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  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey, I would like to join the focus group.

    As a little bio, I'v been playing since 2010 and got into NS and PVP rapidly. Through my Eve career I'v been playing in GSF, Nulli Secunda, Hard Knocks, and now I returned for the last year and half with my old bros in Snails and Frogs.

    My gameplay with tech 3 cruisers is or have been:

    - Fleet fight (NS blob, WH eviction, large fight, etc)
    - Small gang warfare (nano)
    - PVE (NS DED, solo C2/C3 farming)
    - Exploration

    As of right now, my 2 main uses of tech 3 on a day to day basis are for small gang warfare and exploration which is also my main source of income through relic sites both in WH and NS.

    Why do I want to be in the focus group?

    - Tech 3 cruisers have been an important part of my gameplay, as it is for most WH players, so this focus group does really appeal to me.

    - I have currently a lot of spare time, as I return to work just by the mid-summer. I'm going to be a lot available for the Dev, others group members, and the player base if needed.

    - Game of balance: there is a lot of issues with Tech 3 cruisers that have been raised by the community. My goal is to give some ideas and voice my opinions about some of the compromises and proposed changes that could be made to put them in a better balanced position.

    I can speak English and French and can use Slack as well.

  • Améliorer les Carriers in Forum français

    Moi j'aimerais que CCP remplace la soute à drone du Skiff par une soute à chasseur.

  • [Internement]: SnaiLs&FroGs in Forum français


  • Connection Lost (Socket Closed) and Killmarks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'v ran into this issue. Socket closed are always happening when I have 2 clients opened, after a while of running them. I have no idea about what is the cause of this issue. I don't have connection issues anywhere else.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Will we hit 20 pages before a dev care to answer us? This **** is completely dumb, it remind me of Incarna. That and the fact your CSM is rigged.

    Just by curiosity, I decided to check how much money I gave you for AUR since the beginning: 40$. That's a lot of money just to have space swag - and now you are telling me that any remaining balance won't be given back to me? Seems like the most autistic corporate directive I'v see, after airmiles tried to do the same.

    Please do everyone a favor and start acting like a normal, respectable company.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'll give my opinion on this at the end... for now the amount of salty tears here justify we sit together and talk before this thread become the Dead Sea.

    Basically, most points of concerns about carriers vs Small gang were:

    • Insane amount of alpha, dps, and application
    • Lock faster than your mother, actually faster than most cruisers (which mean: initiative)
    • Fighters goes so fast I'm pretty sure Han Solo don't have the fastest ship in the Galaxy anymore
    • Incredible synergy when several carriers are on field. Quickly reach the GTFO point.

    According to Wikipedia, "The GTFO point is a bit like the Godwin point: it may be funny to reach it once per week, but when it become each day, it quickly p*** people off."

    This lead to some aberration, gameplay wise:

    • Carriers more or less able to alpha (or 2-3 shots) anything that use a MWD (unsurprisingly, logistics and recons are first choices here)
    • Impossible to kill fighters EXCEPT with dedicated ships to counter them (web, ecm, paint)*
    • Impossible to tank fighters EXCEPT with several logistics ships (a single squad will outdps the remote of a single scimi) #
    • End result: It reduce gameplay options to fight back *#

    * Being restrained to specifics shiptypes choices isn't exactly what the term «meta» imply. In this case, it's the absolute obligation to choose the least punishing scenario vs what is perceived to be overpowered.

    # Because the inability to tank fighters, this lead to a single, efficient way to deal with them: 100mn AB on everything. Literally: 100mn Orthruses, 100 mn Tengues, 100 mn VNI, 100mn Recon ships... I see 100mn so much I even came to think that if I die and for some unexplainable reasons, go to paradise: I won't be welcomed by 100 virgins but by 100 freaking meganewtons. I just know it.

    So after all this, what does sig augmentation and npc aggro REALLY change? Nothing. People are mad because fighters will die like flies and other pvp groups will probably continue to be mad because they still get stomped by carriers.

    Since people are complaining about the sig augmentation, why not just nerf something else? Like damage application and MWD for example?


    TL;DR People complaining about the proposed signature radius augmentation are just asking for a worse nerf. We'll take it.

  • [Internement]: SnaiLs&FroGs in Forum français

    Up! Twisted

  • [Internement]: SnaiLs&FroGs in Forum français

    Bump et update: nous avons complété notre déménagement vers un C2 static NS/C5. Cela nous permettra de nous concentrer encore plus sur le PVP puisque les C5 sont reconnus pour «popper» régulièrement des NS. Ils représentent également une source de financement supplémentaire pour les membres qui en auront besoin.

