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  • EvE Cities in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Already suggested at length:

  • Planetary Interaction as a Mini-game & App in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I proposed something like this as far back as 2012....

    We're still waiting.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Question 1: Will any trial accounts (that still exist, regardless of status), be converted into alpha accounts? If so, will they retain any skills that have been trained in the trial state prior to introducing this change?

    Question 2: If any trial accounts we have lingering around in the archives of history (assuming of course, all trial accounts will automatically be converted into alpha states), have characters that have been renamed due to not being subscribed and or taking namespaces that have been cleared, will there be a way to petition a name change or will we have to re-create the character?

  • [Feedback Request] Capital Ships in Incursions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Part 2:

    5) FAXes
    Just allow them to remote rep other faxes in triage, and other caps in siege... then it might mean something.

    Otherwise, lets talk about preventing remote assistance between sub capital logistics to make eve "truly interesting and fun"

  • [Feedback Request] Capital Ships in Incursions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fozzy. I'd Love to start running Titan boosts for incursion fleets in hisec. Just allow caps and supers into hisec and delete cynos. for serious. Me would love you long time.

    But erm.... Without spider tanking non-triage carriers? Capital Incursions in lowsec & null only? You expect peeps to go and enjoy this with those crappy FAX hulls as much as they farm hisec sites? lolz Fozzy, you funny.

    But I'm going to make a few points about this:

    1) Incursion communities tend to favor Turret systems (instant high levels of dps) over missile / drone platform ships (The exceptions being sentry drones on myrms / domies). The missiles don't apply damage well enough to those fast moving rats, in addition to the range those rats can start engaging at compared to the low damage longer range missiles we get in eve presently. In this respect, the only capital ships that would be able to fill a role would be the Phoenix (or even the Leviathan), provided there is webbing support (rapiers, huggins, lokis, bhalgorns, ashimus Vigilances or Vindis) in the fleet assisting with the webbing actions to slow down rats enough (and target paint them enough) for the capital missiles to be of use.

    Sentry drones are much more useful (fantastic in large numbers), but with most drone bay sizes being what they are, flying anything except myrms and battleships (read domis / rattlesnakes) that can field 3 or more, the dps loss (esp for small fleets) isn't worth the effort (and time) of putting up with the hassle of running the sites. Now if we could still have pre-citadel carriers with sentry drones? Yea sure... no problem.

    2) Dreadnoughts.
    With the old anti-structure / anti-capital guns, these will be useless (both in siege and out of siege) to hit frigate sized rats that aren't webbed or TPd et mass due in large part to the way guns work in eve (projectile size / target size / tracking / sig radius / transversals / av et al). The new HAW weapons will most likely work a whole lot better against sansha rats, but again, your limiting the engagement range to 25-45km and giving caps insane locking times because of low scan res values (the whole "why should a capital ship target stuff as fast as a frigate / cruiser / BS" argument that forms the basis of rifters online).

    More over, your forcing the dreads to go into siege to use HAWs.... which implies no remote repairs (in incursion sites... have you ever run any of these yourselves? no logi when you need reps = deadmeat) and those rats will chew through capital EHP like there's no day after the day after tomorrow. So in my opinion, unless there is a fundamental shift in the way siege works (for example, by allowing remote repairs from FAXs in triage / siege - by adding a -ewar resistance value so to speak to a ship in siege and then gimping the reps received from FAX's in triage to say 50% effectiveness of what they get if not in siege) Dreads wont see allot of action in incursion sites. Sure - people use them to farm sleepers in wormholes and claim they farm 3 bil isk an hour. Sleepers are not sansha rats. a single dread with a local repper will be able to tank sleepers.... I'd love to see that dread last against sansha in a whole incursion site with its local tank and no support. Esp when the neuts start coming in and you run out of cap charges for your shiny new capital ASB / ARR.

    So again (given the points above), I'd expect to see the phoenix used (if any dreads get usage at all).

    3) Carriers / Super carriers.
    With the new drones being what they are, I'd expect superiority fighters to do 90% of the work in incursion sites. But those drones being as weak and feeble as they are, and not having the ability to "assign them" or to "set their default behavior such as passive / aggressive etc), running incursion sites with the new fighter mechanism will be a painfull process. And why risk a super carrier at such an increased cost when a normal carrier can do the same job for a fraction of the price and still make you want to slash your wrists and goto hisec to farm in sub caps.

