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  • FW Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nat Silverguard wrote:
    why would anybody join FW to mainly do missions?

    if i want to pve, i would rather do incursions...

    fw missions use to be one of the better ways to get isk solo

    incursions are good but not solo, you need a fleet and then you have to stand by for a fleet invite.

    A lot of people just dont like working in a fleet all the time and used fw missions to cool off form the fleet aspects.

    now there is not a lot of good ways to make solo isk

  • Faction infighting Corporation vs Corporation Missions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Faction infighting Corporation vs Corporation Missions

    There are several kinds of agent missions Distribution and Security are two of them. Reasently Burner missions Were introduced and it geared to more Frig fighting instead of Warp in a Raven and Bruce Lee the whole room.

    But Why are there not disagreements between Npc corps Like say Caldari Steel broke an agreement with Hyasyoda Corporation and did not deliver the Condensed scordite Now you have to hunt a convoy down to make them pay.

    So The idea

    All npc corps have one corp they are fighting and need your help
    so Hyasyoda Corporation is fighting Caldari Steel The more you kill Caldari Steel you will become negative standings with them but it will not effect globle standings with Caldari State positive or negatively.

    The missions are not ranked
    You get isk and lp basted on how fast you find and kill the target.

    under minutes 30 you make 15m isk and 3k lp
    1 hour 12m and 2k lp
    over 1 hour 5m and 1k lp
    Expire After 4 hours but no standing hit
    May drop loot that you can find in there lp store 5% chance out of 100
    No bountys are payed becuse they are Caldari State corporations

    So The ideas on the scenarios

    Range form Siting on the undock weighting for them to undock and warp to another station just like hunting convoys
    Hunting Down The Npc Miner in one of the belts in the system. Belt is unknown you just know the system so warp to all of them
    They are Going threw X systems so camp a gate You get mail form the Agent saying X has entered this system

    Ship type

    Ship it is geared to is more of Fast warp scraming insted of needing massive tank I am thinking like T3 destroyers and t2 Frigs If you try a Bc it will be warping to slow and effect time for mission compleation

    This Gives you a Fun and new way to try different ships keep things guessing and not knowing where to go

  • More Reasons for High sec War decs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pvp is one of the main aspects in the game and its why I have stuck around but there are people who only play in high sec and are in high sec corps that never had a reason to fight, I use to be one. If they get a reason just to try it out there will be a lot more people sticking around. So How to make High sec war decs worth fighting?

    High Sec War decs Should be for the brand new Pvp player. It is a good way to limit the amount of people your fighting. You know Who Your fighting. Your not going to get masivly blobed and 3rd party like in null unless some large corp fights you, but then you know what to expect.

    Content Drivers or Reasons to Pvp. If there is Pvp There is isk being lost and then Isk being made to every one involved on an industrial scale.

    High sec Content Drivers

    No real reason for wars and pvp content if A corp gets war dec they usaly just stay docked. There needs to be a reson. There is nothing realy worth fighting over to make isk. If its an incrustion corp they just drop the corp.

    There needs to be something to Claim That worth defending but not to much to make null less profitable. Poc were a good start

    Null Low Sec content drivers
    Moons, Systems poc

    If a system or a tower gets attacked they Have a reason to fight and that is to defend there isk making

    Low Sec Content drivers
    Fw ded complexes, Moons, poc

    Fw systems are some of the most pvp small gang fighting locations in eve. In non Fw systems there are not a lot of people and fighting going on.

    So What is a way to make a reason for a High sec corp to want try to defend there assets or an isk makeing way to make it worth defining?

    There have been a Few ideas to make high sec content like this post: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5951296#post5951296

    I'll admit when i first played eve I also thought we could own Ded sites

    but it seemed to have a lot of negative feed back So have any ideas?

  • Fw Mission Nerf Total unnessisary in EVE Gameplay Center

    Arthur Aihaken wrote:

    It's not so much a play style than it is an exploit. Stealth bombers were almost untouchable running Lv4 FW missions. If an opposing player showed up it was easy to almost instantly warp-out cloaked.

    your idea of exploit is different form mine. If i go by your idea when i was blitzing level 4s in high sec with the goal in mind to kill the main target as fast and efficiently as I could was an exploit.

    I think the changes were pointless and the posts that support that idea are quite valid, if any thing if the lp amount and isk was a problem then the lp amount should have been changed not make people change how they liked to play in the sandbox mmo, but only a few people are speaking up about it, and it seems like a lot of people that support the current way are not in or played fw.

    Now get the feeling that this in this thread is like trying to wrestle a pig but after some time you realize the pig like's it and your covered in mud so I'm done I may compress some ideas and get with Val to see if any other ideas and a better way to push it.