  • C3 farm solo, need advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    I used an unique set up. I would not recommend it for you current skill level but it could definitely be a goal for when you will have better sp and experience in C3.

    It revolves on polarized guns and active boost for raw hp regen. Concept of this fit is to «burst» the anomalies and spend the least time possible on each. A c3 anom will often take less than 5 min to clear, although in general it takes between 5 and 6. 500 mil/hr is the average I'v make. That means for the same price of a marauder in a c5, you can make the same amount of money, if not more, doing c3 anom.

    You warp in at 0 and start chewing trough the BS if there is any on first spawn, and take care about the trigger. You always kill BS first in the last wave. The smartbomb is for frigates and the NOS is to help a bit with capacitor. On paper, you don't tank the highest dps wave, but you kill BS' and cruisers so fast it remove most of npc's dps on the field before your tank break. I never had any problem although I had some "oh ****" moment when I wasn't paying attention. I keep bluepill and drop in cargo just in case.

    I used a mid-grade crystal pod because I had one that was unused up to this point, but it's not necessary. If you use genos and/or CPU implant, you should be able to use a X-Type 100mn AB instead of the Mizuro one, but the Mizuro is only for CPU and is relatively cheap, (I paid like 340 mil for it). With 3% dmg and rf implants you can dish out 1670 dps (2700+ in a C3 magnetar). Speaking about effect, you almost don't care about most of them. Even in a wolf rayet, you are completely unafected since you have 0% resists anyway.

    The fit is a bit loot pinata I know, but you never sit still more than 5 min in one spot, you are more mobile than a marauder in a c5, and you can pay off for the set up pretty fast if your intent is to farm seriously.

    Also your girlfriend will tell you that you are elite in PVE and that's the only one important thing in EVE Online.

    [Nightmare, Polarized Solo C3]
    Imperial Navy Heat Sink
    Imperial Navy Heat Sink
    Imperial Navy Heat Sink
    Imperial Navy Heat Sink
    'Basic' Capacitor Flux Coil
    'Basic' Capacitor Flux Coil

    Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
    Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
    Gist X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
    Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
    Mizuro's Modified 100MN Afterburner
    Shield Boost Amplifier II
    Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier

    Polarized Mega Pulse Laser
    Polarized Mega Pulse Laser
    Polarized Mega Pulse Laser
    Polarized Mega Pulse Laser
    Dark Blood Heavy Energy Nosferatu
    True Sansha Large EMP Smartbomb

    Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

    Acolyte II x15

    Conflagration L x12
    Imperial Navy Multifrequency L x12
    Scorch L x12

  • New(ish) bros, Would this work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Taurean Eltanin wrote:
    you'll be able to make enough from PI that you can permanently pay for your Omega status. It's worth roughly 3 billion/month if you use all three of your character slots.

    After 7 years, I didn't figured yet how people can make that much money with PI... Guess I'm better at losing money in this game.

  • [Internement]: SnaiLs&FroGs in Forum français

    Daily bump et merci des bons mots. Nous repassons effectivement en mode recrutement afin d'amener un peu de sang neuf. Notre but est d'atteindre une teneur minimum en nombre de joueurs qui assurera une présence quotidienne, une flexibilité d'engagement en small gang et une capacité d'optimisation de nos setups.

    Nos portes sont aussi ouvertes aux joueurs Québécois. Nous sommes déjà quelques uns à cet effet.

    Lucy Callagan wrote:
    T'a oublié d'ajouter un petit set de skills requis:

    -EFT Warrioring V

    -Troll Damage Compensation V

    -Bittervet IV

    -Elite Orbit 500 V

    -Elite Keep at Range V

    Contre toutes attentes, certains ont même ces skills à VI !

  • [Internement]: SnaiLs&FroGs in Forum français

    Bienvenue chez les "SnaiLs&FroGs"!

    Snails&Frogs est une corporation francophone axée PvP, basée actuellement en espace W-Space, wormhole space, dans un C2 static NS/C5. Notre spécialité est le "skirmish warfare", on pratique donc le PvP en petit groupe de 2 à 15 joueurs.

    Corporation --> SnaiLs aNd FroGs: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/SnaiLs_aNd_FroGs
    Lieu de résidence: C2 Static NS/C5

    Nous voilà de retour avec un projet simple: s'amuser entre potes et sans être trop nombreux.
    Ainsi, nous souhaitons rester un petit groupe de joueurs et proposer un environnement familial, agréable et où nos nouvelles recrues pourront trouver leur place peu à peu tout en étant formées au fur et à mesure au gré de nos sorties PvP.
    Ceux qui aiment jouer en petit groupe, rapide et menant des actions de guérilla et d'embuscade, seront servis.

