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  • [SOLVED] How do I change the location for shared cache? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don't think that option exists.

    However. You can symlink the directory. The launcher puts the cache at ~/.eve, so you can just:

    mv ~/.eve /media/yourexternaldrive/
    ln -s /media/yourexternaldrive/.eve ~/.eve

  • EVE Launcher for Linux in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Neuntausend wrote:

    You'd either need to do


    or, if you are in /some/folder/ already


    Why exactly it works if you just put a path in front of it is beyond me, but I know it does, and that's good enough for the time being.

    Because your pwd (current working directory) is not in your search path. Any unqualified command will be searched via PATH. If you add the path explicitly, your shell will find the binary. The ./ just refers to your current directory.

    Also, look at the first line in evelauncher.sh:


    The crunchbang is a magic word for the linux kernel that this file should be run with /bin/sh. So if you mark the script executable there will be no difference between the script and any compiled binary you can run. You can see this pattern reused everywhere to invoke python or perl or whatever else. Hell, save this as a file.html and chmod +x it:


    (i wanted to put html in there but the forum doesn't let me...)

    You can now execute the file and (if you distro has /usr/bin/xdg-open...) it'll open your default browser.

    Also, a reboot is definitely necessary when you screw around with the proprietary nvidia driver. It builds and inserts a kernel module, but the old one will still be running your display stuff until you reboot.

    Also also, 'sh evelauncher.sh' is equivalent to './evelauncher.sh' if you've marked the file executable.

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:
    Small sidenote on activities: many of you mentioned PVP, remember that this is always problematic because the most effective way to PVP for rewards is just kill your own alt, which isn't very fun or interesting.

    But grinding NPC is interesting and engaging? At least if i murder a few alts each day, every day, for no reason other than your psychological trickery compelling me to do so because the bonus of doing so is immense, I get a killmail out of it.

    Your elaboration was completely unnecessary. It was clear from the start:

    You want to introduce backhanded psychological tricks to create a compulsion to log in. You want, in effect, to turn Eve into the kind of game people don't play because they want to, but are coerced into 'playing' to do chores because they will lose out on something otherwise. That kind of game design is why I stopped playing several games already, with no intention of ever going back.

    And the worst part is, the thing people are losing out on isn't even something positive. It's not engaging content, or having fun with friends. It's none of the things that make people genuinely want to log in and stay, or resubscribe after a hiatus.

    You're breaking one of Eve's selling points - that you can play this game at you own pace and as real life allows - because you are nostalgic for the old days of daily skill juggling and setting up alarm clocks to not miss out on SP? Are you kidding me?

    I'm too old for having developers try to go all mobile games on me. I hate that entire industry with a passion for their cold psychological manipulation, creating skinner boxes and compulsion loops and all the slimy things they do to remind me that they are not some enthusiastic developers with a fun game, but predators going after whales.

    And now you're here, peddling the same loathsome strategies to me. I will never log into GW2 ever again because I never want to see the daily grind ever again. Don't turn my Eve into such a game.

    If you're worried about people not logging in, work on informing people of the things that are going on in the game. Give players tools to drag people in more easily, to inform players that are not currently logged in of the things happening in that moment. Corps and alliances rely on third party tools to do so, why don't you work on reaching those who are not currently organised like that?

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I play Eve because, unlike literally every single other MMO on the market, it does not use passive-aggressive tricks to manipulate me into logging in. I log into Eve when I want to play Eve.

    I, also, play Eve because, unlike literally every single MMO on the market, I am not forced to do anything. I can log in, pick what I want to do, and just have fun doing it. I don't use PI. I don't do PVE. I do industry, market, logistics. There is nothing forcing me to do the things I do, I do them because I like doing them.

    Let's be absolutely clear. It is blatantly obvious what you are doing here. You are trying to create a compulsion to log in, a compulsion that works because the sense of losing out is strong. It's an extremely low-effort psychological trick that turns logging in into a a thing to do out of obligation. Logging in three accounts, repeatedly, to try and find some NPC, killing it just because everyone else is moving 20-30% faster than me if I don't.