    More over, no more spider tanking non triage carriers. Death sentence for whoever needs to play logi (FAX) if they get room agro (hint, sansha's like primarying logi ships that run more than 3 reps).

    What I do see working is carriers supported by conventional incursion fleets and sub capital logi (that surprisingly, is good game design to allow fast moving non triage logi to spider tank based on the foundation (not ceiling) of limited hit-points.... /rant) sitting hundreds of kms off the entry points of sites, sniping rat waves with fighters and LR turrets.

    Super carrier super weapons will mean next to nothing in the existing incursion sites.

    4) Titans:
    The new hack and slash / straight line & AoE doomsdays will most likely be a focus point for these sites. If those doomsdays take out rats in their path, then:
    1) 3-4 titans will clear VG sites in about as long as it takes each titan to take the gate into the site and set off a doomsday.
    2) 3-9 titans will clear AS sites in about as long as it takes each titan to take the gate into the site and set off a doomsday.
    3) 3-12 titans will clear HQ sites in about as long as it takes each titan to take the gate into the site and set off a doomsday, then slowboat to the next accel gate and the subsequent rooms. /rinse & repeat.

    If the DDs dont work, then we'll see tracking titans of both shield and armor varieties, using HAWs to clear rooms. Given the crappyness of FAX's that can't rep each other in triage (due to crap capital / super capital game design imo), I'd expect sub capital logi wings to escort these titans. This will definitely attract pvp attention et mass... so again, it will be less incursion farming, more pew pew / more risk / more people not bothering unless the entire constellation is locked down tighter than goonswarms hold on the northern portion of eve (derp).

    5) FAXes.
    Just allow them to...

  • [Citadels] Titans in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Goldensaver wrote:

    The closest module to the Titan's AOE DD in subcaps is the bomb launcher. That's a module that telegraphs for 12 seconds, allows time to move out of range or perform countermeasures, and won't alpha anything with a lone bomb unless they're fitted poorly or they have a bloated signature radius. Other subcaps can alpha other subcaps, yes, but no subcap can alpha off 100 other subcaps. The suggestions as far as having no delay and no telegraph is like going back to the days of AOE DD. Subcaps wouldn't be able to share the field with a titan because the titan could at a whim remove all the subcaps at any time it wanted. This is not good gameplay.

    As far as FAXes, I was more talking about removing all my triage modules on my carriers for now so I don't get FAXes after the patch. They're clearly not really worth it. At least at the moment.

    Edit: Regarding HAWS, you're right on those numbers. I remembered wrong. That said, the Avatar gets about 2k DPS to 80+25km, the Leviathan should get around 3.5k DPS to 40km with CN Scourge Torps.

    Pipebombing battleships insta multiple pods / shuttles / frigates / destroyers that are landing on gates out of warp. I see that as taking out multiple ships without warning.

    Bombs do significant damage at the least, insta frigates and dessies @ best in the blast radius. Where they do less damage is against bigger targets with more ehp than my bombs do damage given I'd need multiple bombers to dish out enough damage to take down a group of battleships. Towers on grid can wipe out singular targets within seconds.

    Then there's citadel doomsdays with no warning as to which ships it will be jumping to.

    We can go at this all day I'm sure. The point is, there are "cracks" where sub capital game play falls through the hurdles that caps and supers are forced to jump through due to [insert EHP argument here / insert DPS argument here / insert hobo rifter argument here].

  • [Citadels] Titans in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Goldensaver wrote:

    1. Why does a titan need to be able to tank the DPS of a dread or super locally? It doesn't put itself into any modes that prevent remote assistance and can be repper from outside. Besides, in a 1v1 the titan has about 2.5x the DPS of a dread, 10x the tank and the Doomsday to make all the difference.

    2. Why shouldn't the titan telegraph the impending damage? Sure, the sub caps apply damage instantly (if not using drones or missiles), but unlike the titan, they are at risk of being killed in one hit. The AOE Doomsday will wipe a subcap fleet in seconds. A subcap fleet will take a lot longer than that to kill a titan, even with the upcoming EHP nerfs. Also the titan will be a lot more viable against subcaps then it is now, with ~7k DPS with Battleship tracking on HAWS.