    Que peut-on faire chez Snails&Frogs?
    Snails&frogs est la réunion de joueurs aimant PvP. Alors que peut-on y faire d'autre?
    Les activités secondaires sont nombreuses et permettent d'occuper les temps mort quand les corpmates ne sont pas logés ou sont occupés: farm, explo, PI, etc. Toutes vos activités à but lucratif sont une nécessité pour pouvoir PvP régulièrement et renouveler votre stock de vaisseaux.

    Chez Snails, le PvP est l'activité principale. Attendre qu'un FC soit "logé" pour sortir PvP ne doit pas devenir un automatisme, bien au contraire... Prenez des initiatives, organisez vous avec les corpmates pour aller chercher votre contenu PvP. Nous ne sommes pas une corporation généraliste dépendante de l'activité de son alliance ou sa méta-coalition comme en espace Null-Sec. Ces automatismes de "mouton" doivent disparaitre chez nous.

    La communauté Snails&Frogs existe depuis maintenant plus de 5 ans et s'est construite d'abord en 0.0 puis en WH puis ensuite à travers Thera. Le premier objectif était de créer cette communauté et qu'elle soit soudée et dynamique autour d'un domaine principal dans EvE: le PvP.

    CCP étant en train de bouleverser les mécaniques des souverainetés en 0.0, notre communauté a eu l'occasion de se tester à travers les derniers patchs et voir de quoi elle était capable, c'est dans ce but que nous avions conquis du territoire en 0.0. Mais çà, c'était avant!

    Aujourd'hui, nous revenons vers ce que nous aimons faire: du pvp en small gang. Nous avons tissé des liens historiques avec certaines entités in-game, mais sur des "events" temporaires, nos liens ici et là nous permettent d'obtenir une aide précieuse (TRI, PL, NCDOT, etc...). Nous n'avons que très peu de bleus (Verge Of Collapse, VOLTA, Turn Left et quelques joueurs "guest stars").
    Nous sommes donc "nomades" et cherchons les combats, que ce soit en petit comité ou en fleet plus importante (15 à 20 joueurs maxi).

    Snails&Frogs, c'est une aventure en espace wormhole avec ses sorties en Null-Sec. Si vous êtes expérimentés, tant mieux, mais il n'est pas impossible que l'on vous "dé-formate" si vos automatismes en situation de combat ne sont pas les bons. Il est important d'accepter d'apprendre et écouter les conseils. Ici, c'est être formé sur le tas, durant nos sorties: il n'y a pas de formation à proprement parlé, tout s'apprend sur le field en compagnie des corpmates.

    Votre propre expérience est aussi intéressante, à partager avec nous pour qu'on progresse ensemble.
    Soyez autonome financièrement, nous ne vous apporterons aucun contenu PvE ou rentable, hormis si besoin, le partage des loots "juteux" en PvP (pour rembourser une perte ou pour récompenser un membre).
    Soyez acteur de votre parcours dans EvE Online. S'il ne se passe rien, c'est à vous de créer votre contenu PvP, prenez vous en main, organisez une flotte, et allez chercher le combat.

    Toutefois, on demande aux membres par ordre de priorité:

    • Avoir les skills de probing minimum à 4 (tout ce qui commence par Astrometrics) et monter dans une Cov'Ops,
    • Avoir au minimum 15M de skill Points, (si la motivation est forte, cette condition peut être facultative, mais il faudra faire ses preuves)
    • Monter dans un Destroyer T3 (Jackdaw, Svipul ou Confessor), dans un Inty ou dans un Dictor;
    • Piloter au moins un des quatre T3 Cruiser size, par ordre de préférence: Tengu/Proteus/Legion/Loki;
    • Maitriser les bases In-Space (Warp/Jump/Align/Orbit/Approach/Bookmark a Safe spot);
    • Être prêt à skiller selon les besoins de la corporation (ships utiles: Recon Ships, Dictors, Heavy Assault Ships, EW frigates; Battlecruiser DPS etc);
    • Développer les skills pour pvp correctement: en Navigation, en Electronic Warfare, en Tanking shield/armor ainsi qu'une à deux filières d'armes spécialisées

  • Contacts

    Chan IG: Snails&Frogs
    Forum: http://snfr.frogswarm.fr/
    KB: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98108528/
    Contacts IG: Cronetamer (CEO)

  • EVE Online: Ascension - Feedback and Issues (Mac) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have the same issue, no sound and wine crash... What?

  • Remove Jump Clone limit per station in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tabyll Altol wrote:
    Benjamin Hamburg wrote:
    Basically the title, or make a skill to have more JC on any given station.