    It is the most joyless of forced grinds. It poses no challenge; the reward is extrinsic to what I'm doing. And, like every single MMO on the market that does something like this, it becomes a chore.

    We have enough chores in Eve. **** off.

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm just going to leave this here

    Considering that my line of work (Trader/Logistician) intersects heavily with corp roles and how assets are handled on a corp level, I'd greatly appreciate some changes to make creating packets for delivery easier.

    e.g. by abandoning containers as they are now and condensing them down to a generic, flexible container type, or by allowing a mechanic to instantly create an inflexible container from an arbitrary selection of items.

  • Brain-in-a-box status in EVE Communication Center

    Sol Project wrote:

    And I want some of the drugs CCP Prism X uses, because that was some confusing read.

    This is your brain on code...

  • Dev blog: 'Little Things' coming to EVE Online in Crius in EVE Information Center

    I feel like shamelessly promoting my own little thing for inclusion in future little things. So here it is.

    Also, that fleet warp exempt thing. Finally. No more fleetwarping freighters along with their escorts for 290AU

  • Alarm and/or Local Time Settings in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mai Kun wrote:

    The second feature would be the ability to display local time somewhere in-game, mostly for the same reasons as above. Playing with people all over the would makes talking about meeting times a bit difficult especially when different time systems are used.

    Different timezones is the reason why organizations in Eve have standardized on Evetime. All operations are posted in Evetime, so there is never any ambiguity. Adding a clock for localtime doesn't make sense in this context.

    Adding alarms makes sense though, especially if it is done as an addon to the calendar functionality already in the game. Same goes for simple yet common calendar functions, like recurring events and reminders.

  • Easier acess to plastic wraps for shipping in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have amended the original post to make it clearer. As clear as my wall of text can be. Maybe. Hopefully.

  • Allow fitting of non usable modules in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Joraa Starkmanir wrote:

    The PVPer that use these modules or the industrialist fitting ships so they are available to PVPers Blink

    Usually those are one and the same. However, I, too, can not fit absolutely every single module there is in Eve.

  • Easier acess to plastic wraps for shipping in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Reaver Glitterstim wrote:
    Plastic wrap is when you place a courier contract package into a courier contract. The goods inside cannot be scanned and the package has the same volume as the goods inside.

    The proposal is to allow a system to put things into a package of any size that is unscannable, without the use of courier contracts.

    No it isn't, and I don't care about that mechanic.

    The base problem of organizing corp/alliance logistics is the inability to separate shipments for different people in a way that does not waste space without first creating a courier contract to an alt and using the resulting plastic wrap.

    This is purely a UX/UI problem. I have not proposed a specific solution on purpose because I am not a UI designer and don't know Eve's backend. However, some possible ones come to mind:

    • Context Menu Item. Select multiple items, right click -> plastic wrap ; Items are packaged into a shipping crate
    • A a flexible volume container that shrinks and expands when items are put in or taken out. Probably the nicest solution, but perhaps unwanted because it obsoletes half of Eve's containers

  • Easier acess to plastic wraps for shipping in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kasli Catal wrote:
    I like this idea. It might make most freight containers obsolete though. Why use a set of 50k cans that you only fill part way to separate items for different clients when you can custom wrap them.

    But that is already the case. Plastic wraps are functionally superior if you are using them as shipping crates.

    I mean, there are a few reason why I'd want containers:

  • I want to use magical hyperspace to store more stuff in a hauler
  • I want to separate cargo in my ship cargo hold (refitting mods) and need to put things in them and take things out
  • I want airtight shipping crates (plastic wrap) and don't need to modify the crate after creating it
  • I want a container for security (audit log etc)
  • I want to organize my personal hangar

  • Giving a simple right click stack -> wrap in plastic option (account for the need to also add ships) doesn't change the picture. I am not proposing wild functional divergence, I'm perfectly fine with the current mechanics beyond UX gripes with the process of creating those shipping crates. The use cases for other types of containers are still valid and aren't touched on.