    3. The issues with the FAXes are issues with FAXes. I agree that they need work. I might have to remove all my triage modules for the time being.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I've come to realize I'm complaining about the lack of bang for buck I get from fitting lesser cap sized modules on a super cap sized vessel.... like crying about "how the medium repper isn't living up to its name when fitted to a battleship". So ignore my 1st point as being a dumbass. I'll substitute it with "give me XXL mods".

    2a) Sub capitals can alpha other sub capitals. Warning for that? Maybe we should retort all alpha scenarios with "this is Eve", HTFU or CrySumMoar?
    2b) Last time I checked, a titan without damage mods and a rack of HAWs is pushing closer to 3k DPS within a 35km range.. lest that's changed again....

    3) We tried FAX's without triage.... I still think guardians are better.

  • [Citadels] Titans in EVE Technology and Research Center

    And after a few days of testing these changes, super carriers still come out on top in terms of damage and ability to tank.

    I'm still shocked and amazed that even while fitting 2 capital reps or more, that:

    1) Titans cant tank a single super carrier if its using heavy drones.
    2) Can't tank a single dreadnought without using its DD against it.
    3) Can't get repped by a FAX without the FAX running out of capacitor after 2 mins. And boy o boy, them triage modules ain't going to help with cap chains either. RiP capital logi tbh.

    This forces me to consider replacing FAX wings / slowcat wings with 4-5 times the standard number of ships in just guardians or basilisks, because I'm just not seeing these new big toys being used for anything but station games and suitcases.

    I'm hoping somebody can also give me a reasonable explanation why the rebalanced super cap game design allows for sub caps to get into stalemate engagements (1v1) where one doesn't have the dps to break the others tank or vice versa & being able to apply damage to every ship hull in this game without limitation or damage reduction.... while the supers seem to be plunged into a blob design package .... yet again..... Group some quicker locking blapping titans together while firing DDs, or group some buffer DD titans together while firing guns....

    The reduction in HP seems to edge close to between 40-60% based on the differences I can see between Sisi and TQ at the moment. We've even had to go into plate and extender territory for our existing TQ fits (which severely hampers the CPU on most Titans without using pimp guns and pimp plates and implants) to achieve roughly 60% of what the current TQ stats are before boosts.

    So we've seen this massive reduction in EHP for supers combined with a reduction in doomsday damage.... but I'm not seeing capitals that aren't doomsdayd or blapped by numerous titans dying in heaps.... if this is a game that supports spaceships exploding, why does it seem biased that the biggest of them die easier and can die to everything and not vice versa? Sure, the new line orientated AoE doomsdays are a welcome sight, finaly allowing supers to blap multiple ships again.... but again, this is a game of death and destruction.... why do sub caps get warnings about incoming super damage when their damage travel time is instant?

    The capital microwarp drives aren't exactly living up to my hopes and dreams either:
    1) I can't use it to correct my bump / flight path like any other ship in this game. (yea, why is titan bumping still such a huge thing?) If it creates such interesting game play, then the same endless bump should be applied to every other ship hull in this game.
    2) Its only value is to reduce the time needed to enter warp upon stationary alignment.
    3) max speed of 400ish (before plates & about 300ish after adding a few) isn't exactly going anywhere on super-sized-me grids anywhere soon.....

    If your titan wasn't a boosting Taxi before these changes.... it may very well become one after.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So toyed on Sisi over the weekend.

    I'll do a more comprehensive write up of my first impressions later, for now, the tl:dr will be:

    1) Carrier revamp & fighter concepts look interesting at first glance. I'm a sad panda that I can no longer adjust the "behavior" of my fighters like we could before "passive / aggressive etc". I'm also confounded why we can "force" move fighters, but not set a behavior "like attack anything in area" and have them attack without me targeting.

    2) No capital microjump drives?

    3) Why can a single dreadnaught dump more DPS on a titan and tank it then the inverse (doomsday excluded)?

    4) Why can a super carrier still produce more tank and DPS compared to Titans? Super carrier's fighter bomber doomsday can wipe out a Titan's shield from full to nothing and eat into the armor.... the Titan's doomsday (those that still push 1,4 mil dps) only wipes out 60% of a super carriers shield..... So numerous concerns of balance between SCs and Titans still.....

    5) Why the longer cycle times on local armor repairers?

  • Building things in null sec stations should count as industry in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    If it's done by number of runs, then building small ammo or scripts will bump your indexes easily.

