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  • Bug with submitting ME job in POS in EVE Gameplay Center

    BPO is in the right location since I just finished one cycle of ME research and wanted to start on another one.

    Anyways it seems problem has solved it self and I was able to submit ME job today.

    It seems they break POS code more and more with every update lately...

  • Bug with submitting ME job in POS in EVE Gameplay Center

    I was trying to start a ME job today in my Research Lab and its asking me to submit input location for material.

    However as this job does not require any material it does not give you an option to chose a hangar.

    So you are not able to submit a job as you are not able to chose a material input location.

    Don't know if this is a known issue and there is a way around it already.

    If it is I would appreciate you share it with me.

  • selling the cheapest capital ships (+ the equipment) ship delivery service in EVE Marketplace

    First time buyer here, all I can say is excellent service, good price and extremely fast delivery.

    Can definitely recommend!