  • Easier acess to plastic wraps for shipping in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maximus Aerelius wrote:

    I'd say make it an NPC seeded item to start with from each of the Empires main Courier\Hauling corporations (I've read EVE Source, they exist!) and this will add an ISK sink in as well. Not too expensive but not dirt cheap either.

    Eventually add this as a schematic or something to PI or a BPO that uses PI goods and voila, another thing to make, build, sell.

    That is exactly the kind of overhead I want to get rid of. I didn't make this thread to make logistics more tedious.

  • Dev Blog: Little Things in Kronos: The Changes and Fixes You Asked For in EVE Information Center

    Is this where I can post a shameless plug for your next sprints?

    Also, nice changes, especially for the broadcasts.

  • Industry Website - Manufacturing/Invention, Mining and Compression in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Batolemaeus approves of this.

  • [IGB Request] Google docs support for IGB is slowly getting depreciate in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP FoxFour wrote:
    To be frank, there are no plans to look at upgrading the IGB. It's not even on any backlog or anything. Our strategy is more to try and get things into CREST and get the same kind of features you expect from the IGB into CREST.

    We are aware that the IGB still sees a lot of usage, and we are clearly nowhere near doing anything, but thats the general line of thinking these days.

    Wasn't the whole point behind using awesomium that you could update it with minimal effort? That was what was promised when it was introduced, that you'd update it to keep up with the evolving web standards.

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    NickSuccorso wrote:

    Eve was so much more fun before the introduction of jump bridges and jump freighters. People had to mine and build things locally. That meant there were players in the asteroid belts, hauling things through gates, out in space!

    It wasn't.

    Freighter convoys were such a crappy experience that people rushed to get their cargorevs in place. I lost so many hours to that boring tripe, and I don't want it back ever again. As soon as titan bridges were in game, people rushed to get them to ease logistics and reduce attrition rates on their people.

    Also, this isn't 2006 anymore. The standard to be competitive is t2, because CCP made t2 that much more powerful than t1. That means you either have t2 or you perish. Pandora's Box has been opened many years ago, you aren't going to reverse it now. T2 means importing. Always. If you don't, you die.

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daichi Yamato wrote:
    this is true.

    missions also take too long and are boring. let me run missions faster but make the same amount of money per mission. what could go wrong.

    Mining too falls into this scenario. increase my yield and lower cycle rate. i is good a economics :3

    These are not equivalent.

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kaarous Aldurald wrote:
    S1euth wrote:
    Does anyone actually find internet spaceship truck driving fun in this game? Why nerf something to ensure more time is spent doing something that is not enjoyable?!

    This is an opportunity to make the game more fun.

    I would be very interested in hearing how you propose to make hauling "more fun".

    Do elaborate on that.

    You make hauling more fun by making it take less time. This is a zero sum game. Less time spent hauling is more time spent actually having fun in the game.

    How about supplying a small roaming gang worth of people shouldn't take up my entire evening so that I can't even fly with them.

    A quick jita supply run takes me about 4 hours in total. This nerf makes it take even longer. Supplying people has taken over so much of my play time that I've long burnt out and I haven't found much willpower to still fleet up. One thing will have to go. Judging by the atrocious attrition rate for logistics people, most people just quit entirely...

    Logistics needs a boost. It should be easier to supply people. I don't care what has to be changed to do this, but giving line members in 0.0 the ability to source resources locally would be a nice step. Local productions jobs are much easier to go through if I could just set and forget buyorders for everything I need. I can stomach regular redeployments, but the current state of the empire umbilical cord is terrible.

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Marc Rene wrote:

    I can understand the changes to jump freighters to a certain extent, as this is an attempt to force people to source locally

    Local production without local resources. You are a funny guy.