    If it's done by volume, then building containers will bump your indexes easily.

    Mining can be disrupted in a number of ways. PI and station industry cannot. Using these to bump indexes up makes it too easy to raise the things. It doesn't encourage people to live in the space, it encourages people to game the system to get the highest ADMs for the lowest amount of effort.

    And I do T1 and T2 industry, invention and PI, before you start.

    I've highlighted the part I disagree with in bold.

    1) Entosis the station services with your blob 24/7. If goonswarm can't disrupt a single station's services, then what good are you as a war machine?

    2) Destroy all POCOs in the system and permacamp the gates / station to prevent industrial ships from going near the planets.... combat probe the containers if you have to and wait for them to come collect their goods.

    Again, we'd expect the biggest alliances in this game to be able to field the man power needed to disrupt a single target's home system.....

  • Building things in null sec stations should count as industry in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think the OP is on to something.

    There is no reason why building t1 equipment or ships can't add to the development of indices.... albeit, I don't think t1 tech should go a long way in raising any bars.... it should amount to a minuscule increase at best (even in large volumes).

    Tech 2, Tech 3 and capital manufacturing should have more weight when it comes to raising those industrial bars. And when I say tech 2, not just ammo (which should be weighted as much as T1 ammo), but actual market relevant volumes of components and ships.

    Combined with in system mining activities such as PI, asteroid mining, ice mining and moongoo towers, the whole mechanism should be reworked to be more "inclusive" of industrial activities as opposed to just "mining" with my friends in disposable ventures over the next 48 hours to install the next upgrade and help increase entosis timers etc...

  • Replace sleeper blue loot with bountys in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why should you be allowed to have a loot mechanic change that will directly improve your ability to live in a wormhole for the more longer term?

  • Ship: Sansha Carrier in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    Elyia Suze Nagala wrote:
    Danika Princip wrote:
    Elyia Suze Nagala wrote:


    You first. Why should the whole risk vs reward thing be completely upset by totally safe isk firehoses in highsec?


    Risk vs reward.

    There is no risk in a highsec incursion, yet that is where you get one of if not the best rewards. Why is that good.

    1) There is no "totally safe" place in eve. If you believe there is a disturbance in the force (read risk vrs reward) then maybe take some of your totally safe moongoo profits and dec all the incursion communities? Or wont Mittens stand for more drainage on his funds? Maybe start another book deal to finance the campaign?

    2) Incursions are hardly safe, try soloing them. If groups of players manage to figure out how to farm PvE content in hisec the same way you farm moons behind your blob, then maybe we should consider the risk vs reward of your favorite playground before we start throwing stones in glass houses?

    3) If you still feel your views are "faultless", then what are you doing to make hisec less safe? Are you and your broskies actively trying to disrupt hi-sec incursions gameplay you find so alien and wrong?


    Cry some more?

  • Planetary Interaction - Quality of Life in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Iain Cariaba wrote:
    Yes this has been suggested before.

    No, you cannot eliminate 99.99998% of all work involved in PI.

    Why not?

    They did it with the extractor overhaul...

  • Dev blog: Skill trading in New Eden in EVE Information Center

    I feel like the only thing that's not yet for sale in this game is the player....his time and money is clearly not a problem.

  • Combat Refitting Change: PROS, CONS. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rawketsled wrote:
    Vic Jefferson wrote:
    Doesn't go far enough.

    A common tactic these days is to orbit or stay on top of a mobile depot while ratting. Basically, in addition to local, intel, and dscan, as well as all the derivative tools and the security Phoebe gave null ratting, it's just another layer where they can refit multiple stabs and jet even though they were 'caught'. It's too strong as it is, and while I understand there isn't a really good solution, something really needs to be done to add some risk back to null ratting - the changes as I get them only prevent refitting when you have a weapons timer, and ratters generally do not get these. If you could not refit while pointed/scrammed or bubbled, things would be much better.

    Go a step further, can't refit while redboxed (including NPCs).

    Why stop there... why not prevent reshipping in pvp situations using shipmaint bays?

  • Micro Jump Field Generator in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Let the "sub-caps online with cool but poorly thought out super modules is ruining eve" induced tears commence.

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    What happened to the capital focus group?

    Seems they had a high level reddit chat a few months ago, then got turned into a dedicated Q&A forum group....

