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  • [2nd] Annual GD Holiday Ship Exchange! in EVE Communication Center

    Oh, this was a ton of fun last year too. Here Anna, got you a real fun ship. Fly it through the zone of danger! Contract's up etc. so on so forth.

    Oh cool, a brand new confessor! Thanks MrAktilos!

  • Vote Xenuria: CSM 11 - Reform The CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Xrend wrote:
    Siobhan MacLeary wrote:
    Bernie Nator wrote:

    What are the current issues with wormholes?

    Not the candidate, but as someone relatively knowledgeable wrt w-space, I'd say that w-space in general is actually in a pretty good spot, aside from a large Russian carebear coalition being in control of all of the best C6 space.

    Most wormhole players, as far as I am aware, are content with the content available in w-space and would much rather CCP leave w-space well enough alone.

    Also, in regards to the topic at hand, I support Xenuria's CSM campaign both for his desire to reform the CSM to be more effective a tool for CCP and players alike, as well as his desire for nicer shoes and some goddamn headgear in EVE.

    Clearly you must have just resubbed to this game..... Russian Carebear Coalition??? Whatever. the only thing that even keeps Russians living in W-space is the TZ. No one likes shooting towers after DT.

    The Only true statement you said in your post. "...Xenuria...[is an] effective tool...."

    Honestly, If you want a slobbering idiot sitting on the CSM "representing" us.... Then a vote for Xenuria is the choice. I honestly can't wait for when Xenuria decides to make the rounds and does interviews. Pure gold.

    Requoting so this gets in page 3, and I might get an answer from the candidate.

    What are the current issues with wormhole space, Xenuria?

  • Wormhole Alliances in EVE Gameplay Center

    Want to make new friends and influence people?

    Apply live ammunition to other players!

  • Vote Xenuria: CSM 11 - Reform The CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Xenuria wrote:
    Lydia vanPersie wrote:
    Xenuria wrote:


    On the subject of Grr goons it's disingenuous to lump me in with that /r/eve grr goons crowd or any grr goons crowd. My primary grievance with goons had nothing to do with anything in a spaceship game and everything to do with my home address and personal information being posted in a CSM thread by The Mittani.

    Given that, how can you continue to play in an alliance that includes induviduals such as Digi? Or is doxxing only bad when it happens to you?

    I do not see my presence in the alliance as an endorsement of what some members of the alliance say or do.
    If and when somebody does something that I personally feel is inappropriate or messed up I let it be known. Do to how I am, I don't believe in showing favor to anybody because of rank, social status, influence etc. If a director in the imperium did something really messed up or creepy I would put them on blast.

    I feel it's not only possible for people who don't agree on everything to work together, I believe it's essential to the survival of this game.

    epicurus ataraxia wrote:

    Ok, Lets try a little game of lets be serious.
    The CSM has had an up and down year, some members have done an amazing job (you know who you are) and some less so (likewise) what reforms do you envisage that would encourage the best of us to apply and give their all, without suffering discouragement, whilst eliminating the wasters and attention seekers and those who just want to ruin the game for the rest of us?

    Answers on a postcard to.... Well here would be a good start.

    I think vigilance and oversight are the hallmarks of a good participation system. Obviously there are some aspects of how participation is measured that I am not privy to, that said I have some ideas.

    When I work on anything as a behavioral consultant or even in security work, I always like to document the time I spend and what I spend it doing. Punch in - Punch out, is simply not sufficient for something like this so I would concoct a To-Doo system that allowed members of the CSM to claim or assign themselves to tasks they felt themselves best suited to.

    Id Est: CCP has a bunch of gameplay changes/proposals that need to be looked over half are wormholes and the other half have to do with PVE in HS. Member A of the CSM can say "I got the wormhole stuff unless anybody else want's it or wishes to collaborate with me on it." Member E says "I am not that well versed in WH stuff but I know alot about how HS mission runners think, I'll take that part". With a system like this is becomes painfully obvious via data and trends who is just not doing anything.

