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  • WTS Nestor (Rigged w/ T2 Armor Pumps) in EVE Marketplace

    Nestor Battleship
    Asking for: 760,000,000.00 ISK
    Rigged w/
    x3 Large Trimark Armor Pump II - (~280,000,000.00 ISK retail value). This may save you some ISK with this ship already rigged.

    Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy, Trade Hub

    I won this in a contest and I have no use for it. Looking for a quick sale* If you're interested, please contact me ingame to arrange transfer (Mail or chat).

  • David Bowie Dies at 69 in EVE Communication Center

    R.I.P. David Bowie.

  • Mouse dispersing in EVE Communication Center

    This may be a driver issue, just check that out and see. Just prompt a driver update (abroad, not just the mouse, your monitors alone). Even a reboot might work this.

  • Quantum Server in EVE Communication Center

    Unsuccessful At Everything wrote:
    Man, sometimes you have redundant posts.. Wasted my valuable time. Face Roll gosh... Why do you do that. No you didn't. Unsuccessful.

    Chopper Rollins wrote:
    I wasn't going to like his post but then you came along...

  • politicians in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    A politician in EVE is like, flying a shuttle and popped right on the doorstep. EVE will eliminate an entire congress instantly. No debates, it's how it is, how it works and how it will always be.

  • Consumer behavior of digital props within EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    That link prompted Avira. Not sure how you want to do about that. Be sure you haven't compromised that survey. Upon the send link, could be false alarm.

    Edit: Never mind, it was a scheduled update. Anyways great and fast survey.

  • The classic EVE music option. in EVE Communication Center

    Xercodo wrote:
    I heard jukebox was coming back.
    Only rumored. It should be back... Waiting.

  • Kinda cool, never seen this before: in EVE Communication Center

    lost packet wrote:
    How is a stratios the same type of ship as a bestower?
    Bestower and Stratios both have the same warp speed of 3.00AU/s. I've been in a warp field with utter randoms sometimes, gate to gate.

    lost packet wrote:
    That makes them the same "type" of ship? Thank you for explaining, my EVE forum to English translator must have been experiencing issues.
    I'm not insulting your intelligence. You already know they're a different ship type. Some people probably don't know warp mechanics ingame, so I quoted to make the point.

  • A noob in new eden in EVE Communication Center

    I suggest you get in touch with Eve University as they do guided exercises and teach you fundamentals about anything you wish and how to "win". If you're ready you can duke it out with Red vs Blue in faction warfare. Then step it up to lowsec or null. There's lots of corps that will pick you up right away. You have much to do.

    And ignore the local trolls, people can be serious assholes but don't let that deter you.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!! in EVE Communication Center

    yes Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans, and happy tent pitching outside Best Buy. Lol

  • Black Friday, no sale on sub time? in EVE Communication Center

    You guys didn't see this?

    There you go.

    "Black Friday PLEX sale - 15% off all packs"
    "Get 2X BONUS Aurum - Black Friday Special"


    tiberiusric wrote:
    Still an absolute rip off. Plex prices are a joke
    Hey, you get free expansions and a consistent updated sandbox. If you're capable, pay it off with ingame currency. Just find the means.

  • Walking the Beat. in EVE Communication Center

    Coffee, black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0NnpJb0NwY

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    After work or rough day, sometimes I tune into this which is super relaxing. Caution, this will put you asleep or trance. zzZz

  • Beacon of hope in EVE Communication Center

    Edit: Oh, totally misread the statement. As I was saying... Nothing. Wait... Jared you're dumb shut up.---> face Ugh

  • Possible Alien Megastructures spotted (real news) in EVE Communication Center

    Khergit Deserters wrote:
    I'm oddly pleased ancient space Waffle House ruins will be a thing for future life through the ages to find and explore.
    So, if we do ever achieve interstellar travel, any lifeforms we meet should be not as far along the evolutionary trail as us? So, we could possibly find something like, say... a live dinosaur? Something similar to a triceratops maybe? What are we waiting for, we need interstellar travel now!
    Check this article out. Now, you can make an estimate. Any system that orbits within our halo around the galaxy is roughly the same age. Only assumed.

  • I'm Offering ingame ISK to Pay a Programmer. in EVE Communication Center


    Edit: Not to be rude, but you cannot do this here anywhere on CCP forums(Edit 2) and for the matter no IT will assist you over game currency so forget it. Good luck.

    Edit 2:

    Demolishar wrote:
    As long as it's for programming EVE-related programs then it's entirely within the rules.

    EDIT Unless it's not.
    Actually, you're correct. I've overlooked it.

    To OP: I apologize if I came off a bit strong and mean't no offense. Hey, I honestly hope you get what you want, but like I said... you're going to have a hard time finding an IT (information technologist), progammer, whatever, do what you're asking for ingame currency. Hope we can be on good terms OP, good luck man!

  • Pray for paris event in EVE Gameplay Center

    Someone should rep that monument, it's getting hammared.
    Edit: Celebration short due to alpha shots on people LOL, rude.

  • Does anyone have a good overlay setup for pve/missions in EVE Communication Center

    Go ingame, join the "SaraShawa-Overview" player channel and follow the process in the MOTD. *Default your Overview before you do this upon following the steps.

  • Bling fits - not actual "fits" hence GD in EVE Communication Center

    OP, bling is officer grades. You're going to weep when you make a fatal mistake and have that ship lost whether from a wardec or from NPC. Your wife will inquire "why so sad?" You can't lie to woman, she will find out what you did.

  • Thoughts with the people of Paris in EVE Communication Center

    Full condolences to all affected and all in Paris. I just heard about this after work an hour or so ago. Horrific.