaine de joueur qui se connaissent bien.
    • Nous tenons tous à garder une bonne ambiance et à tisser des liens.
    • Vous devez avoir envie de rencontrer des gens, et d'essayer d'en faire de bon camarades de jeu à défaut d'amis. Vous devez aussi savoir faire preuve de bonne humeur et de diplomatie.

    En terme de présence, nous voulons des membres qui jouent régulièrement. Cela ne signifie pas tout le temps, mais vous devez jouer de façon régulière deux ou trois soir par semaine. L'IRL passe avant tout pour nous tous, mais si vous ne consacrez pas au moins deux soir par semaine à jouer avec nous, vous ne pourrez tout simplement pas profiter de la vie en wormhole correctement.

    Les skills demandés:

    • Pouvoir piloter Covops ou Astero
    • Astromectics IV
    • Hull Upgrade V
    • Gallente Cruiser IV
    • Sentry drone interfacing IV

    Pouvoir piloter un guardian, un Armageddon, un Bhaalgorn, un Tengu, un Loki un Rapier, un Carrier ou Dreadnought armor, est un gros plus.

    Ce que nous vous proposons:

    • Du PVE en groupe
    • Minage de gaz en groupe
    • Des roams réguliers
    • Des entrainement réguliers
    • Des fights
    • Une gestion équitable des revenus par la corporation
    • Une communauté avec qui s'entraider et passer de bon moment de jeu.
    • La possibilité de faire de l'industrie en wormhole.

    Notre channel public est "-3SA-" sans les guillemet.
    Cliquez ici pour poser votre candidature

  • [FR][WH] Three Stars Association in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Recrutement toujours ouvert.

  • [FR][WH] Three Stars Association in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Mise à jour du poste, nouvelle vague de recrutement pour la 3SA: Rejoignez notre aventure!

  • Dev blog: Invention updates in Phoebe in EVE Information Center

    Hey everyone, I'm sorry if the question have already been asked here, but I didnt find it. Here is a quote of a question I asked in the wormhole subforum :

    Arcturus Gallow wrote:
    Hello everyone
    Here is a quote from the patchnote:

    Removed and reimbursed all R.Db.-Hybrid Technology, data interfaces, subsystem interfaces, and their respective blueprints at average market price

    What about these items sitting in a corporate hangar array? Are they going to be reimbursed to the corporation owning the POS, or will we have to move everything in a station?

    Thank you in advance !

  • Removed&reimbursed items and Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    corbexx wrote:
    Shilalasar wrote:

    Devs rarely wander into the depths of the WH subforum.

    They do if you ask them nicely, but they are getting better.

    What would you advice Corbexx, keeping the question here or asking it where Shilatasar told me?

  • Removed&reimbursed items and Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hello everyone
    Here is a quote from the patchnote:

    Removed and reimbursed all R.Db.-Hybrid Technology, data interfaces, subsystem interfaces, and their respective blueprints at average market price

    What about these items sitting in a corporate hangar array? Are they going to be reimbursed to the corporation owning the POS, or will we have to move everything in a station?

    Thank you in advance !

  • [Phoebe] Value increase for low-end blue loot in EVE Gameplay Center

    TheMercenaryKing wrote:
    Don't wormholers make enough already? I thought they pulled in like a billion per person per hour.

    Honestly, I would like to see the sleeper components be used to build T3s rather then NPC sell orders.

    Edit: So this is mainly for the smaller wormholes? I don't know enough of wormhole life - only that I have been told we could make billions daily with fairly low risk.

    I see people thinking this everywhere and I think this is crazy. I live in C5 and cap escalations are hard to do, require heavy investment (at least 2 carriers, 2 dreadnought and 1 rapier/loki. If you want to generate income for everybody in the group, you have to let more people in. We make ~100m isk/hr/player, and cannot do this for more than 3 hours more than 4 times a week. Thats 1B2/player/week. Assuming we have the sites, we dont get dropped, and we spend 4evening just PVEing which does not happen.

    Isk in C6 I dont know about it, just that its even harder and riskier. And not *that* much more.

    Isk in C5+ is good, but it is far from crazy and certainly not in the billion per hour mark, except maybe for a handful of crazy multiboxer with insane starting capital and skillpoints. And even they lose a lot sometimes, look at the guy multiboclxing 2 carriers 2 dreads and 8 napocs who lost it all recently. Yes he was probably pulling 15bil per week out of his setup, but he lost a month of farming with one gank. And now he is on watchlist for a lot of dudes :)

    And anyway this change will maybe buff highclas income by 5%

  • EVE French Launch Event in Paris October 2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    19h00 is French time, not Eve time right?