  • I'd erase T3 and Caps from the game if it was in my power. in EVE Communication Center

    I'd delete all sub capitals.

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Scott Ormands wrote:
    Morrigan LeSante wrote:
    This feels like the most relevant place to ask this.

    With the extended grids and the visions of carriers operating at extreme ranges - will you guys be looking at on grid probing and/or minimum warp to distances?

    Outside the scope of our purpose

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    Give FAX bonus to range of Capital Energy Neutralizers and Smartbombs.
    Make them desired for something more than logistics.

    Not something i would support, that's not their purpose and that precludes giving those types of bonus's to the dps carriers.

    Rek Seven wrote:
    Have the focus group discussed sp reimbursement?

    we've talked about it among ourselves but it hasnt been a focused topic that we've talked to ccp about yet in detail although they are aware its a concern. We also need to consider SP inflation and the effects that can have on the game.

    Asuka Solo wrote:
    1. Assuming I fit cap shield extenders / armor plates, will my EHP be within 5-10% less then what is is now, or more? (Spreadsheet isn't exactly clear as day)

    2. Now how about some insight as to why super carriers need as much (or more depending on the hull bonuses) EHP as Titans after this "re-balance"?

    3. Why are we forcing a choice between existing capital guns (hi-slots) and HAWs (also presumed to be using the hi-slots)?
    Why don't we allow the capitals / supers to fit the HAW weapons into the 5 "t3 sub-system" slots in the fitting screens (for caps and supers) and add to the weapons of capitals on a grid?

    4. Also, given that slowcats have been killed off completely (in terms of offensive capability of the N+1 wrecking balls), why are we still forcing capital logistics (FAX hulls) to go into triage (given all the falloff and optimal changes incoming to help nerf logistics in line with DPS mechanics) to use capital remote repair modules (preventing any remote assistance / spider tanking to FAX class hulls and making them stationary hulls in a world of up and coming capital and super capital mwd modules), while still allowing (and even buffing) sub capital logistics (See the new t2 logi frigates) to endure high-speed spider tanking, lesser-slow cat like gameplay outside of triage?

    5. Given my comments in point 4 above, does CCP believe forcing players to sit in hulls like this (they will get primaried and killed near instantly in larger fights) with no ability to be remote repped by their fleet members will result in FAIR game principles towards cap pilots and FUN GAMEPLAY for FAX pilots?

    1. I believe that is correct, 5-10% less ehp but increaseddamage taken and reduced rep effectiveness due tom lower resists

    2. AFAIK most of them shouldnt have the same or more EHP, racial bonus's are also up for change potentially so resist bonus's might change or not idk.

    3. Because there needs to be choices made before you jump in that allows for counter play, if one gun type can hit everything all the time theres no reason to use anything else.

    4. because it forces you to commit to the field

    5. we havent even talked about fax stats yet so I cant really talk to this point other than that CCP wants every ship to be fun to fly in the correct situation and for each one to have viable plays and counter plays.

    Please Keep in mind that this is all coming from just me and nothing here is final or even what ccp has agreed on, just what we as members of the focus group have talked about.
    P.S. totally going to remove jump drives from supers, who wants to sell me their aeon cheap. /s

    3. We dont have just 1 gun type, we have 3. (small guns, medium guns and large guns - not to mention missiles - can all hit capital or super capital hulls). But capital guns can't effectively hit sub cap hulls (without the effort of sub capital tackle, webbing and target painting). Where's the counter play in that? Drones? - There goes the carriers ability to use normal drones (coming soon). Fighters? - End of skynet (recently) . Guns? - End of tracking titans (back in the day).

    So going back to the fun statement, supported by counter play arguments. Why should sub capitals be allowed to shoot every hull in this game and not need anything bigger to overcome its sorely needed shortcomings? Why not allow capitals and supers to shoot back at and effectively apply dps to as many hulls or not quite as many as sub caps can with new slots that give those hulls value above being escort targets, structure bashers and giant km pinatas?

    4. Care to explain how allowing remote reps in triage while disallowing warping or jumping is not achieving the same thing? Also care to explain how forcing players to commit a multi billion isk ship - where isk is not a balancing factor for fun no matter how hard the spin - to the field "by means of on grid based ritual seppuku" no less, is going to be "fun" and allow for counter play (for FAX pilots) in the sub capital + dreadnaught N+1 meta?

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