  • Fw Mission Nerf Total unnessisary in EVE Gameplay Center

    People have different play styles, that make different amount of isk, one play style should not be removed completely like it has been. I had a blast when we were in fw. I see no problems with keeping it as was but reducing the amount of lp made in level 4s.

  • [Phoebe] Value increase for low-end blue loot in EVE Gameplay Center

    so will CONCORD relase the findings of the empires to us? or will capsuleers still have to make there own Big smile

  • so escalating path will happen or still a mabye? in EVE Gameplay Center

    so with the new dev blog post it says

    The general bulk of the work has simply been to smooth out Expeditions by fixing all of the existing defects associated with them, (Bosses that didn’t spawn, triggers that didn’t work etcetera) but we’ve also touched upon a few other aspects.
    For example in some ‘parent’ anomalies and signatures (where you have the possibility of an escalating path occurring) most of the expeditions require you to interact in some way with the space scene.


    so does that mean escalations will now happen 100 percent of the time now or is it still a random chance?

  • Drake fitting in EVE Gameplay Center

    Heavy Missile still or thing or did they take a massive nerf or was the the other ones? i havent ran missions in like 2 years

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    I think this is going to work out nicely so you can no longer have 3rd party nuking you will super cap over kill form 60 jumps away and going back the same day Big smile

  • Just returned - Launcher not working properly? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Damen Apol wrote:
    run the .exe file directly from the EVE folder in the bin folder

    yes! do that I was having the same problem it would stop at 99 percent at installing launcher

    and thats the old school log in page form back in 2008 nice to see we can still use it

    so i think just using the launcher for updates then go to the evefile and play that way should work for updates to but we will find out here 5 in days

    if you cant find it i got it installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\bin

    might be different for others tho

  • info on Stealth bombers with cruise and Bomb lunchers on other ships in EVE Gameplay Center

    ok when i first started playing back in 2007-2008 there was some information going around about a fleet of sb killing a super with cruise missiles after the ransom got denied one of the main reason it was changed to just torps

    and Also I think i read a about battle ships fitting bomb launchers and owning and also causing it to move to only sb

    any one got any information on these two events?

  • Mining Colonies in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maldiro Selkurk wrote:
    Yet another, "We nullsec crowd only like to pull triggers and would prefer to see the end of anyone that likes any other form of game play thread".

    If you want things mined, either do it yourself or find someone else to do it for you. A lot of noobs start the game mining because it is easy to get into and some of us keep doing it because it is a fairly easy relaxed form of game play with a modest income stream.

    Your idea would cause either: elimination of miners as they wouldn't be necessary or reduction in their income as 'game bots' start taking a share of their income.

    please try not to be so toxic if you dont think its a good idea post why, wormholes are there and no one is forcing you to use them.

    My idea is to build more content for ALL CORPS in HIGH low and null wh, It gives corps more reason for Wars decs, to log in, A change of pace, and among other things, All other posts here understand that or post improvements.

  • Mining Colonies in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So they have moon mining a passive income control by large alliances but nothing realy for the little corp with 30 members trying to start off. Well they need something not a large income maybe 100m-300m a month this idea is much but it would be a start. It would give people to fight a war dec instead of just oh we got war going on no point in login in.
    The objects are already in game so no need to go to the drawing board it would just need a GUI much like Pi

    So what is it Mining Colonies they are used by Corporations, Pirate Fraction so why not us?

    What it does
    Mines passive Minerals, Ice, Alloys
    Up to 20,000m per day
    Rats that spawn and not killed effect amount of resources gained
    High sec, Low sec, Null, Wh, all have minerals based on location
    Can hold up to 30,000m before jet-caning out 5,000m into space for any one to pick up

    Site has to be Probed Down
    Static Despanwns after 1-4 weeks of use runs out of resources to prevent same corp form owning it for a long period of time
    Only 1 can be held by a corporation so there is no major control
    Need to defend it form Rats Wardecs in High sec, other players in low null Sec
    Must Hull Ore Minerals away to station or it jetcans in space

    Claiming and defending
    Calmed by Anchoring a Mining Beacon Get in concord Lp stores for 7,000 lp
    4 hours to online
    Reinforcement for 7 hours then can be destroyed
    Some colonies have gates restricting ships others do not have gates
    You can repare the beacon
    No guns No shields

    Random ideas pulled form replyBig smile

  • Make Industrial more Available in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Silvetica Dian wrote:

    1. The mobile deployables have nothing to do with POS's.
    2. My manufacturing alt is only a few months old but i find with forward planning the wait times for the public slots are fine. I could do more with a POS but the hassle isn't worth it for me. i have 10 manufacturing slots running 24/7 and 10 research waiting. my cyno alts can also do basic research and i used that when i first needed to research a ton of BPO's.