    Like clones level that were removed, I see little gameplay value to have a limit on the number of JC we can have in a station. It happened more than once I lost a full sets of any given implant because there a limit of 1 JC per station and made the mistake to JC without reading the prompt.

    Usually, GM are kind enough to reimburse them, but depending on GM to cope with a bad gameplay design regarding JC isn't the best way to handle this.

    This lead to stupid workaround, for example, having 1 JC in several station in the same system, which again doesn't remove the risk to do that mistake when you are in a hurry.

    What why you get a reimbursement when your to, sorry for my words, stupid to check if there is a second jc already ? I mean really. So can i get my ship back if i undock by misstake ?

    Sorry can´t see an improvement for the game.


    It's not an in-game improvement, it's a fix to a badly designed game mechanic. There is no point for such limit.

    Or, at least, give the player the choice of which clone he want to keep. Like that I can always choose my Snake/Slave set over the blank clone.

  • Add a microjump drive skill specialisation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    We have the operation skill that reduce activation time, but please add a skill after this is trained at 5 that reduce the reactivation delay. I think a 10% per level would be great, although you could start it at 5% per level for beggining to see how it's used. I think MJD have really started to make BC and BS usefull again and it's a great thing. This specialization skill would only add to that, without being completely OP.

  • Remove Jump Clone limit per station in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Basically the title, or make a skill to have more JC on any given station.

    Like clones level that were removed, I see little gameplay value to have a limit on the number of JC we can have in a station. It happened more than once I lost a full sets of any given implant because there a limit of 1 JC per station and made the mistake to JC without reading the prompt.

    Usually, GM are kind enough to reimburse them, but depending on GM to cope with a bad gameplay design regarding JC isn't the best way to handle this.

    This lead to stupid workaround, for example, having 1 JC in several station in the same system, which again doesn't remove the risk to do that mistake when you are in a hurry.

  • About offgrid links in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Foxicity wrote:
    You had me at

    Benjamin Hamburg wrote:
    offgrid links for my solo alt

    Feel free to join the dead-horse thumping in an existing thread.

    hehe i'm not surprised to see the subject provoke so much reactions. As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to use them as long as they don't change it.

  • About offgrid links in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So before anything, I admit I currently use offgrid links a lot, both for my solo alt in FW as well for corp level roam, etc.

    I would like to know what CCP have planned to do to rebalance boost mechanics. Currently, offgrid boost provide strong bonuses to a fleet, small gang, and solo pilots with very little risk involved for the link alt.
    I would like to suggest this:

    • Get rid of all the specific links modules and replace them with specific skills
    • Reduce the effectiveness of these skills compared to their previous link equivalent
    • Add 4 new generic links module that boost the effectiveness of the relevant skills category, 1 for each category, with a T2 variant
    • Add a diameter of effect in which the bonus is applied

    Ex for skirmish link:

    Evasing Maneuver, Interdiction Maneuvers and Rapid Deployment modules disapear from the game and are replaced by 3 new skill that once trained provide a small bonus on a system wide range, to fleet members.

    A new, single module, in T1 and T2 variant is added and named "Skirmish Link" that provide a bonus of respectively 100% for T1 and 200% for T2, in a given radius, let's say for the sake of discussion, 50km radius for T1 and 100km radius for T2.

    Now a short example of this, considering a single skill. Let's say the Interdiction Maneuver skill:

    Interdiction Maneuvers: Provide 1% bonus to fleet members' propulsion jamming modules range per skill level.

    What would happen if:

    I'm offgrid with that skill at 5: I provide my fleet 5% bonus to scram/point/web range. (like basic leaderships skills provide bonus armor, scan res, etc)

    Now let's assume it's not enough: I fit a generic T1 skirmish link on my ship that provide a 100% bonus on all skirmish skills, but have a radius of 50km. I need to move my claymore on field, and I'll provide a 10% bonus to everyone in a 50km radius of my ship, and 5% to other persons in the system

    But let's assume it's still not enough and I have Advanced Skirmish train to 5: I instead fit a T2 Skirmish Link that provide 200% bonus to all skirmish skill. My fleet is now at 20% bonus in a100km radius, and 5% for others not on grid.

    With that suggestion, offgrid boost is still possible, but strongly limited in effectiveness. More effective boost require the pilot to be on grid.

  • Dual boxing - Random crash in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ShadowandLight wrote:
    are you running dx9? ive found it to be much more stable then dx11

    I'll try that now

  • The best wormhole PvE ship. (C4 passive-rattlesnake guide) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seriously nice.