    Lauresh Thellere wrote:

    Why do you feel the need to "bite" are you once again labeling me a troll simply because I don't swallow your entire campaign without questions and criticism?

    Also assuming everyone will immediately know what you mean when you say things is poor form, sadly nobody has Mind Reading trained to V so we need to have things explained to us and reforming the CSM is something that can happen any number of ways so it's not at all assumed prior knowledge.

    I'm looking for specific information on how you plan to overhaul the CSM based on your understanding of how the CSM works, you seem to be assuming that everyone can guess your plan and are instead relying on pretty vague statements. You said it's difficult for you to explain yet you're running your entire campaign on it, a CSM member needs to be articulate and specific and so far you've shown neither.

    You seem like you want to ask a question. Unfortunately I am unable to find one other than why I should feel the need to respond to you. Honestly, based on your previous history of posting in my threads; I don't.

    What are the current issues with wormholes?

  • [GD] Holiday Ship Gifting! in EVE Communication Center

    Allow me to gift you a little something from space beyond space, and totally not a ship I thought you'd enjoy.

    Happy holidays!

  • All Active Wormhole Corporations in EVE Gameplay Center

    Extra Upholders [J-SIG] info!

    Public channel: Upholds Public
    Diplomatic contacts: Bernie Nator, Kraesk
    Lower class wormhole hilarity

  • Wormhole Fanfest dinner in EVE Gameplay Center

    Janus Nanzikambe wrote:
    Bernie Nator wrote:
    Dinner successful, good times had by all. Would comment more but been drinking.

    Wait wait, you were there? Were you cloaked or just at a different table? Shocked

    I was sitting at the table next to artic light. I think there were more people there than expected!

  • Wormhole Fanfest dinner in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dinner successful, good times had by all. Would comment more but been drinking.

  • Cards Against Humanity: Eve Edition Comp in EVE Communication Center

    "Did someone say jump?"

    "Armor Hacs!" - It must be a thing


    "I can bring a drake"

    "Use a bottle"

    "The titan jumped"

    "80 t3's, sitting on a wormhole"

  • Freelance scouts and explorers wanted. in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you aren't willing to scan, why bother going into wormhole space? That's pretty counterproductive.

  • Sick and tired of probing Federation detention facility in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Annihilator20 wrote:
    i dont wanna get ganked....

    You have dscan, probes and an overview. Constant attention to these prevent ganks. Barring that, scan something that isn't high sec. Problem solved.

  • Wormhole Fanfest dinner in EVE Gameplay Center


    Heeey, food! And friends! And good times! Count me in!

  • Sloan Missions Part 1! in EVE Communication Center

    Can confirm this is happening, is legit, and you will find stuff if you can answer the questions. Thanks for the find!

  • FREE (semi-conditional) ISK - 100Mil to each of the first 10 posters in EVE Communication Center

    This makes me laugh every time.

  • W-Space Virginia Meetup? in EVE Gameplay Center

    DC sounds good. I'm north of Baltimore and DC is a decent drive for me.

    There's a lot of awesome non-chain restaurants. I'd say something like CoCo Sala but they can be a bit pricey, and I'm not buying for everyone. Plenty of good spots though.

  • [Oh My] I hope no one gets fired for that in EVE Communication Center

    The hell did I just read?

  • CCP gety your stuff together in EVE Communication Center

    Fun fact: there is a thread stating that CCP is searching for bigger better servers. I'd go looking for it, but I'm at work and there's a handy little search bar up in the corner there. Good luck!

  • Cloaking and a Counter against it ? in EVE Communication Center

    Have a party. It's StirFriday after all.

  • Which faction/minor faction would you put on main stage? in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:

    Easily the sexiest of the amarr hulls.

  • Plea for tolerance in gaming community in EVE Communication Center

    Can't we all just go get a drink and get along? I just wanted everyone to be equal.