    The current system works fine and people willing to put more effort in can reap greater rewards. i see no problem here.

    yes exactly my point , some people have a lot of alts that do just that. thats why you cant find places with open slots, the slots that are being used you have 10+ days to even start

    thats why my idea give a limited open slot for people with standing and a chip to use it, so people can't have a monopoly on slots and it is still challenge for people to get but it is Available

  • Make Industrial more Available in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lephia DeGrande wrote:
    CCP, give us a mobile deployable Lab!

    Thank you.

    yes a mobile deployable lab........ which requires a player owned structure, for that need around 500m a moon and about 3+ months of training, and then you might need to defend that pos, or "find someone with a pos that will do it" and it will still be a pain. totally friendly

  • Make Industrial more Available in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Finding a place to make blue prints research takes days 10-18 days just to get a spot open or find someone with a pos that will do it,And people that do it full time have all 3 char trained for maxim and use all slots. thats not easy to do for new players or just players who want to get into industry for one or two things so how do we make it more available?

    currently the only use for 8.00 corporation standing is for jump clones and missions, Why is that the only thing? There major corporation they should offer something more why not let you have a slot for blue print copying and research.

    Now don't freak out there should be limits

    You can only have 1 slot to do research

    You can only have a Maximum of 3 corp that let you do research (if you have 5 corps with 8.00 standings well you can only use 3)

    You will need a chip to run the research much like you need get a navy issue ship.

    I am not saying that 8.00 is the standing you need or any numbers, just an example.

    Think its a good idea bad idea post why or how to improve the idea

  • Fixing Standings doing Interbus missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    mmm so my best bet is to level diplomacy and run missions for Gallente or the sisters of eve till i get to higher than -2.00 so i wont get attacked by the navys when i fly in there system.

    what about killing rats? does incursion give you standings to improve all fractions or just concord or nothing?

  • Fixing Standings doing Interbus missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    ok i have a -8.10 gallenta standing and i want to make it so i can fly threw there space without geting attacked so i can run incursion, but i dont want to take a hit on my other standings so far i have train diplomacy to 3 and have goten it down to a -5.89 and i am thinking i could run some missions with them but then i heard about Interbus corp that is neutral to all fractions so if i run missions with them will i get better standings or has it not ben changed yet? and i should keep doing the "plan" https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Faction_Standing_Repair_Plan and run level 1 missions for gallenta most of them will be tansport missions so i wont take a fraction hit or any one got a better idea?

  • Corporation Owned Dead Space in Council of Stellar Management

    Corporation Owned Dead Space

    I was thinking this for high sec corps but it would work good in low sec too.

    Corporation own dead space where they can put a tower make things like normal. but it has 2 or more acceleration gates one to get to the space where the tower is another one linking it to a mining site where there is fraction rats attacking the miners. Gives a reason to war a corp. Enables Corporation that are not in null to have a decent income and adds a totaly new way of fighting in eve.

    1. Corporation has to buy leases form what ever station is in the space. The Corporation has to have of a standing of 5.00 of what ever Fraction there lease is form. (Exp) Caldari navy station in the system corporation buys a 30 day lease form the lp store to put up a station there

    2. Only a limited amount of space accelerator gates in system. (Exp) it gives Corporation a reason to fight in war decs

    3. Corporation war dec someone with a tower in the dead space and gain control over it if the Corporation fails to defend it or if lease is up it goes open.

    4. Once war dec is finished the defending corp has 1 week immunity.

    5. Only one dead space can be owned by a Corporation. (exp) to prevent one Corporation form owning them all

    6.Dead space can have more than one acceleration gate leading to ice sites roids or rats. Sites can offer a limited amount of rare roids or ice.

    7.High sec the acceleration gate will not let cap ships access. low sec its low sec.

    8. If the lease expires the ded space has to be re probed and leased, also it is relocated.

    9. the first acceleration gate is unlocked to every one, but can be fielded to allow no access but guns,e.x.t towers are only allowed in the second or more space accelerator gates.

    10. if i have ideas

    11. Any ideas?

    Reason why I thought this was a good idea is that why i got into eve was I thought players could control there own acceleration gates but i never happened, now this gives a reason to join a corp in high sec and go to war.

    This idea has been asked for time and time again but it has not been released

  • [Proposal] The jukebox is gone? We want it back! in Council of Stellar Management

    yea i liked it so we could put in our own sound tracks and things