  • [Serious] Taking Back Wspace in EVE Gameplay Center

    What can players do to reignite the love for Wspace?

    That cannot be the signle ultimate solution, but I think what we do in my corp is a good example that some people could follow. 6 month ago we were highsec carebears. We took a little over 2 month to teach our group about basic pvp, scanning and wormhole mechanics, as well as skilling. Then we moved to a C4>C4 and lived there 4month, learned the ropes, improved as a group, make money and feel the environment of wormholes in general. Three weeks ago we proceeded to leave our C4, and after a few logistical issues, Bob offered us the exact C5>C5 we were looking for.

    And we totally love wormhole space and the adventures we have here. We may have the newbie syndrome, as we are far from experienced compared to most wormhole groups, but still our current situation is very appreciated by us as a group. We could make a lot more money, we could have more PvP, we could be way better at it. And we are trying to go that way.

    I think what you guys in big and old corp and alliances miss that feeling: you guys already make mad isk, you already know the best way to find fights and ganks, you already have a sufficient playerbase, with enough skills to have super efficient fleet most of the time. You already can crush anyone like my corporation, you just have to decide it. You do not have much challenge to overcome. You are bored of you former love. And Wspace in general is not as lively as it could, so you miss lesser entities to fight. You lack stuff to achieve, you lack equally strong rivals. And finally you seem to lack a bigger goal, something you have not yet achieved that could drive motivation in your group. I feel it is very important to have a greater goal for a group. A next mountain to climb collectively. If you dont, people will start to go back home, and leave you alone and bored at the top of your already climbed mountain.

    Me and some corpmates could have join one of these groups, and enjoy the protection that comes with the membership of such a group, enjoy the knowledge, the skill and organization, and the big income opportunity. But I honestly think that if I had, I would be bored of wspace by now, and I would not have learn so much, because I would not have any need to. No need to learn to FC if I have an already really good one in my corp. No need to learn how to farm efficiently if I already have people letting me join perfectly run cap escalations with really clear and precise explanation on what to do when.

    Finally, we feel that a fleet size of 15 is perfect for a good pvp experience, and still having a lot of different kind of engagement open. We are a single timezone group, and to have regularly 15 people in fleet, you do not need to have more than 30 active players in you group which roughly equate to less than 100chars in corp.

    Being more is too much according to me. If you have more than 30 active people, you will start to have a lot of people that do not know each other in the group. You will start to meet groups that just dont have the number to fight you. You will waste some potential, as you only need one or two FC per group, one or two skilled scouts/tackler etc.

    It is not reallistic to ask bigger groups to split. But I think it is possible for smaller group around the size I mentioned to compete with them at some level. If we have enough "medium" groups like this in wspace it could be really more interesting to live in wspace for everyone.

    And it does not take that much to have this. Helping people to form new groups, making a complete guide/wiki with how to run pve fleets, how to manage group income, pos living, corp security. Show that a group of noob with only a few experienced players willing to lead a bit is able with a bit of work to become a respectable wormhole entity. I think even without taking people by the hand, just making known that you do not have to join the top dogs to have a nice experience in wormhole space, and that you do not need to be 300 to live in C5. You do not even need to be able to run cap escalations to make decent money as a group etc. Encouraging people to try, and being generally helpful with wormhole newcomers is the way to go.

    Just as a conclusion: early during our C4 days we met a fleet of ~15 guys in T2/3 cruisers from a bigger/older wormhole entity. We engaged with our 8-10 man battlecruiser and t1logi gang, and got obliterated, but the guys warmly congratulated us and gave us a bit of isk as a wormhole welcoming. Even if we lost, and monetary wise it was hurtful at that time for us, we felt respected and encouraged to keep fighting. This is the right kind of attitude to have if you want to have people to fight with.

    For the low class wormholes, I just know that a group with ~10 people can have a very nice experience living in a hole with a C3 or C4 static. And all of this doable in battlecruiser. Wspace may be really hard for solo players or 3-4 man corps, but with a little bit of organization, it seems perfectly fine to me for a 6+ man group to live in wspace with such statics.

    Finally if you just play eve for the rewards, run incursions. You will die of boredom after two weeks, and realize that this game is not really about isk. In my opinion, living in C4 was a incredible gaming experience compared to running incursions, even if I made much less money there.

  • WTS C4 with C4 C2 statics in EVE Marketplace

    The system is still open, come and grow and enjoy wormhole space as we did there!

    (I am always available for advice via eve mail if you want to go and live in wormhole space for the first time!)

  • WTS C4 with C4 C2 statics in EVE Marketplace

    Offer still up !